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What is the Encyclopedia?

Since Roswell has gone off the air, many Roswell sites still around have changed their focus to the
cast & their continuing careers, and that is great, but I was always more interested in the show itself.
I love the details of the show, the culture that has grown up around it, the music, production info, merchandise, etc.

So I created my Encyclopedia to focus on the various aspects of the show and fandom.
It is everything you want to know about Roswell!!

The Encyclopedia is a
work in progress

I'm still working on the Encyclopedia when I can, and I've gotten a ton finished. There might be broken links, and things may change around, or might not make sense yet. I'm working on what strikes my fancy at the moment, so updates could be all over the place.

If there is an area that you'd like me to work on, just let me know.

I started the Encyclopedia in late 2007, but I've been gathering info from the beginning.


The Encyclopedia mostly covers seasons 1 & 2

You may notice 99% of things in the Encyclopedia are from Roswell seasons 1 & 2. There are a few season 3 tidbits in epi guide, pics, etc, but I'm not planning on adding to it.

That is because I REALLY didn't like season 3 and have no interest in doing the work to archive it.



I am always adding to my Roswell collection.

If anyone has Roswell items they are willing to sell at reasonable prices, or donate, let me know.

You can find items I am looking for here - Wanted.



Unfortunately I wasn't as diligent in saving the sources of where I got things, and credits of who originally wrote, created, or posted the info and pics.

Some things were originally written, created, and saved by others, and I'm not trying to take credit for any of that. I just wanted to share some of this great stuff. Corrections, additional credits, sources or other info are appreciated. Please email me at the address at the bottom of the page.

Most of the sites where I obtained things are gone, but I will provide links to the sites that are still active. I'll also give credit when I know who authored, created, saved or provided any items archived.



Many caps used were obtained from several excellent caps sites.
The Granolith
Screencap Paradise
Roswell 4 Fans
(now at the Crashdown)
The Striped Wall

Links to all of the sites are on the Links page.



I pay to keep ads and commercials off the site.

If you'd like to help with the monetary upkeep, you can donate securely through PayPal and I'll list you as a contributor.

Over the years, I've collected a lot of stuff about the Roswell series and culture,
and now that so many Roswell sites have closed I wanted to make a place to share it.

I've researched, and gathered as many facts as I could. But some of the information is
what I remember, or have been told, and it is possible it is not all 100% accurate.
If anyone has corrections or additional info, I'd be glad to add it.

Also anyone with articles, pics, info, or other things that deserve a place in the Encyclopedia,
please submit them, and I will credit you.

***Feel free to link to the site. Linking graphics are available here***


The graphics on these pages were created or drawn by RoswellOracle, including
alien symbols, Crashdown Cafe logo and menu, UFO Center logo, WRHS logos,
characters' clothing, alien items, maps, floorplans, etc.
Do not use without permission.

2002 - © RoswellOracle & RoswellOracle.com

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Series Info
Quick Reference

Series Dictionary




Production Info
& Extras

Press Releases
& Publicity


& Cut Scenes

Series Music
& Soundtrack

Silver Handprint

Internet Culture

Shipper List
& Fan Groups

& Speculation

Image Gallery



Here is a quick reference of what is included in each of the areas of the Encyclopedia.
Indentation indicates a lower level of links on the page.

Series Info
Quick Reference

All kinds of info about
people, places and items
from the show

- '47 Crash
- Alex's 'Sweden' Trip
- Alien Artifacts
- Alien Food
- Alien Mythology
- Alien Powers
- Antar
- Birthdays & Early Schooling
- Character Guide
- Character Info Pics
- Character Vehicles Info
- Charles Dupree's Journal
- Christmas Nazi
- Crashdown Menu
- Crashdown Cafe
- Destiny Book Translation
- Dictionary
- Dupes
- Episode Quotes
- Family Trees
- Flashes
- Future Max
- Hybrids' Birth & Early Life
- James Atherton
    Atherton's Geodesic Dome
- Kyle's Buddhist Quotes
- Liz's Journal Entries
- Liz's Shooting Date(s)
- Maps & Floorplans
    Parker's House
    Evans' House
    Deluca's House
    Michael's Apartment
    Alex's Room
    Valenti's House
    Courtney's Apartment
    Pod Chamber & Granolith Room
    UFO Center
    Eleen's Floorplans
- Maria-isms
- Max & Liz
    Dreamer Info
    Future M&L
    M&L are Perfect...
    M&L by Episode
    M&L Quotes
    M&L Timeline
    Top M&L Moments
    Tres Dias
- Michael's Art
- Mom-o-gram
- Nasedo's Cave Map
- Off-Screen Events
- Places Guide
- Pop Culture Reference
- Robert Frost Poem
- Roswell City Directory
- Roswell Firsts
- Roswell Sheriff's Dept
- Series Timeline
- Special Unit
- Tres Diaz
- UFO Center
- V Constellation
- WRH School

Roswell Miscellanea
Other Series Information

- Bloopers
- Books vs the Series
- Cast & Crew Gifts
- Covina Places Map
- Fan Club Kits
- Fan Contests
- Fun/Cool Stuff
- Jason Behr's Logo
- JB's Chloralit Ad
- Levi's Lot 53 Ads
- President Max Evans
- Props Auction
- Reasons we Love JB
- Roswell Font
- Roswell Name Meanings
- Shiri Music Vids
- Triva & Tidbits
- WB's Pulse Polls

Episode Guide
Complete info
about the episodes

Series Production
Info & Extras

Complete Series Production Info
and videos, and episode guide

- Behind the Scenes
- Cast & Producer Bios
- Cast Table Reads
- Character Interviews
- Cut Scenes Vids
- Character Interviews
- Episode Commentary Vids
- Episode Guide
- Episode Ratings
- Episode Reviews
    Rating's Info
- Episode Transcripts
- Gag Reels
- Nominations & Awards
- Opening Credits Vids
- Production Items
- Rehersals Vids
- S1 Crew List
- Shooting Schedule
- Storyboards
- Unaired Pilot & Extended Episodes
- WB's Epi Comment Videos
- WB's Episode Primer

Image Gallery
Official images promoting
the show, magazine images,
and cast images, as well
as images of closed Roswell fan sites.

- Promotional Cast Pictures
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Other Cast Pictures
- Other Roswell Pictures
    Props Auction Images
    Cast Appearances
    Magazine Scans & Pics
- Roswell Site Images
    Roswell Sites Pics
    Roswell Site Banners
- Non-Roswell Cast Images

Places Guide
Complete info about All
Roswell places

- Roswell City Directory
- Antar
- Courtney's Apartment
- Crashdown Cafe
- Deluca House
- Dupe's Home
- Dupree House
- Eagle Rock Military Base
- Evans House
- Geodesic Dome
- Hybrid
- Incubation Pods
- Map
- Michael Apartment
- Nasedo Cave
- National Interrogator
- Parker House
- Pod Chamber
- Sheriff's Station
- UFO Center
- University of Las Cruces
- Valenti House
- West Roswell High
- Whitman House

& Cut Scenes

Complete episode transcripts
and cut scenes

- Pilot
- 1st Draft
- The Dance
- Cut Scenes
Shipper List
Complete list of ship
names and fan groups

Complete Series

Explanations of all the
craziness on Roswell

- Alien Powers
- Atherton's Biography
- Destiny Book
- Dupes
- Flashes
- Ganderium
- Geodesic Dome
- Granolith
- Max & Liz
- I have promises to keep &
  miles to go before I sleep
- Liz's journal entries
- Mom-o-gram
- Shapeshifters
- Skins
- Special Unit
- Tres Dias
- V-Constellation

Silver Hand Print
A Reposting of the Official Roswell
website, the Silver Hand Print

- Interviews
    More Interviews
- Dupes
- Allies
    Character Profiles
    Maria on Michael
    Liz on Isabel
    Kyle on Max
    Max on Kyle
    Isabel on Liz
    Michael on Maria
- Media
    Buried Alive by Aliens
    Children Cured
    Nessie Lives
    Alien Parasites
    Trucker Abducted
    Internet Mogul
    Nov 29th, 2000
    Betty Osorio's Notes
    Crash site report
    Crash site fatalities
    Nov 29th, 2000
    Special Unit Analysis
- Intro
    Crash site fatalities
- Main Office File Log
    Shelia Hubble
    Recovered Valenti Files
    Roswell Sheriff's Report
    Hit List
- E-mail
- Evidence Vault Ledger
- History of Unit Personnel
    Main Office File Log
    Evidence Vault Ledger
- Prom
    Prom Memories
    Liz's Prom
    Maria's Prom
    Tess' Prom
    Isabel's Prom     Prom Photos

Roswell Merchandise
All known Roswell merchandise

- Books
    Foreign Language Books
- Calendars
- DVDs
    Foreign Language DVDs
- Magazine Covers
    Foreign Language Mags
- Soundtrack
- Trading Cards
- Fan Created Merchandise
Series Timeline
Comprehensive Roswell
timeline including dates
in the episodes

Series Music
& Soundtrack

All series and DVD music info

- Alphabetical by Artist
- Roswell Composer
- Roswell DVD Music
- Roswell Main Theme
- Roswell Original Music
- Roswell Promo Music
- Roswell Soundtrack
    Soundtrack Contest
    Soundtrack Wallpaper
- Season 1 Music
- Season 2 Music
- Season 3 Music

Press Releases
& Publicity

Series Press, Publicity Items,
Articles, & Promotional Vidoes

- Articles & Interviews
    Articles by Date
    Cancellation Articles
    DVD Articles
    Episode Articles
    General Articles
    Interviews & AOL Chats
    Shiri Appleby
    Jason Behr
    Majandra Delfino
    Brendan Fehr
    Colin Hanks
    Katherine Heigl
    Nick Wechsler
    William Sadler
    Emilie de Ravin
    Julie Benz
    Miko Hughes
    John Doe
   Jason Katims
    Johnathon Frakes
    Ron D. Moore
    David Nutter
    Kevin Kelly Brown
    M. Metz & L. Burns
- Cast Appearences
- Electronic Press Kit
- Official Press Kits
- Promo Merchandise
- Promo Pictures
- Promo Postcards
- Promo Posters
- Promo Slogans
- Promo Video Tapes
- TV Promo Videos
    Season 1 Promos
    Season 2 Promos
    Season 3 Promos
    General Promos
    Misc Promos
- WB Faces Book
- WB Music Vids

Roswell Theories
& Speculation

Fan theories & specilation
about the series

- Alien Races
- Binary Code
- Crash Theories
- Deal with Khivar
- EOTW Theories
- Granolith Theories
- Leaky Pod
- Liz Mythology & Theories
- Max Theories
- Misc Theories
- Politics of Antar
- Other Character Theories
- Psychology of Roswell
- Shapeshifter Theories
- Signs & Symbols
- Tess Theories
Character Guide
Complete info about
all Roswell characters

Internet Culture

Series Culture that originated
from fans on the internet

- Adoptions & Keepers
- Barbie Roswell Theater
- Cast Wardrobe
- CHADS List
- False Spoilers
- Fan Appreciation Ads
- Fan Campaigns
- Fan Crafts
- Fan Episode Reviews
- Fan Merchandise
- Fan Music Vids
- Fan Tattoos
- Fanfiction Reference
- Fun/Cool Stuff
- Funny Screencaps
- Goodbye Alex
- A History of Roswell
- In Memory of Bob
- Interactive Games
- Isabel/Alex Ship Info
- Kyle/Tess Ship Info
- Max/Liz Ship Info
    Chreishing Editorials
    Dreamer Bill of Rights
    Dreamer Declaration of Faith
    Dreamer Dictionary
    Dreamer Statement
    Dreamer Timeline
    Dreamer Videos
    Droolers 12-Steps
    EOTW Survival List
    Dreamer Name Origin
    Pictionary Max
    Types of Dreamers
    You Know You're...
- Michael/Maria Ship Info
- Michael's Hair
- Music Videos
- Non-Roswell Site Polls
- Online Games
- Reposts from Ros Sites
    Choc Cake & Hot Sauce
    Dreamer at Heart
    Nichole Anell
    Oz Crash Festival
    Roswell Chicago
    Roswell Dollz
    Roswellian Realm
- Roswell Adoptions
- Roswell Art
Roswell 12 Steps, etc
    12 Steps
    Learn from Roswell
    Ode to Roswell
    Roswell Realities
    Top 10 Lists
    What Makes you a...?
    You are obsessed if
- Roswell Charities
- Roswell Cliches
- Roswell Fan Quotes
- Roswell Fan Sites
- Roswell Fanzines
- Roswell Legos
- Roswell Parties
- Roswell Purity Test
- Roswell Site Awards
- Roswell Top Sites
- Roswellisms
- Shipper List
- Smilies & Dollz
- Song Parodies
- Terms & Groups
- Tess Fans
- Tess Haters
- UC Ship Info
- VHS & DVD Covers
    CD Covers
    DVD Covers
    VHS Covers

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