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What is a Lamptrimmer?

Lamptrimmer is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Kyle & Tess.

There were actually a few names that the fans created for the relationship between Kyle and Tess - Hellraisers, Outcasts, Space Cowboys, Rebounder, Stalker, Sugar Shakers, Taky, and Lamptrimmer. There were so many different names because a lot of Kyle & Tess fan sites each made up their own name.

But Lamptrimmer is the one that stuck. It is from the episode 'End of the World' where Kyle and Tess are flirting and came very close to kissing. Tess tells him 'I have a lamp in need of some serious trimming.' Very rarely I have heard the name shortened to Trimmer, but mostly the whole name, Lamptrimmer, is used to refer to them - she is a Lamptrimmer, they are Lamptrimmers.

Lamptrimmers have always been one of the smaller ships, possibly because even though they are considered a conventional couple, they were never actually together on the show. Hardly any fanfic exists that features the couple, but there were a few sites dedicated to the couple, and they still have a loyal fanbase.

Here are some Lamptrimmer things I saved.

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