Leaky Pod

In the episode 'Summer of '47' Hal Carver discovered two sets of pods that the government had taken from the crash. You can clearly see where the protective covering has been pulled away from one of the pods, and a large amount of a silvery fluid is leaking into a bucket.

It is unclear if the pod or pods were damaged in the crash, or if the army tried to cut them open.

This is known as the 'leaky pod theory' and has been used to explain everything for why the pods didn't 'hatch' at the same time, to why Tess is 'evil'.

It set off theories on what kind of damage might have been done to the pod or pods, and which of the podsters might have been in the leaky pod, and what consequences it might have had.

Some people think that Tess was in the leaky pod and the damage done to it made her come out of her pod late, but I don't think that is correct. I believe that Max, Michael and Isabel came out early.


Mainly becasue Nasedo is there to get Tess. He expected the pods to open at a certain time, and she was the only one left. The others were already gone, hence they came out early.

But what made them 'hatch' early? Perhaps the loss of fluid?

Another speculation is that the leaky pod held the real bride and was damaged so much that she died and Nasedo somehow replaced her with another clone, perhaps his own daughter or clone. So Tess isn't really the bride.

It has even been suggested that it is the reaon Nasedo killed Shelia Hubble, who was pregnant, so he could get cells or even the fetus to work with to create a child of his own.

Some have even suggested that Nasedo or another alien switched Tess' pod for Ava's because the lost fluid would make the baby inferior in some way. There are fans who believe that Ava has no powers because we never saw her using powers on the show.

Another theory is that Tess is evil because she was in the leaky pod. Somehow the damaged pod didn't allow her to develop correctly, making her evil.

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