Liz Mythology

Who is Liz really?

There have been many theories about who Liz really was. Was she simply the
smallest of small town girls, or was she something more?

Because of Max being drawn to her from the first moment he saw her, some have speculated that she was Max's first wife or lover on Antar and her spirit was somehow brought to Earth and placed in a human body.

Others believe that she is 100% human, and Max recognized her as his soulmate at first glance.

Whatever she is, Liz is very important to the aliens in so many ways. Here are some theories about Liz.

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Liz Mythology
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Here are a few theories of my own.

Liz was Ava -
I know a lot of people have speculated that Liz was Max's first wife or lover on Antar, and somehow came to Earth.

But what if Liz were really Max's wife Ava?
Her spirit could have been brought to Earth and put in a human body somehow, or maybe she was reincarnated where her former husband would be.

It is possible that the real Ava died on Antar and didn't get sent to Earth. What if Tess was never Max's wife but was substituted for the real Ava?


How did Liz appear in the healing vision in the epi 'Balance' -
If you watch closely in Balance in the healing ceremony in the cave, everyone drinks from the bowl except Liz. RiverDog tells her to take a step back so she isn't in the circle and she doesn't chant with the others, so how is she in the vision they all share with Michael?

Liz was holding a healings stone, but it didn't show it glowing like the other stones. RiverDog told her she couldn't stop the flow of healing. Could she have appeared in the vision because she was simply touching a stone, possibly, but it always seemed to me like there was something else going on there.

RiverDog says she will find her own path. Does he see or sense something in her?

I've often wondered if it wasn't because of her connection with Max and somehow he brought her in. Or was it early evidence of the powers she is developing? Or is it something else entirely? Was Liz connected to the aliens on a more basic or deeper level? Many fans believe exactly that.


Did someone want Liz dead? -
Is it possible that someone deliberately wanted Liz dead in the Pilot episode, and those two men were there to kill her.

No - wait - I actually have evidence

Just before they pull out the gun and start fighting over it, if you listen carefully you can very clearly hear a man in the background say, "We've got to get rid of her." Check out the sound clip below, as Liz finishes saying - "I guess it would be okay to show you guys this."

We've got to get rid of her clip

So maybe Liz really was a lot more important than everyone thought.

With time travel possible, and the many aliens who were on Earth, there could have been any number of people who wanted her out of the way.

There were several stories written where the two gunmen were Max and Michael in disguise.

They came back in time to shoot Liz, so young Max would be forced to heal her, and start the whole ball rolling.

But there have been other theories about who the gunmen were -

- Nicholas and/or Khivar - usually to cripple Max emotionally because of the loss of his soulmate

- Nasedo or other shapeshifters - to get Liz out of Max's life so he will move on with Tess

- Max and Michael - to start everything rolling so Max and Liz can get together and the aliens can start finding out about their past. There was even a story where it was Max and Liz who came back to shoot her.

With time travel possible, alien powers, and shapeshifters running around, the gunmen could have been basically anyone who wanted Liz shot, for good or bad reasons. But the fact that you can clearly hear someone say "We've got to get rid of her," makes me think the gunmen didn't have 'good' intensions.

In my story Alpha & Omega, someone wanted Liz dead, and planned to kill her. They were in the Crashdown when the argument started between the two men, and 'used' them to shoot Liz.

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