'V' Constellation Theories

The 'V' constellation is the celestial alignment we see in the show from time to time in the sky, and it is the key to deciphering the map in Nasedo's cave.

Later, we learn that the 'V' Constellation is also the royal seal of Max's house/regime/planet/whatever and it is 'stenciled' on his brain to prove he is the real king. The five points of light represent the five planets of their system, and the bottom light represents their home world.

How this fits in with the above info is anyone's guess.

Did the aliens choose the 'V' constellation to use on the map because it reminded them of the royal seal?
Does it mean something else?
Why does Liz keep seeing it?

What the constellations means, and why it keeps showing up in dreams and visions is never explained. All we have are theories.

Seeing 'V'

Some fans have suggested that the 'V' is visible everywhere but hidden in plain sight.

At the end of 'Sexual Healing' a lot of fans believe that the 'V' symbol is referenced by the shape made when Max and Liz are holding hands as they enter the Crashdown.

Others have seen a 'V' shape in the christmas lights hung on Liz's balcony in various episodes. Others have noticed a 'V' shape in the lights behind Liz when she appears to Max in the vision in 'Max in the City'. Some have even suggested that Liz herself completes the 'V' shape as the bottom of the star.

In 'Max in the City', Max also makes the 'V' symbol over Liz's head when he jokes with her.

Some believe that the granolith is another example of the importance of the 'V' shape. It is a 'V' resting on an inverted 'V'.

Some believe the 'V' shape is visible in 'Departure' when Max and Liz kiss goodbye, formed by their arms, and some see it at the end of the episode in the way the gang is standing.

What does it all mean? Well, that is up for speculation since we are never told what the significance of the 'V' constellation is. Why does it keep appearing in dreams and flashes? It must mean something.

Surprisingly there really haven't been a lot of theories.

The Royal Five?

The main theory seemed to be that the 'V' depicts the Royal Four plus one person who balances them or adds to their powers somehow. Of course this was thought to be Liz.

Announcing Tess

Some others thought it was significant that the formation first showed up when Tess came to town. It is even pointed out in the show by Liz who says that Venus started moving into that position (to complete the 'V') about the time Tess came to town, but it's not really true if you look back. Michael has a vision of the 'V' Constellation in the episode 'Balance' and Liz actually sees it in the sky in the same epi. We don't have an exact date, but it is approximately four months before Tess showed up.

The only explanation I have for this is perhaps Liz didn't actually see it in the sky but had a vision of how it would appear.


I speculated that since the 'V' formation is mostly seen in visions and flashes when there is some kind of sexual activity, that perhaps it is some kind of signal to trigger the sexual maturity of the pod squad.

If it is some kind of sexual trigger, that could explain why Max and Liz were so drawn to each other in 'Sexual Healing'. They couldn't seem to stay away from each other. Liz even mentions that she has been away from Max too long, and she can't stop kissing him.

Tess mentioned that the sexual dreams that Michael and Isabel were having about each other showed them how they were supposed to be together. Like some kind of programmed reminder. Isabel was sure that Tess was sending them the dreams.

Maybe Tess was sending the dreams, but we can clearly see the 'V' formation in the one where Michael and Isabel have sex and she gets pregnant. So maybe Tess knew something about the formation or was using it in the dreams for her own purposes.

But that still doesn't explain why Liz keeps seeing it.

Other Theories

Some people thought the fact that Liz sees it again and again is proof that she belongs with Max, or is his destined mate.

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