Was there a deal with Khivar?

In the episode 'Departure' Tess basically blames all of her bad behavior on Nasedo making a deal with Khivar. But was it true? Did Nasedo make a deal? Or maybe Tess made the deal? Or maybe there was no deal and Tess was simply making excuses.

What was the deal?

According to Tess, Nasedo made a deal with Khivar to get her pregnant with Max's child and then get Max, Isabel and Michael to return with her to their planet. Once there Tess would be okay, but the others would be turned over to Khivar.

Althought it is never said exactly what would happen, I think it is safe to say that Max and Michael would be imprisoned or killed. Isabel might be spared if Khivar still wanted her. Perhaps he'd force her to marry him. As for Tess, we don't know if she would recieve some kind of reward or maybe getting to live on her home planet was enough for her.

But was any of this true?

Sure, Nasedo did some kind of shady things
- he withheld information about the pod squads past and 'mission', but he did explain that he thought they weren't ready
- he tried to get Max and Tess together, but perhaps that was just him trying to follow what he knew as the plan
- he kidnapped Liz, which he explained as trying to draw out Pierce even if he had to sacrifice Liz. It probably made sense in his mind. Liz was human and expendable and he could get rid of her so she wasn't distracting Max, and get Pierce at the same time.

Did Nasedo do anything to really undermind Max or betray him?

No, not that we know of. He even used his last breath to warn Max about the Skins. Why would he do that if he was working for Khivar? He got a sudden burst of conscience after betraying his king for 40 years? Doesn't seem likely.

In fact there are a lot of things that happened that wouldn't add up if Nasedo and Tess were working with Khivar.

From the Chadds list
- Why did Nasedo take orders from Max, and leave them alone for months to pose as Pierce, if he just wanted to turn them over to the Skins?
- Why did Nasedo, with his dying breath, warn Max about the Skins? For that matter, why did the Skins kill him in the first place, if he was their ally?
- How did Nasedo not realize Congresswoman Whittaker was a Skin if they were having sex? If he did know, was he in league with her? Did she know he wasn't Pierce all along, and about his deal with Khivar?
- Why didn't Tess encourage Max to take Nicholas's offer at the Summit?
- Why did the Dupes grab Tess if she was working with them?
- Why did the Congresswoman mistake Tess for Vilandra in Surprise, if Tess was working with them? If she didn't, then why was Whittaker pumping Liz for information about Tess by pretending to be drunk?
- Why did the Skins bother with the Wipeout scheme? Couldn't Tess have just led them into a trap herself?
- Why did Tess help Max reinforce his shield in Harvest?
- What the hell happened to The End of the World? If Tess was a traitor and part of an evil plan to kill the podsters, why would her presence by vital to preventing the end of the world?
- So did Tess love Max or not? Why the hell did she seem so mad about him not loving her, when she planned to turn him over to Khivar all along?
- Why did Tess not seem to care that Michael was going to stay with Maria, when part of the deal was that she was to deliver him, too?
- If Courtney was working with the UFL, shouldn't she have known about Nasedo and Tess? Wouldn't she have told Michael? The Wipeout fireball -- real or mindwarp? If it was real, why did Tess kill her allies and how did Nicholas survive?
- So Nicholas is Khivar's right hand man, yet he and the skins don't know that they have one of the Royal Four on their side? Then who negotiated the deal with Nasedo here on earth anyway?
- Why bother with the Dupes and the summit at all, since the plan was to get Tess pregnant and get her home?
- If Liz is such an obstacle and Tess is an EMHB anyway, why didn't she just kill Liz?
- Why would Tess betray the only other people like herself in the world in order to deliver herself and her child to the person who had her killed in her previous life?
- If Tess' mission was to get pregnant and get Max home, why did she leave and never come back according to the original TEotW timeline?
- If Tess was working with the enemy, why didn't FMax discover this at some point during the 15 years they were fighting after TEotW?
- If the Dupes were so much more cooperative, why not just have Zan and Ava breed?
- If pregnancy was the only goal, why not have Tess arrange for Max to be captured, and steal a sperm sample? Aren't these people sophisticated enough to use artificial insemination, since they can create clones?

And a few more from my own list
- If Nasedo did make a deal, why didn't he just hand over the pods and the Granolith to Khivar 40 years ealier? Why the whole long, drawn-out plan to get Tess pregnant? She might not have even agreed to do it.
- And was he keeping in touch with Khivar or the Skins the whole time? If so how? And after Nasedo's death, did Tess keep in touch with them? If she didn't, how did she even know the deal was real or still viable? She might have been following a deal that wouldn't hold up after all these years. Was the whole 'Sweden' trip her idea or Khivar's?
- If Tess really was working with Khivar and the Skins, why did she help Max, Michael and Isabel escape, and kill the Skins in the episode Wipeout? And why was Nicholas trying to get the location of the Granolith from Max by mindwarping him. Why didn't Tess tell the Skins where the Granolith was?
- Future Max tells Liz that in his time, Tess leaves, making them too weak to defeat to Khivar. But if Tess is so mad or upset with Max that she leaves, why didn't she hand over the Granolith to Khivar and the Skins, or use it to go back to Antar? And we know she didn't because it is still conveniently sitting in the pod chamber when Future Max uses it to come back in time.
- Also, why would Tess leave if she has that deal with Khivar? Wouldn't she try to mind warp Max to sleep with her, or try to seduce him away from Liz?

For all of those reasons it just makes me think the whole deal with Khivar was fictious and Tess made it up on the spot to gain sympathy from Max - or she made the deal with Khivar much later, possibly at the summit when Lonnie and Rath took her.

Tess certainly seemed to be helping the others up to that point, fitting in, making friends, but about a month after the summit she was mindwarping Alex, sending him to decode the book and trying to seduce Max again.

One could argue she was just biding her time, but why? What was she waiting for? If there was a deal, after Nasedo died it is in her best interest to get Max to impregnate her as quickly as possible so she can go home. So why not send Alex to decode the book much earlier? And why not try to befriend Max earlier? She basically ignored him until Max in the City.

That is what makes me think something might have happened at the summit, if there was a deal at all.

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