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Various theories about Tess

Was Tess the real bride?

Many theories were put forward about whether Tess was really Max's bride in their past life. There isn't really any evidence for these, but really there isn't any evidence that says she was his bride either. lol

Some people specualted that the real bride died in the pod, and was replaced. The reason for their belief is because of the 'leaky pod.' In the epi 'Summer of '47', when the army has the pods, you can clearly see one or more of the pods has a silver substance coming out of it. Some fans thought there could be consequences of losing that fluid, and perhaps the occupant of the damaged pod didn't make it.

Some believed that Nasedo used clones he made of himself, 'daughters' of a sort, to use them to manipulate Max and the others. Some thought he somehow used Sheila Hubble's child, it's DNA to create a clone, and that is why she was killed. Some gave Nasedo the benefit of the doubt, believing he was trying to serve his king and continue the mission by replacing the bride.

Others believe the real bride was killed outright so she could be replaced, perhaps by the Skins or perhaps by Nasedo.

Still others believe that King Zan never was married in his past life and Tess and Ava are just being passed off as his bride to try and control him.

If you recall, when Max first tells Liz of coming out of the pods, he didn't remember Tess being there. None of them remembered there being a fourth pod, until Tess 'helped' them remember. So some fans believe that Tess wasn't in a pod, and she mindwarped the memory into them.

My own theory is that King Zan was really married to someone else on his planet, a woman he loved, and that somehow Ava/Tess was sent in her place to Earth, by accident or design. I have even suggested that Liz is the reincarnation of King Zan's wife. Liz was the real Ava.

How was Tess planning on introducing the 'destiny book' translation to the others?

Liz conveniently found the translation, but what if she hadn�t? Was Tess suddenly going to tell them that she was able to decipher the book?

Tess had the translation since Alex was back from Sweden/Las Cruces in February, and in May when she gets pregnant, she still hasn�t mentioned the translation. What was the hold up? Was she waiting until she got pregnant, or waiting for some other reason that they might be able to go home?

Tess must have been jumping for joy when Liz started investigating Alex�s death, thinking that Liz might find the translation. So it always made me wonder if Tess wasn�t �helping� Liz or pushing her in a certain direction in the investigation.

Tess had no way to really know what Liz was doing, and how would she know Liz had even figured out that Alex was in Las Cruces, unless she was �pushing� her to go in a certain direction.

Also it always seemed like someone was in Las Cruces, perhaps Leanna or someone pretending to be Leanna, that was leading Liz to find the translation. It was just all so convenient that Maria and Liz saw Leanna, and then found the rental agreement at her dorm. And surely that computer and crystal wasn�t sitting in the rental building since Feb, just waiting there. What if a human had stumbled in there? The triangle would have blown up the translation and the crystal. Was that the only crystal or could more be made?

Exactly how much does Tess remember about the aliens' past life?

Tess acts like she knows a lot about their past life and even says she remembers some things, but how much does she really remember?

In 'Max in the City', Tess tells Max that she knows he was a great husband because she feels it in her bones. So she doesn't really remember him, she just feels like he was a good husband.

In 'Heart of Mine', Tess tells Max that most of her memories are blurry but a few are clear. She remembers how it was to be with him in their other life. How he used to touch her and hold her.

So is that something she remembered in the time between the summit and 'Heart of Mine', or did she know it the whole time, or is it all a load of hooey? What does she remember exactly? Are her memories blurry or does she remember a lot more that she is telling Max?

And does it strike anyone as odd that Nasedo taught Tess memory recovery techniques that she used for years, but after a few weeks of working on his memories, Max remembers just as much?

Then in 'Off the Menu' Tess says that she remembers when she and Max first met in their other life.

You would think she might have mentioned that when she was helping Max with his memories.

Did Tess/Ava really love Max/Zan?

Tess claims that she and Max shared a great love in their last life. She talks about their destiny to be together, she tries to seduce him, and is sad when he rejects her.

I thought it was possible that she didn't really love him and made up their great love to try to get Max to do what she wanted, but apparently she was actually excited when he remembered her from their other life and when they kissed at the prom. She wrote all over her prom memory cards about the kiss and their future, she even wrote a poem to Max saying he lit up her soul.

But she supposedly sold Max out to Khivar and was planning to take him back to their planet to most likely be killed. How could she possibly do that if she really loved Max? She was even planning to go through with the plan when he was with her, committed to their future together, and she was carrying his child. She seemed delusional about the deal, like it wouldn't make a difference to her plans to be with Max.

She almost seems to be having second thoughts on the day they are supposed to leave, and asks Max if he really wants to do it. It makes you wonder what she would have done if he told her he didn't want to do it. Would she have said they should stay on Earth?

Then she was angry that Max still wanted Liz and kissed her. It seemed to change her whole attitute. She got hard and determined and said that Max wouldn't remember Liz where they were going. It seemed like she was thinking about mindwarping Max to forget Liz, but it's not like they would be together on their home world. She was turning him over to Khivar. Yeah, Max wouldn't remember anything because he'd be dead.

It was like she thought once they got home that she and Max would live happily ever after, and didn't bother with that pesky detail that she was taking him to an enemy that would likely kill him. Even if Khivar let Max live, he certainly wouldn't have the same position in society. Either he'd be a puppet king or more likely be in prision for as long as he lived. But Tess seems to think she will get to play wife and queen and all of her dreams will come true.

So did Tess really love Max, or did she have multiple personality disorder, or was she just a freaking psycho?

She might have had some feelings for him, but they couldn't have been that strong if she was willing to send him to his death instead of trying to fight by his side.

And did Ava really love Zan in their other life, or was that all an act too until she could betray him?

Was Ava on Antar like Tess on Earth?

At the end of season two, Max started pulling away from all his friends and acting like a jerk only listening to Tess, which has made me wonder if the same happened on Antar.

Nicholas said Zan on Antar listened to the wrong people and made mistakes. Could he be refering to Zan's wife? Larek also said Zan wouldn't listen to him and was trying to make changes too fast. Was Ava trying to bring down Zan, or possibly she was just trying to manipulate him for her own ends.

Was Tess replaced in New York?

Some fans believe that when Lonnie and Rath took Tess in New York that she was replaced by someone, and that is who Max took home.

It does make a little sense. Tess seemed to have given up on her seduction of Max, and was getting close to Kyle. But after they came back everything changed. Tess sent Alex to decode the book and started turning Max against everyone and trying to seduce him again.

It certainly seems like a huge change in behavior, so some people thought it must be another person who was doing it. Some speculated it was Ava pretending to be Tess. Problematic to be sure, since she was in Roswell some of the time, but perhaps a good mindwarp could explain it.

Others think the 'Tess' who came back from New York was a Skin or a shapeshifter or other alien. It is certainly possible with all the aliens running around.

Is there something in Tess' past that she is hiding?

Courtney overhears Michael saying someone is after Tess, and she replies that 'trust her, no one is after Tess. With all that blonde hair and makeup, she is like Dolly Parton without the jugs.'

So is Courtney only refering to how Tess appears now? Or does Courney know something about Tess from her other life that would make her say no one would want her? Possibly she is refering to the orig Zan and Ava being in a loveless marriage. Or maybe she knows something else about Tess in her other life. Maybe that is a stretch, but I thought it was a curious comment.

Whitaker also mentions that she should have known Tess wasn't the hybrid she was looking for because Isabel is impressive. Meaning Tess is not. So it seems Whitaker wasn't impressed by Tess in her last life either. Maybe she knew something about her?


The fans have nicknamed Tess' mindwarps Tess-o-visions.

I just wanted to mention that with Tess' power, can we trust anything that happened or was told to us? Tess could have made anyone see or experience anything, so we may never know what the real truth is, or we can make up the truth ourselves.

Was there really a deal with Khivar?

See here

Did Tess work alone to send Alex to Las Cruces to decode the 'destiny book'?

I don't believe that Tess could have possibly kept Alex in line for the months he was gone decoding the book. His mindwarp started wearing off while he was in Las Cruces at least once that we know of, when he made the 'Leanna is not Leanna' document. So how on earth did Tess keep Alex under control while he was so far away from her?

I think she must have had help. A shapeshifter? Lonnie and Rath? Nicholas? Ava? Tess could have formed an alliance with any of them to get what she wanted.

As for Tess, she was in Roswell for a lot of the time that Alex was gone, so when would she have had time to teach Alex Swedish, not to mention prepare his travel plans, and make all of those photos and slides that he brought back?

And the whole Leanna thing. Why would Tess want Alex to think he was carrying on a long distance relationship? Why would she leave open the possibility that he might want to contact his 'girlfriend?'

Was she mindwarping him again every time he called Leanna?

What a needlessly complex plan.

Did Tess even care if Max loved her?

To a lot of people Tess' actions seem so strange. If she loved Max how could she betray him? I've come up with a theory about Tess that I think explains all her actions in Roswell, including why she was willing to hand her 'great love' over to the enemy.

I know that a lot of people think that Tess came to Roswell to find her husband to be reunited with her 'great love', and everything she did was to try and make him remember their relationship.

They think that the end of season 2 was so shocking and out of character for Tess. But was it?

I have a different theory about her actions in Roswell.

Maybe at some point in their other life Tess loved Max, maybe. But in this life, her actions didn't appear that way to me at all. To me it looks like everything she did from day one was to seduce Max and trap him into getting her pregnant, so she could follow the plan and hand him to Khivar.

She thought she could show up, easily seduce Max into being with her, and in no time she'd be headed home. She was frustrated and maybe even a bit pissed when she arrived in Roswell and Max didn't look twice at her because he was already in love with a human, so she did anything she could think of to get his attention.

She wasn't using all of those tricks to remind him of their 'great love', she just wanted his sperm. Basically she was an enemy agent sent to seduce the king.

Max wasn't the father of Tess' child

Does anyone really believe that Tess' pregnancy only took a month like she said? No? Didn't think so.

I think it is more likely to be another lie Tess told to get Max to go back to Antar with her quickly.

So if the pregnancy really took longer than a month, it would have been easy for her to get pregnant by all kinds of people, and below I've made arugments for each possible father.

- Alex
Tess must have spent time with him in Las Cruces, and if she was planning the return trip that far back, she must have been planning the pregnancy too.

If Alex was the father of Tess' child, it would give her even more of a reason not to want his memory to return.

If he remembered translating the book, he might remember sleeping with her too, and that would ruin all of her plans.

So when he came to her starting to remember, she panicked and killed him - either accidently or not.

- Kyle
Obviously living with Kyle, Tess certainly had ample opportunity to get with Kyle and get pregnant. We all know she was mindwarping Kyle at least from when Alex died, and she could have been doing it a lot longer.

Kyle seems to be the most likely contender to me.

- Jim
Eeeewwwwww, but certainly possible.

- Rath
Who knows what happened in the time that Tess was with Lonnie and Rath in New York. I'm not suggesting that Rath knocked her up then but perhaps a bargain or alliance was made in those few minutes, and they came up with the idea to get her pregnant so Max would agree to go home. And of course Rath agreed to 'help' her get pregnant.

Did Tess intent to keep the bargain and take them home with her? I doubt it.

- Zan
An arguement could be made that Zan wasn't actually dead and he and Tess made a bargain to get her pregnant so Max would agree to go home.

- Nicholas
Again, we don't know exactly what happened in New York or even afterward for that matter. Tess could have gone to Nicholas at any time and made a deal with him.

- Khivar
This could be problematic with him on another planet, but perhaps the Skins had some of his DNA, or perhaps he used a possessed body to do the job.

- Larek/Brody
Tess could have just used Brody, or perhaps she made a deal with Larek that we don't know about.

- Nasedo
He's dead, you say? Who says he is? What if Tess and Nasedo faked his death? He would certainly make a convenient father for her child.

With all of the possible fathers, I definately think Max should ask for a paternity test. ;)

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