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Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Roswell UFO Center.
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The UFO Center is the place in Roswell to learn about alien activity on Earth.
A season pass at the UFO Center is only $19, and it includes a guided tour and a box lunch

Address - Main street, across from the Crashdown.
Directions - Exit Central Ave. South - 2 miles at Pixton (W)

Max gets a job at the UFO Center when he learns that the Center has the most complete collection of UFO facts and findings ever complied in its library, and a comprehensive database of alien-related information, gathered by the owner, Milton Ross.

Max's duties seem to mostly consits of putting materials away, shelving books, handing out masks to the tourists, and fixing the alien displays. Perhaps he does more, but we really don't see it.

Milton Ross, the owner of the Center, is a true believer, who is sure aliens have come to Earth, and hopes to make contact some day. When he was a child, he was in a photo, and is sure an alien was nearby because it's shadow is visible next to him. (see Milton Ross in the character guide for more info)

Milton says about the UFO Center, that he knows it is a 'cash-cow' but he puts all of the money he makes into his research.

The UFO Center runs a website with a search engine, store, discussion and features sections.

The UFO Center uniform, logo, and ID Badge

Among Us

The UFO Center is where Max learns about the book 'Among Us' by James Atherton.
The owner of the UFO Center, Milton Ross, suggests that Max read the book
to learn more about aliens.

Check here for more info on Atherton and Among Us

The 10th Annual UFO Convention 2000

Each year the Center hosts an Annual UFO Convention in Jan or Feb.
It runs three days (Fri, Sat and Sun) and features the Alien Takedown (a wrestling match sponsored by Amy Deluca), celebrity guest appearances, an experts panel, eye witness accounts, roundtable discussion, and of course tons of alien-themed items to buy. The convention attracts all kinds of UFO 'experts' and nuts.

It is at the 10th Annual Convention where Max meets Jonathon Frakes and Everet Hubble. Frakes is a celebrity guest & MC, and Hubble is there to investigate the supposed alien sighting that happened in Fraiser Woods.

Max is trying to keep his mind off Liz so he volunteers to help Milton more. He is assigned to wear a rubber alien suit, help organize hotels for the guest stars, coordinate with the Crashdown to cater a lunch, work in the information booth, provide security, and try to convince Hubble to be in the roundtable discussion.

Schedule for the 2000 Convention
Day 1 - Frakes arrives
Day 2 - Frakes puts his handprints in cement
Direct Contact Symposium
Lunch catered by the Crashdown
Day 3 - Alien Takedown
Final Round Table

New Owner

In the summer of 2000, Brody Davis tracks an alien signal to Roswell, and in the fall of 2000 (sometime between Surprise and Ask Not), he buys the UFO Center from Milton so he can do research in the area. Unknown to Brody, the signal was produced when Max, Isabel, Michael & Tess activated the orbs in the pod chamber in the epi 'Destiny'.

Brody makes a lot of changes to the center, moving displays around and moving the director's office downstairs in the back. He has a lot of computers and other equipment, including a pentagon-shaped alien device, a gun, and a diamond saw.

(see Brody Davis in the Character guide for more info)

UFO Center Employees

Strangely we never really see any other employees other than Milton, Brody and Max, except in the episode 'The Convention'. If you look closely you can see a few other in uniforms in the background.

As far as I know, none of their names a mentioned and we have no idea how many other employees there are.

Photo Name Job Info Appeared in Episode(s)
Milton Ross Owner Believes in aliens because of a sighting when he was a child. He hired Max. M, MIS, 285S, RD, B, ITW, TC
Brody Davis Owner Bought the UFO Center from Milton sometime in the fall of 2000 AN, MTD, MITC, ARCC, DB, HTOTL, OTM
Max Evans Employee We first see Max working at the UFO Center in the episode Missing All
Unknown Female Employee none TC
Unknown Female Employee none TC
Unknown Male Employee none TC
Unknown Male Employee none TC
Unknown Male Employee none TC


The displays change and move around in the museum,
but here are the ones I could see or were discussed on the show.

The '47 Incedent
Air Ships
Alien Autopsy
Alternate Theories
Ancient Cultures
Ancient Languages
Area 51
Art Gallery
Art or Technology
The Balloon Theory
Crop Circles
Experimental Aircraft
Middle East
Millitary Cover-up
Mysteries of Machu Picchu
Project Blue Book
Theories of '47
The Timeline
UFOs in Pop Culture
Unexplained Phenomena
Where did they come from?

The UFO Center Floorplans

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes.
Some items changed around in various episodes, and I may have
gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but these are good representations.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***

Feel free to link to the site. Icons are available here

The UFO Center's displays move around practically every time it is seen on the show, so almost nothing
is in the same place. I've put in displays from several episodes, so you could see everything in the
UFO Center. But if you are looking for something specific in an episode, it could be almost anywhere.

Milton's office was upstairs on the left, and his UFO archives were upstairs on the right.

Brody has his office downstairs at the back, and hides the two side staircases behind displays.
In 'MTD', there are displays to the right, but in 'OTM' there are bookshelves to the right.

There are various signs around the UFO Center that also move - Are they still here?,
Trust No One, The Answers are Out There.

There is an Information Booth that only appears in the episode 'The Convention', and may have only been in the UFO Center for that event.

In the episodes, we see customers inside the center with alien merchandise, stuffed aliens,
balloons, etc, but we never see a gift shop or souvenir stand. But I assume there must be
one somewhere. In 'Wipeout' there is a single stand of postcards, and in 'The Convention'
there are lots of booths with merchandise for sale, but that is all we ever see.

I believe it might be near the main entrance, on the ground floor level. There is a block of space
that we never see that would certanily be a good size for a shop, and it would be an ideal location near the door.

There is also a door on the right of the floorplan that is marked "Authorized Personel Only". It is unclear if this door goes outside or perhaps it goes to another back area.

The UFO Center Images

Brody's Office Exterior to Brody's Office
Anti-room to Brody's Office Exterior to Brody's Office
Milton's Office Stairs to Milton's Office
Stairs to Milton's Archives Library
Main Staircase
Displays Displays
Displays Displays
Displays Displays
Displays Displays

Additional Info

The UFO Center is in a building that is a former bomb shelter.

The following items are from an early version of the script for 'Monsters' -

The under 18 fee for a single tour is $2.50. It also says there is a four foot, gray animatronic alien in the entryway of the museum. Here is what it says.

"Hi! I'm AL! That's short for Alien. Welcome to the Roswell UFO Center and Research Library! Inside these doors lie the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Are you ready to find out?" Beyond the alien is an automatic door that slides open with a billow of smoke.

Milton's mother works at the Museum, described as diminutive and in her sixties - her name is Toots.

It is also mentioned that they have antenna day when they give the customers antenna (a headband with two silver balls attached)

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