Michael & Maria Candy Info

What is a Candy?

Candy is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Micnael and Maria.

The term Candy comes from the way Michael & Maria names were abbreviated to M&M, and then it morphed in to Candy. A female fan was a Candygirl, a male fan was a Candyguy, and as a group they were the Candy Clan. Mostly now they are just refered to as Candy - he is a Candy, she is a Candy, they are Candies.

Here is a quote about where the name came from -
As beanz explained in the Crashdown 2000 Yearbook: "Why CandyGirls? Quite simply, everywhere Michael and Maria were mentioned, whether in posts or chatrooms, their names were abbreviated to merely 'M&M' – synonymous with the ever-popular Mars. Inc. candy. Tongue firmly in cheek, I posted a thread entitled "Are you a Candygirl?" and the idea caught on rapidly." Note: The thread was posted on the FanForum Roswell message boards. Eventually, the CandyGirl population grew to include members of opposite gender. The collective term CandyClanner was born.

At one time, the Candy fans were by far the largest and most outspoken shipper group, and there were a ton of sites and fanfic dedicated to the couple. They started to lose ground to the Dreamers (Max & Liz fans) around the middle of season 1, but they are still a very close second and have a loyal fanbase.

(There were other ship names for the Candy ship at one time, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. If anyone knows, please email.)

Here are some Candy things I saved.

Michael & Maria Crew Quotes

- Michael & Maria - a CONNECTION, a CHEMISTRY, they have it... they're one of the hottest couple on tv (David Nutter, director)

- Michael and Maria belong together (Thania St John, writer)

Episodes with Candy Commentary

These are transcripts of some episodes created by a Candy fan. She added her own snarky commentary to the transcript in the M&M scenes kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Michael & Maria Fan Quotes

Michael and Maria

At first, they were the most intriguing couple. When Michael stole Maria’s car and they were alone on the road for that afternoon the chemistry between them was undeniable. They were two people you wanted to see hook up, mainly because the idea seemed so implausible to the two of them.

They’re not like that anymore. They’ve become easily the most frustrating twosome. After their short-lived relationship was ended by Michael, there is a constant tease of the two rekindling their passion. But Michael always manages to keep Maria at arms distance and she always seems a little too neurotic to find a way to overcome him. In fact, they’ve become constant competitors; who can hurt whom more. Maria will always try to engage Michael who will dismiss her. He realizes how mean he’s been, tries his best to make it up to Maria, who usually is still so pissed off she ignores him.

They still have their moments. There are birdhouses and red sneakers and they’ll always have the Eraser Room. The couple that seemed so hot and heavy with passion is finding an emotional medium on which to grow. Maria cares very deeply for Michael, she just does her best to try and forget it, mainly because he can hurt her so much. Michael, on the other hand, also cares very deeply for Maria, whether he’s willing to admit it or not.

I can’t tell you if Maria and Michael will be able to work things out in the end. As the two most unpredictable characters they share the most unpredictable relationship. I will tell you one thing, though- I hope they do.

- From the Crashdown Encounters website


Maria DeLuca. When she first found out that Michael was an alien, she totally freaked out. He gave her 2 weeks, at tops, before she cracked and told someone. And she almost did. Sheriff Valenti brought her to his office to talk to her about Michael, Isabel and Max. She was about to spill everything, when she realized what it would be like to be in either of the other three's situations. To wonder, every morning, if the inevidable would occur today - that you would get caught. She slowly overcame her fear of them, and (against her better judgement) started crushing on Michael, even though she didn't want to admit it. And he, too, realized that there was something between them. In the beginning, he had just excused Maria as being 'weird' and unmanagable. After the two finally did fall hopelessly for one another, it spiraled out of control.

As aforementioned, Michael doesn't want to fall in love, or gain friendships. For at any given moment, he may have to pack up and leave if he's discovered. But whenever he sees Maria, something happens to him. He's in love with her, but he's too scared and proud to admit such. And when this little secret of his was discovered, he tried desperately to seperate himself from Maria. She was the first person in Michael's life to care about him, and he doesn't really know how to handle that. Sure, Isabel and Max love him. But to some degree, they pity him for his living situation, and he doesn't want that. Despite everything, Michael is afraid that Maria may distract him from his mission, which is to learn about his home. Or, God forbid, she may get hurt. By him or otherwise; but he'd rather it be by him.

So he distances himself from her, and does anything he can to stay away from her. He'd even go so far as to lead her to believe that he has no feelings for her. But sometimes, even this tough guy can't ignore his emotions. In all seriousness, perhaps, she is the only one he trusts his life with the most. he knows she wont judge him on any account. When he had troubles at home, and he couldn't stand it with Isabel and Max anymore, he left in the middle of the night and went to Maria's. And she allowed him to stay.

When he was sick and almost dying, Maria was there for Michael. She looked after him, despite the fact that Max and Isabel wanted to care for him themselves. Maria realizes the two of them are drawing apart, yet she'd do anything to bring them back together. When Liz announced that she saw flashbacks of the alien ship crashing in Roswell when she kissed Max, Maria leapt at the excuse to be with Michael. She made up a story that she saw stars, but in reality, she saw nothing. Michael saw into her own soul, but she couldn't reach his. She decided that it was because he had created this barrier around himself so that no one could get through to him. He had become so unconsciously defensive, that he wouldn't let anyone in. Not even when it counted. But despite the outcomes of that, it brought the two of them closer. Michael finally acknowledged that he had feelings for Maria.

When the two finally decided to venture into a relationship, Maria realized right away that Michael isn't at all as "romantic" as Max is with Liz. Or any guy, for that matter. Michael doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. When he bought Maria a present on their first date, he got her a bottle of generic shampoo. "Shampoo and conditioner in one!" Maria seems to expect too much from Michael. She thought he'd have table manners - he didn't. She thought he'd surprise her - he didn't. She thought he'd be understanding, but he wasn't that either. Michael wants to protect Maria from everything that's happening around them, but all she wants is to be involved in his life. Michael is so protective of her, that when he learned of his dangerous power (his ability to kill), he broke up with Maria right away, telling her that it was because he loved her too much (I got goosebumps watching that!).

My Opinion: The relationship between Maria and Michael has been intriguing since the beginning, and it's no wonder that they're a favorite amongst the online Roswell Community. The tension between them (M and M) was always evident. You could tell, even as Maria shrieked about Michael's creepy alien faults, she enjoyed being with him. I like Maria and Michael as a couple much more than Liz and Max, the resident love birds. It's much more subtle (in a way) than Max and Liz, who just devour each other with their eyes everytime they see one another, and it's a wonder they haven't had sex yet. You can totally tell that school girl innocent Liz wants something (her fantasy is for Max to see her in the shower!). And she wasn't AT ALL cautious at the idea of having sex with Max when she learned that it may bring up visions of his home planet. We'll just leave it at that...

Sorry, I don't recall where this was from.

Michael & Maria Episode Quotes

285 South Quotes

MARIA: He's stealing my car...you're stealing my car.
MICHAEL: I'm borrowing your car. Now get out.
MARIA: You're telling me to get out? This is my car. Actually, it's my mother's car, and if anything happens to it, life as I know it will be over. So, wherever it goes, i go.
MICHAEL: Fine. You had your chance.
MARIA: Oh, my God. You're kidnapping me. No, wait, you're abducting me!

MARIA: So, do you get hungry just like the rest of us?
MICHAEL: Yeah. Of course I get hungry.
MARIA: What, uh...what other human urges do you feel?
MICHAEL: Not if you're the last woman on Earth.

MARIA: All right, how about just one personal question? You know, since I didn't turn you in back there. Why is it so important to you to find out where you come from?
MICHAEL: Because there's gotta be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico.
MICHAEL: You think that's funny.
MARIA: No, no. It's just, um...when i was a kid, I used to stay up at night and, um, make up stories about my father...you know, and who he was and...what he was doing. And they all ended exactly the same way. He would come in a limo and pick me and my mom up and take us off to some exotic place where we'd live like royalty. Because, you know...I thought to myself...there's got to be something better out there for me than Roswell, New Mexico.
MICHAEL: Substitute a spaceship for a limo, and you know what i mean.


MICHAEL: What do we do?
ISABEL: We wait. They've only been gone a little over an hour.
MICHAEL: I'm telling you, the plan sucks the big one, all right? They're out there on my vision quest, and I'm sitting here in the kitchen with 2 girls yakking.
MARIA: Interesting, um, Michael. You know, some women of the, uh, 20th century might find that last remark just a tad bit offensive.
ISABEL: Welcome to Michael-land.
(Michael is helping himself to some cake)
MARIA: I hope you intend to pay for that.
MICHAEL: I do not.
MARIA: Well, then that's theft, buddy.
MICHAEL: Arrest me.
MARIA: Ok, so what's with the Tabasco sauce?
MICHAEL: Sweet and spicy.
ARIA: Sweet and spicy? ISABEL: We all like things extremely sweet mixed with extremely spicy. It's our little dietary quirk.
MARIA: Well, I'll have to, uh, keep that in mind.
MICHAEL: You do that.
ISABEL: Are you 2 flirting? God, could my life get any worse?


MICHAEL: I have something to say to you. If anything like that happens to me again, like when I got sick, don't help me. I can't get indebted to anyone, and I can't get entangled. I got to be a stone wall. And when I'm around you sometimes, I don't feel like a stone wall anymore.
MARIA: Well, what do you feel like?
MICHAEL: I don't know. Like confused.
MARIA: Like human?
MICHAEL: Yeah, and I don't want to feel that way.

Will Michael & Maria Stay Together

michael and maria will definitely stay together. we've seen huge improvements in the past eps, and michael really stepped up and grown quite mature. his love for maria just became so much evident and you can' deny these two belong together.

The Departure just proved it. Michael was going to stay because obviously Maria means everything to him. Right now I have the most faith in Michael and Maria staying together.

I agree he stayed for her! I know that they're relationship won't be perfect, but we'd be bored if it were!

We also have many reasons why we support Maria. You didn't think we liked her just cause she is pretty and Michael is in love with her did you ... here are just a few reasons ...

#1. Cause even Maria considers herself a Teflon
#2. Cause nobody can unduct or kidnap this Teflon Babe
#3. Cause she is a huricane ... and no one gets in her way
#4. Cause she's not your mommy or Dr. so she doesn't have to acompany you to the bathroom
#5. Cause this girl can't be bought
#6. Because everyone loves her ... I know it ... you know it ... America knows it
#7. Cause she only uses good shampoo, not the "generic crap"
#8. Cause she's kept in mind all along that Michael likes things Sweet and Spicy
#9. Cause even she has a Stonewall
#10. Cause her mom just randomly lets her leave the state whenever she finds it necessary
#11. Cause she thinks it's hard to run with your pants around your ankles
#12. Cause she auditioned to be a stripper
#13. Cuz she won't believe what this Michael-worshiper has to say.
#14. cuz she can look so good in so many different hairstyles.
#15. Cuz she makes the aquabra look good--even when its frozen. (Ok don't take that the wrong way...just popped into my head! )
#16. Cuz she still has the Jetta, even though she complains about it!
#17. Cuz she's not afraid to eat wedding cake.
#18. Cuz she can knock down his Stonewall every time.
#19. cuz she never forgets tha cedar oil!! to Marie!
#20. cuz she has feelings and knows how to give them a workout!
#21. cuz she can't say no to Micheal!
#22. cuz hey, shez teflon babe!! quote from Balance
#23. cuz her idea of the great outdoors is rolling her windows down in the car on her way to the mall from ITW
#24. cuz she knows ex-cons are really great in bed from S2 premiere
#25. cuz she knows lips get chapped from alot of ass-kissing: "oh please - do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?? - from Harvest
#26. cuz she knows a person who doesn't get the cheese right doesn't deserve to live!
#27. cuz Maria De Luca is not for sale! from MTD
#28. She knows what it is like to walk around all day with a thong up her @$$.
#29. She is not just an accomplice, she is the accomplice with the lips.
#30. Only she knows if her name is on the back of Michael's jeans
#31. Cos Courtney is NOTHING compared to her!
#32. cuz she's got perky attitude!
#33. cuz she needs her herbs!
#34. cuz she kicks Courtney's ass anytime!
#35. Cuz Maria's the only,who Michael loves!#36. Cuz She's so unique!
#37. cuz She IS GOOD at work including wood
#38. cuz Her napkinholder won an award!(I think so)
#39. cuz she has saved the world before
#40. cuz She knows how to keep it together.
#41. cuz If you don't give her a Christmas gift on the 25th, she'll never talk to you again.
#42. cuz She knows what half the movies ever made are about.
#43. Because, girlfriend, she isn't ready to show the bod just yet.
#44. Cause those Alien antennas make her shine even more
#45. Cause she works wonders on that waitress outfit
#46. Cause she can eat ice-cream and wedding cake without worrying about calories!
#47. Cause even she gets flashes!
#48. Cause she knows Michael does not watch The View
#49. Cause she hung up on Michael's only phone call
#50. Cause she got a car "tune up" by Isabel (The Morning After... )
#51. Cause she thinks the chicken that Carmen made was delightful and she could really use another root beer.
#52. She can cry infront of the sheriff
#53. She can wear clothes,and she turns Michael on,Courtney needs a towel!!
#54. Cos Maria can hit anyone!!!!
#55. cuz she knows Alex would never kill himself ... and so do we!
#56. Cuz for the prom ... she dressed up like a goddess.
#57. Cuz she stuck by Liz when everyone else was turning on her.
#58. Cuz Michael would sleep on the couch for her.
#59. Cuz she kicks off the covers in her sleep.
#60. Cuz she knows how to teach a 3 step dance move .
#61. Cuz while Liz gets the "notes" ... Maria will distract!

Michael & Maria Quiz

Test Your Michael and Maria Knowledge
Answers at the bottom

1. Where did M&M;'s first kiss take place?
The UFO Museum
In the hotel room
In the Eraser Room
The Crashdown

2. What kind of patch did Maria have on her Red Sneakers?
Big Bird

3. In the episode "Crazy", Maria went where instead of meeting Michael in the Eraser Room?
To Meet Amy
French Club
The Crashdown

4. What song was playing during the rain scene in "independance Day"?
"In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins
"Run" by Collective Soul
"Put Your Lights On" by Santana feat. Everlast
"40 Miles From The Sun" by Bush

5. In what episode did Michael tell Max to think of mud?
Sexual Healing
Independance Day
The Convention

6. Why did Michael apoligize to Maria in "Max To The Max"?
He was late
He ignored her
He called their realationship stupid
He got her in trouble with Amy

7. What song is being played during the first few minutes of Heatwave?
"Situation" by Yaz
"Put Your Lights On" by Santana feat. Everlast
"Let Me In" by Save Ferris
"Got Yo Where I Want You" by The Flys

8. In "River Dog" Maria said there were a number of obsticles. What were they?
His personality, his clothes, his hair
His hair, his clothes, the fact that he was hatched
His hair, his personality, the fact that he was hatched
His clothes, his attitude, his hair

9. When M&M; were making out on the couch in "Crazy", what name did Maria call Michael?

10. In What Episode did M&M; make it "Official"?
Tess, Lies, and Videotape
Four Square
Sexual Healing



1. Where did M&M;'s first kiss take place?
The Crashdown

2. What kind of patch did Maria have on her Red Sneakers?

3. In the episode "Crazy", Maria went where instead of meeting Michael in the Eraser Room?
French Club

4. What song was playing during the rain scene in "independance Day"?
"Put Your Lights On" by Santana feat. Everlast

5. In what episode did Michael tell Max to think of mud?
The Convention

6. Why did Michael apoligize to Maria in "Max To The Max"?
He called their realationship stupid

7. What song is being played during the first few minutes of Heatwave?
"Put Your Lights On" by Santana feat. Everlast

8. In "River Dog" Maria said there were a number of obsticles. What were they?
His hair, his personality, the fact that he was hatched

9. When M&M; were making out on the couch in "Crazy", what name did Maria call Michael?

10. In What Episode did M&M; make it "Official"?
Tess, Lies, and Videotape

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