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Here is a theory sent in by a fan named Anya

The Reason behind Dreamers, Tess, and Liz's Powers Theory

The Pod Squad Theory:
This is the theory as to why the Pod Squad never ended up together as they were designed to do.
First lets all agree that they were drawn to each other the way they were supposed to be.

How they were drawn to each other as designed:
- Max looked into Tess' incubator and thought about staying, but did not because he was afraid to be left behind.
- Izzy protected Michael from the asshole teacher who did not allow him to pay in food stamps, giving him her lunch.
- When learning of Micheal�s illness from the sweat Izzy went berserk, becoming extremely overprotective. But when she learned of Max's accident she was much calmer.

How they were too Human and flawed:
- Izzy and Mike started to feel like brother and sister, rather than having any type of attraction
- Max did not stay until Tess �hatched� followed Izzy and Mike because he was afraid to be left behind
- They hatched early before Nesedo could get them
- They did not feel compelled to do anything and I mean anything about Antar's war, having become too attached to their human life.
- They started relationships with humans, romantic and family like; I.e the Evans'
- Lastly they raveled themselves to Liz,The Valenti's, The Evans', Jessie.

As pertains to Liz ,
Max has had a crush on her all his life and Liz did as well(mentioned by Maria in the Pilot.) So when she got shot a few things happened:
1)Max forgot all about his alieness and needing to stay hidden, almost like an emotional override.
2) He was inexperienced at healing such and injury so he ripped open her shirt to get closer to the wound, he was also emotional.
3) Because he touched her skin when he healed her and he was acting upon such intense emotion a few things happened :
A] He opened himself up by mistake {just like Michael did with Maria through touch}
B] She was opened to him already because she had a crush and because she was fading away to death.
C] Because they were both open, they were able to see into each others souls, memories and hearts.
D] When Max heals, he temporally takes on others people aliment, hence why he is exhausted by healing The kids, Liz, Kyle but not when he held Michael after he got the black eye. It is also why he died after healing Clayton.
E] When Max heals another thing happens, he uses his soul to heal. Usually both or one party is �closed� this is why he did not see vision when healing anyone else, nor did anyone else see visions when he healed them.
F] Because Liz and Max were both open, he accidentally transferred a part of his soul into her body, becoming literal �Soul Mates,� In this exchange she also acquired powers. This is also why he was able to see her fantasy and why Liz was able to tell when he died and why she was able to save him from being killed in New York.
4)Max and Liz fell hopelessly in love, they saw into each others minds, they shared at least a part of their soul, and became the dreamers were all know and love.

Tess Theory:
So when Tess came around after having been raised by Nesado, she was already more alien then them by nurture :
a] her powers was more advanced
b] her knowledge of where they came from and what their mission is was clearer
c] she cared more about Antar and the war because the reality was instilled in her since hatching
d] because she cared about the people of Antar she followed Nasedos plan.
E] she was less affected by murder, though the death of Alex was an accident she was not traumatized by it as another one would be( mainly Mike after he killed Pierce) and she was ready to kill again if need be.
F] she was willing to leave Earth and those she loved or even liked to save Antar, in so having to give birth on her own, having take care of the baby by herself.

How she was defective like the others:
- She liked Kyle, as was willing fool around with him
- She started to love Jim like a dad, even trying to call him dad once
- She loved the Valenti's so much that she came to see them first after coming back to earth, not the father of her child, not other aliens, the Valenti's.
- She had fun on the Vegas trip and did not come in between Liz and Max for that day(because she really likes Kyle).
- She was gave up her life for the rest of the Pod Squad and her son
- She was willing to kill for and protect her son, even though he was human and did not solve her mission like he was supposed to
- So Tess having been raised by Nesado was more concerned with Antar, wanting to solve the war there by giving up her love, security and having to bear and care for a child by herself.

Below is my own take on some other theories.

Who was telling the truth?

A lot of the things we know about the aliens' past was told to them by evil aliens or people with agendas of their own. So my question is, can we trust what they said?

Practically everything we've learned about the aliens and their planet could be wrong, so there is a ton of possibilities for what might be true. Even the message from Max and Isabel's mother could have been faked, and the destiny book too.

It can put a whole new spin on everything if you throw out those things. There have been some great fanfics written about this, that the pod squad are not exiled royalty but something else entirely. Or maybe they were lied to about why they were sent here, or maybe the situation on their planet is completely different than they were led to believe.

What is the Aliens' Destiny?

We hear Tess, especially, talking about their destiny. But what exactly is she talking about? I've always had an idea of what is meant, but I've found that to different fans the aliens' 'destiny' can mean different things.

One could argue that several things could be referred to as their destiny.

The dictionary defines it as - a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency or a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.

If you really believe in this type of destiny then you have no choice in what is going to happen to you. It has all been determined by some cosmic power and you will end up taking this path no matter what you do.

I personally don't by into that. You make your own choices.

As for what could be considered their destiny, here are a few possibilities:

- Max and Tess are destined to be in love since they were in their last life
- Max and Tess are destined to be the king and queen again because they were in their last life
- The aliens are destined to pair up, because that is what happened in their last life
- The royal four are destined to become the people they were and rule Antar because they did in their last life
- The royal four are destined to defeat Khivar save Antar because that is what they were made for

Well there is also another definition of destiny - what happens in the future : the things that someone or something will experience in the future

This could also be explained as things that will happen due circumstances. For example, Max is a king and Isabel is a princess. That is because they were born into a royal family, so it is their destiny that they hold those titles. However, it is up to them what they do with that. Just holding a title does not make you something. Max and Isabel could decide to reject the job of ruler.

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