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Roswell Maps & Floorplans

Have you ever wondered where things are in Roswell? Or how the rooms
in houses are arranged? Well, this is the place for you.


The black and white maps below are from the Roswell Soundtrack,
and show some of the main places in the Roswell area. They have
some different info than maps shown on the series. Also they only
show the highways, and not the smaller streets.

Overview of the entire area

Closeup of downtown Roswell

Closeup of places a bit out of town

Closeup of Pohlman Ranch, the crashsite, the podchamber, and Frazier woods,
showing the relation to the reservation. As you can see it is a bit
different than the maps shown in the show, below.


Below are links to pages that contain floorplans.

***Graphics on these pages were drawn by RoswellOracle.***
Do not use without permission.

2002 - © RoswellOracle &

Parker's House Evans' House
Deluca House Michael's Apt.
Alex's Room Dupes' Home
Courtney's Apt. Valenti's House
Crashdown UFO Center
Pod Chamber & Granolith Room
Eleen's Floorplans

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