Max & Liz Theories

There have been many theories about Max and Liz and their relationship

Here are a few theories of my own.

Liz was Ava -
I know a lot of people have speculated that Liz was Max's first wife or lover on Antar, and somehow came to Earth.

But what if Liz were really Max's wife Ava?
Her spirit could have been brought to Earth and put in a human body somehow, or maybe she was reincarnated where her former husband would be.

It is possible that the real Ava died on Antar and didn't get sent to Earth. What if Tess was never Max's wife but was substituted for the real Ava?


Exactly what did Max do to Liz to give her powers -
Some people believe that when Max healed Liz he somehow transformed her into a human/alien hybrid. Some believe that Liz is still human, but Max altered her brain so she would have powers.

Still others believe that Liz was a hybrid all along, and Max 'activited' her powers when he healed her.

Killjoy (at RH) raised an interesting question. If Max healed Liz again, would she have gotten powers sooner? Would repeated healing make them stronger or appear more quickly?

Perhaps giving humans powers when he heals is a side effect of Max's healing, like Michael produced Cadmium X when he killed Pierce. Or maybe Max creates Cadmium X inside people he heals and that changes them. lol So would Pierce have gotten alien powers if he lived? lol

It also made me wonder what exactly is it about Max's healing that gives someone powers? Will everyone he heals get powers? Or does the person have to be on the brink of death? And what about the children with cancer he healed in Phoenix? They weren't on the brink of death, but slowly dying. Will they get powers? Michael healed RiverDog. Will he get powers? Kyle seemed close to death when Max heal him. Will he get powers?

I always thought it was probably the strenth of the healing that creates the change. If he healed a cut or scratch, it wouldn't produce powers, but something more substantial, like life saving measures would produce powers.

But it is also possible that Max unconsciously changed Liz when he healed her. Maybe no one but Liz will get powers.


How did Liz appear in the healing vision in the epi 'Balance' -
If you watch closely in Balance in the healing ceremony in the cave, everyone drinks from the bowl except Liz. RiverDog tells her to take a step back so she isn't in the circle and she doesn't chant with the others, so how is she in the vision they all share with Michael?

Liz was holding a healings stone, but it didn't show it glowing like the other stones. RiverDog told her she couldn't stop the flow of healing. Could she have appeared in the vision because she was simply touching a stone, possibly, but it always seemed to me like there was something else going on there.

RiverDog says she will find her own path. Does he see or sense something in her?

I've often wondered if it wasn't because of her connection with Max and somehow he brought her in. Or was it early evidence of the powers she is developing? Or is it something else entirely? Was Liz connected to the aliens on a more basic or deeper level? Many fans believe exactly that.


Did Liz love Max? -
On Roswell Heaven, CKBeliever asked the question, "Did Liz really love Max or did she love the idea of someone loving her?"

She said, "Think about it - she was dating Kyle at the beginning of season one. Nothing supports the idea that SHE ever had a crush on Max. Instead - everything shows that he's the one that had the crush.

Liz didn't really notice Max - looking at season one- until she saw herself through his eyes via the connection."

To me the question really comes down to two things -
Did Liz notice Max and have a crush on him before he healed her?
Did Liz grow to love Max?

Here are my theories -

I think there is evidence that Liz thought about Max before he healed her.

In the pilot, Maria says to Liz 'Max Evans is staring at you again.'

Liz discounts her statement, shaking her head and pointing to her face, 'Max Evans, this, no way.'

This seemed like a conversation Maria and Liz had many times. Liz rejecting the idea that someone like Max Evans would be interested in her.

To me that shows that she had thought about him, and decided he was way out of her league. He was like her ideal and she thought she didn't have a chance with him.

Liz describes herself as the smallest of small town girls, and she can't even fathom a reason Max would save her. She is incredulous when Max tells her that he thought about telling her his secret. Sounds like she has a bit of a self esteem problem.

She doesn't see herself as pretty, or special in any way, and can't imagine that anyone else would either. But when Max is brave enough to reveal his love for her, it becomes okay for her to follow her feelings.

I actually found some 'proof' about Liz's feelings for Max before the shooting.

I re-read the Dance. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Dance is a Roswell episode from early in the first season. It was to have been the fourth episode, but apparently TPTB didn't like the direction it was taking the show. So it was never filmed.

Most people don't consider it canon, but here is a conversation between Liz and Maria.

LIZ: I'm just so...confused.

MARIA: About what?

LIZ: Max. Ever since he saved my life. No way before that. I've had these feelings for him and...I don't know what they mean. I've never felt this way before.

So even if it was never mentioned in the 'official' episodes, the writers obviously did intend Liz to have feelings for Max before the shooting.

For the second question, I don't think there is a question of Liz being in love with Max when he saved her. Of course she didn't love him then, she hardly knew him.

But she was attracted to him, so there was the potential, and when he saved her life and opened up his feelings to her, it made it okay for her to explore her own feelings.

She wasn't content with Kyle, and she had this amazing connection with Max, not only because he healed her, but because of the secret, and all the things they had in common. Over the next few months she discovered what a wonderful person he was, and gradually fell in love.

I think they were both head over heels by Heat Wave but neither Max nor Liz declared their love until the episode Destiny.


Did Max love Liz? -
Of course, after the 'Did Liz love Max?' discussion, it was inevitable that someone would ask the question, 'Did Max love Liz?'

And Dreamweaver did just that -

She said, "Did he really love Liz? Or was he in love with the idea of her or the fantasy he played in his head about her? To me it seemed like he placed her up on this high platform at times and then got disappointed when she didn't always react the way he thought she should. And if he truly loved her then why didn't he see that what she was doing for him in S2 was because she did love him. Maybe he wouldn't have been so quick to jump on Tess either....."

Here are my two cents -

We see in the �Pilot� that Max is drawn to Liz the first time he sees her when they are in third grade, and has continued to watch her through the years.

Why was he drawn to her? Did he sense something in her, or was it purely a physical reaction? We may never know, but something in Liz caught and kept his attention for years.

He may not have been close to her, but they were in school together at least in elementary and high school so he would have interacted with her and watched her all those years. So he did know her in a way. He saw her kindness, intelligence, strength, and beauty and everything he knew about her kept him drawn to her.

Some people have suggested that perhaps his people mate for life and once he saw her he was a goner.

Others have suggested that possibly Liz was an ideal in his mind, a fantasy of what he couldn�t have because he was different, or that she was a perfect person and they would have a perfect life together if only he could tell her his secret.

And maybe that is true to a certain extent. We all tend to think of someone we love as perfect and we will live in a perfect relationship happily ever after.

But remember that Liz and Max faced some pretty hard times together fairly early. River Dog told Liz that Max�s kind couldn�t be trusted, but she didn�t even hesitate in staying with Max. Liz was forced to lie to everyone she knew, over and over again to keep him safe, and Max knew that, and could only have loved her more for it.

And everything wasn�t perfect between them. Liz had to tell Max some hard truths. Remember in �Toy House� after Max had taken a step back he goes to Liz and tells her about his fight with Isabel. Liz tells him he is controlling and to trust the people around him. And even though Max was stubborn and angry at the time, he respected her opinion enough to listen to her and take her advice.

Later, Liz thinks they should trust Topolsky and give her a change, when Max is completely against it, but Max isn�t upset with Liz for having a different opinion.

Time and time again, he goes to Liz when he is having problems, whether they are romantically together or not. He knows she will always support him and have his best interests at heart.

After Liz leaves him at the pod chamber in �Destiny�, Max continually tries to get her back, doing anything he can think of. Why would he bother if he didn�t still love her?

He even realizes that Liz is trying to get him together with Tess because she loves him so much, and that makes him love her more too.

Sure, his faith in her falters when he believes she has slept with Kyle, but how could it not. Max even says he can�t believe after all they shared that she could do that. He thought that this person he knew better than anyone had completely betrayed him, but he still loved her. That is why it hurt him so much.

And even after this supposed betrayal, he still can�t get over her. Remember the look of relief on Max�s face when he sees Liz come into the Crashdown in �Wipeout� when all the other humans have disappeared. Then later when Liz, Maria and Kyle are leaving the UFO Center to destroy the green rod, even Kyle can see the worry and longing on Max�s face and reassures him that he will keep Liz safe.

Slowly Max and Liz rebuild their friendship and both of them seem eager to rekindle their relationship at the prom. Even after Liz rebuffs him again at the dance, he is stunned that it might really be over.

I think even his bad treatment of her in the later episodes of season two demonstrates his love.

Max feels guilty because he is unable to save Alex, and is worried about Liz being in danger because she is investigating. And even though he doesn�t want to admit it to himself, he has to be worried that Alex�s death is alien related. Liz is also broken and perhaps being a bit reckless and keeps pushing the investigation and Max tries to anything he can to stop her to keep them all safe. But then Liz tells him their friendship is over.

That has to be devastating for Max. This person he loves and has always gone to has told him she is basically choosing their dead friend over him.

Max thinks Liz and everyone else is against him, and then he stupidly sleeps with Tess, which he regrets the next day. Then he discovers she is pregnant. Basically that one mistake has ruined his whole life.

He later tells Liz that he always thought he would give her a ring when they graduated, so that is in his mind, and he realizes that it is never going to happen because of his one night with Tess. His whole plan for the future is gone, and he lashes out at Liz. It isn�t fair or nice or gentlemanly, but it is very human and perfectly shows his love, frustration and jealously. Who said love is always pretty?

Even though Tess �loves� him and is carrying his child, Max still goes to Liz for help with Leanna, because he knows even after everything, she is still his friend and still has his best interests at heart. And in front of the Crashdown, once again they share their feelings for each other.

And as soon as Tess is gone, Max instantly turns back to Liz. It was where his heart was all along.

They had ups and downs, arguments, betrayals, and lies, but there was love underneath it all.

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