Types of Dreamers

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Classification of Dreamers!
Which Are you?

Snow Dreamers/Romantic Dreamers/Cherishing Dreamers - who do not believe in cement but chaste romance.

Amour Dreamers - these are the Dreamers that believe in a passionate love between Max and Liz. As in, not necessarily chaste, but not quite as close to cementing as the Blush Dreamers.

Blush Dreamers - want passionate kissing and almost cementing but no cementing for awhile yet!!

Cement Dreamers/Sexual Dreamers who do want Max & Liz to cement but haven't quite reached the depths of depravity of the Guttercouchers!

Guttercouchers - Not only do we want cement, but we'll turn every comment into a cement-related idea.

Die-hard Dreamers - Dreamers who believe in Max and Liz's love no matter what happens

Displaced Dreamers - They're "Dreamers in the classic sense" but they explore other options when Max starts pissing them off. They bow to a Royal Court that consists of Liz as King, Kyle as Queen, and S2 Max as a royal toilet scrubber among other things...

Reject Dreamers - the slightly more laid-back Dreamers of the Jason Behr boards

Spoiled Dreamers (aka SD) - Deamers who couldn’t wait for Max and Liz to get back together so they read all of the spoilers

TNT Dreamers - stands for Top-Notch Tolerance Dreamers, they make a point of not bashing Tess or other characters

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