Courtney's Apartment

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes. Some furniture and
items changed around in various episodes, and I may have gotten some proportions a bit wrong,
but these are good representations.

Some parts of the house or rooms just are not visible, so there is no way of knowing
what is there or how big the space is.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***
2002 - © RoswellOracle &
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Courtney lives in an apartment complex

Apartment Exterior

Living Room

We don't see where her bedroom is or where you go to get to the kitchen (possibly through
the sliding door in the living room?), or other rooms if there are any.


Maria and Michael enter throught another door into Courtney's kitchen

These are the items in the 'Michael shrine' Courtney made in her kitchen closet

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