Dupe Fans

Even though we saw very little of the dupes, they have a huge and loyal fan following.

A lot of people liked the 'rougher' versions of the characters, seeing all kinds of possibilities that would be completely out of character for the New Mexico royal four.

The dupes really seemed to charge the imagination, and all kinds of fan sites and fanfiction featured them - including a lot of my own. :)

Sites like Zan's Lair, Zanatics, Alien Sex, Rath's Place, Duplicity, Bad Side of the Behr, NY4, and many others focused only on the dupes.

These are a few things I saved from fans of the dupes.

For information and speculation about the dupes, see the Dupes section.
If you would like all known info about the characters, see the Dupes' section on the Character Guide

Just a note about how the dupes are portrayed in fanfic.

You often read stories that feature the dupes where their speech is so bad and/or they have such a strong accent that they are pretty much not understandable. They are even portrayed as unintelligent and sometimes as almost subhuman. I know that often people with accents are considered stupid, but that is just prejudiced.

And it drives me completely nuts.

Now yes, they did have accents in the show, but you were able to understand them with no trouble and they were all fairly intelligent.

So if you are writing the dupes, please take a look at the episodes, or at least check the transcripts and give them the credit they are due.

Zan Fans

Zan especially seemed to capture the fan's imagination, probably because he was killed before we got to know much about him. To many fans Zan provided a fantastic opportunity to pretty much make your own character that is set in the Roswell world. Plus he takes Max's clean-cut hottness to an even higher level.

Fans love to speculate about Zan from everything about his relationship with his family to his relationship with Ava and what would have happened if he had been introduced to Liz.

One of my favorite fan quotes is about Jason and Zan - and I am so sorry, but I didn't save who said this.

"They haven't invented a word that truly expresses how much I love this man. I didn't think Jason Behr could get any hotter and then JK went and made me Zan."

The group of Zan fans known as Truckstoppers or Truckstopperz had a rule that in their fan group, Zan was absolutely not dead.

Rath Fans

Rath is the second most popular dupe with all kinds of female fans that appreciated the street version of Michael.

Some loved him because of the villain he was, but others refused to accept what was shown on the screen and instead made him a relatively good guy who is often misunderstood.

He is often portrayed as enjoying rough sex, bondage and/or domination, and is sometimes depicted as bi-sexual.

Unlike the male dupes, the females didn't have as many fans or as much attention. Lonnie and especially Ava are typically relegated to minor roles in fics that are mainly about other characters.

Lonnie Fans

Lonnie is mostly typecast as a villain in fanfic. She is often sadistic and manipulative, but usually intelligent, driving plots that are focused on her goals.

Mostly the fan attention focused on theories about Lonnie, such as what her relationship with her brother was like and if she was sleeping with Ava.

Ava Fans

In fanfiction, Ava usually stays in the background, not really contributing much. She mostly takes orders from the others and doesn't seem to have much of a personality. Very much like her character in the show.

But there has been a lot of fan speculation about Ava from the little we saw of her in the show.

Some have wondered if Ava even had powers, because we never saw her using any powers on the show. Although, if you watch closely in 'Meet the Dupes', when Brody comes into the UFO Center, the dupes all raise their hands to use power against him, including Ava. To me this proves she has powers because why would she raise her hand if she had nothing.

Other fans have wondered if her powers were weaker than the others because she seemed afraid of Lonnie and Rath. Some pointed out that Ava was probably afraid of them because they killed Zan, and she had to wonder if she was next. Others believe that she must have been afraid of Lonnie and Rath and they forced her to go along with their plan, and she was too afraid to stop them from killing Zan.

Some have even suggested that perhaps Ava was the one in the leaky pod and that made her powers weaker. You can check out the Leaky Pod theory here.

Others have suggested that perhaps Ava was afraid of Lonnie and Rath because they abused her in some way. There are a lot of fanfics that go this way with her being physically and mentally abused all of her life by them.

Some fans believe that Ava and Lonnie had a sexual relationship because of a comment Lonnie made to Ava - "That's right. Zan's my brother. Rath's my lover. But who are you? Why are you still livin' and breathin' and ridin' in this car? Oh, that's right. You're here 'cause i love you. Ain't that sweet?"

There is no other proof of a relationship of that kind between them, and maybe Lonnie didn't mean that at all. Some think that Lonnie was trying to reassure Ava of her place with them, because she might need to use her in the future.

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