Granolith Theories

We were never given satisfactory explanations about the Granolith and of
course that has led to a number of theories.

Exactly what was the Granolith, and what was it's purpose?

The Granolith is never exactly explained in the show. The destiny book tells that the granolith only has one mission, to take the royal four back to their planet, but can we believe that? After all, Tess left that 'translation' of the destiny book on the computer. Maybe she altered the translation so they wouldn't know how valuable the Granolith really was.

It seems to have a lot of power and a lot of different people wanted it for it only being a one use item.

- The Skins wanted it because they were dying - so could it help heal them, or were they wanting to use it go home?

- The representatives at the summit were very interested in it too and were shocked to find it wasn't on Antar but on Earth.

- Khivar wanted it so badly that he made it's return to Antar one of the conditions for peace with Max.

We are told a couple of things, but can we trust them? Lonnie tells Max the Granolith is a religious icon like the holy grail, and the people of their planet worship it. But who knows if that is true.

And we know that Serena altered the Granolith so Future Max could use it to come back in time (if the whole future Max thing wasn't a mind warp or trick).

I personally believe there must have been a lot more to the Granolith than we were ever told. What it really was we will never know, but there have been many theories.

Some believe it is raw power that can be used in a variety of ways, or it can draw or focus power from people or a planet. Some, myself included, have made the Granolith a living thing with thoughts and agendas of its own. Others have specualted that it could be a collection of the spirits of people passed on.

Where did the Granolith come from, and why did Khivar what it back?
With all of his technology he couldn't just duplicate it?

If the Granolith is so great and so many want it, why haven't they made another one? I think they would have if they could. I believe they couldn't duplicate it.

Maybe the Granolith was made from techonolgy that was lost, or perhaps they didn't make it at all and it originally came from somewhere else so they couldn't make another one.

Was the Granolith on the ship that crashed in '47?

Another theory that is all my own. There is no way to know this for sure, but perhaps the Granolith came to Earth earlier than on the ship that crashed.

It wasn't captured by the military with the shapeshifters and pods, so likely it wasn't in the crash.

Either it came to Earth earlier, on another ship, or, it was put in the pod chamber before the crash.

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