Alien Races Theories

There has been much discussion on exactly how many different types of aliens
there are on Antar and the planets of the Antarian system.

What did the Royal Four look like back on Antar? Were they really three feet tall, green and slimy?
Were they small and glowing like the shapeshifters? Or were they completely different?

I personally believe that there were three different 'races' of aliens, the Royal Four, the Skins,
and the Shapeshifters. And yes, I do have some evidence.

The Skins

Obviously the Skins are different than the Shapeshifters. The Skins are unable
to exist in Earth's atmosphere without the protection of husks, while it is no
problem for the shapeshifters to be on Earth in their natural form.

Also in Whitaker's diary from the Silver Hand Print, she mentions that human
bodies only have one opposible (thumb), meaning that the Skins natural form has
more than one. This is different than the Shapeshifters, whose natural form more
closely resembles humans.

But I do believe that in their natural form the Skins are not very tall.
How else would Nicholas be able to fit into such a short husk?
So either they are short, or Nicholas is somehow able to alter his body.


The Shapeshifters

Even though it is possible that the shapeshifters and Royal Four were
orignally alike on Antar, I think it is unlikely for a couple of reasons.

Ed Harding mentions to Michael that 'My bone structure is far from human. I
can change my appearance, but not what�s on the inside. Your bone structure, on
the other hand, is one hundred percent human.'

'So you�re different from me?' Michael asks.

'Biology lessons later,' Ed tells him.

Maybe Ed is telling Michael that he is pure alien and Michael is not. But I
think Ed was telling Michael that they are different types of aliens.

Why? Because in season 3 we discover that the shapeshifters are forced to do
whatever the Royal Four tell them. Basically they are slaves.

It is possible that the Antarians enslaved their own kind, but I doubt it.
With all of their technology in cloning it would be easy enough for them to
create or alter beings to be their slaves. The shapeshifters may have lived on
Antar, or perhaps the Antarians captured them from another planet and used
them or altered them to fit their purposes.


The Royal Four

In their original form on Antar it is possible that the Royal 4 and the Skins
are the same, but there is evidence that they are different.

In the episode 'Surprise' Whitaker says to Isabel, 'You belong with us, our
race. We're in charge now. Your kind doesn't rule anymore.'

Now race can mean many things, perhaps as simple as they are from different
regions, or have different skin color, or it could mean they are a completely
different species of aliens.


Other Types of Aliens

And of course we really don't know anything about the aliens on the other four
planets in the Antairan system, Larek, Hanar, Sero & Kathana. Maybe they are
all similar to the Royal Four or the Skins, or maybe they are all completely
different. There could be any number of types of aliens on each of the
planets, naturally occuring or engineered.

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