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Here is the shipper list and fan and actor groups in alphabetical order by name.

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Shipper List by Category
The list of ships divided by ship category - CC, UC & slash.
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Shipper List by Person
The ship list divided by character.


Abductee - fan of Brody Davis
Abductee - Brody/Max
Alien Abyss - Maria/Liz
Alien Blast J - Valenti/alien(s) - someone who ships Jim with pretty much any alien, in male/female, male slash, threesomes or more.
Alien Blast K - Kyle/alien(s) - someone who ships Kyle with pretty much any alien, in male/female, male slash, threesomes or more.
Alien Buddhists - Kyle/Tess
Alien Hunters - Hubble/Jim Valenti Sr. (RO)
Alley Daddy - Ava/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Alleycat - fan of Ava (Tess's dupe)
Alleyleader - Kyle/Ava
Alleytrimmers - Ava/Kyle/Tess (RO)
American Pie - Kyle/Alex
Angels - Courtney/Maria
Antar Girls - Ava/Lonnie
Annihilaters - Tess/Ben (Antar Grrl?)
Apocalyptic - Tess/Alec (Antar Grrl?)
Applesaucer - fan of Shiri Appleby
Asskicking Undercover - Topolsky/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Awakened Destiny - Serena/Zan (RO)
Awakened Dreamer - Liz/Zan
Awakened Outsider - Max/Lonnie
Awakened Polar - Zan/Liz/Michael (no slash)
Awakened Polar Souls - Zan/Liz/Michael (w/slash) (RO)
Awakened Punks - Liz/Zan/Ava


B Team - Alex/Kyle
B Wheelers - Alex/Tess/Kyle
Backstabbers - Lonnie/Zan
BAK - Brendan Ass Kisser (defenders of Brendan Fehr when others criticize/bash him)
Balcony Siren - Liz/Lonnie
Balcony Sisters - Liz/Lonnie
Band Camper - Billy/Maria
Band Candy - Maria/Michael/Alex
Band Geeks - Maria/Alex/Liz
Band Groupies - Alex/Isabel/Maria
Barely Legal - Isabel/Jesse
Basketcases - Michael/Isabel/Tess
BBQ M&Ms - Maria/Michael/Kyle
Beautiful Destiny - Kyle/Serena
Behrian - fan of Jason Behr
Believers - someone who ships everyone and likes all friendships (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Betrayers - Lonnie/Tess
Bicker Brigade - Kyle/Maria (as siblings)
Big Pimpin' - Liz/Maxedo/Maria
Bobber - fan of Max's Jeep, Bob
Blonde Ambition - Maria/Isabel/Tess
Blonde Attitude - Maria/Isabel
Blonde Attitudes - Tess/Isabel (MiSToCLes)
Blood Drives - Alex/Max/Tess
Blue Catfighters - Alex/Liz/Tess
Bookworms - Kyle/Tess
Boy Scouts - Max/Michael/Nasedo aka Circle of Jerks
Brats - Nick Wechsler fans
Breakfast Club - Michael/Maria/Liz
Brooder - Max/Valenti
Buddies - Alex/Liz
Buddha Healer - Kyle/Zan (majikhands)
Butterfly - Maria/Lonnie


Candy - Michael/Maria
Candy Dreams - Liz/Max/Maria/Michael (RO)
Candy Souls - Maria/Michael/Zan
Candytrimmers - Maria/Michael/Tess/Kyle
Castaway - fans that don't fit into any categories (MiSToCLes)
Catfighter - Liz/Tess
Cat's Eye - Ava/Tess
Cheerleader - fan of Kyle
Cheesehead - fan of Lil Maria. (Emily & Kara)
Chemists - Max/Liz
Chemists - Jason/Shiri
Cherishers - Max/Liz
Circle of Jerks - Max/Michael/Nasedo
Conradical - fan of David Conrad and his character, Agent Pierce (MiSToCLes)
Cowgirl - another name for Kyle fans.
Captives - Brody/Isabel (Elisa)
Castaways - Sean/Ava
Cliffhanger - Michael/Isabel (aka called Cliffies and Cliffs)
Combustible - Maria/Sean
Confidants - Liz/Isabel/Kyle
Conspirators - Rath/Lonnie
Conventioneers - Max/Milton
Cool Kids - Kyle/Maria
CopyCatfighters - Liz/Tess/Ava
CopyCats - Liz/Ava
Cornballers - Max/Ava
Corn-Fed Lady - Hal/Betty (from 'Summer Of '47')
Cremegirl or Cremers - Kyle/Isabel
Crispy M&M - Max & Rath (Winter Ashby)
Cruel Desire - Liz/Nicholas
Cruel Dreams - Max/Liz/Pierce
Cruel Intentions - Liz/Pierce
Cuffs 'n Palm Prints - Valenti/Max/Pierce


Daddy's girl - Nasedo/Tess
Daddy Issues - Tess/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Dangerous Intentions - Max/Lonnie
Death Trapper - Fans of Max's Jeep, Bob. Also Jeep/Jetta shippers (hey, it's all in good fun!)
Deceiver - fan of David Conrad and his character, Agent Pierce (MiSToCLes)
Deep Enders - Tess/Michael/Isabel
Delinquents - fans of Sean DeLuca
Deputies - Tess/Kyle/Maria
Desert Dwellers - Maria/Michael/Isabel
Deviant - Isabel/Sean
Deviant Destiny - Rath/Isabel (RO)
Diablo - Tess/Maxedo/Isabel
Diddler - Pierce/Whitaker
Diddler - Nasedo/Whitaker
Diddler - Nasedo/Pierce/Whitaker
Diddler - Piersedo/Whitaker
Different Destiny - Max/Serena
The Dog Pound - fans of River Dog
DoK Orgy - Alex/Liz/Riverdog
Donor - fan of Alex
Double Dippers - Liz/Max/Zan
Dorkbutt - fan of Lil Michael. (Emily & Kara)
Dreamcatchers - Tess/Max/Michael
Dream Geeks - Max/Liz/Alex
Dreamjumpers - Liz/Rath/Zan
Dreamlanes - Liz/Max/Sean
DreamPole Nuts - Liz/Max/Michael
Dreamy Waitresses - Maria/Max/Liz
Drebel - Max/Liz and Max/Tess (also called Dynamic Drebels)
Dreamer - Max/Liz
Dreamers on the boards also divided themselves into several groups, most of which don't exist anymore.
  • Amour Dreamers - are the Dreamers that believe in a passionate love between Max and Liz. As in, not necessarily chaste, but not quite as close to cementing as the Blush Dreamers.
  • Blush Dreamers - want passionate kissing and almost cementing but no cementing for awhile yet!!
  • Cementing Dreamers aka Sexual Dreamer - fans who like Liz/Max in adult fics
  • Cherishing Dreamers aka Romantic Dreamer aka Snow Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Die Hard Dreamers - fans who believe in Max and Liz' love no matter what happens between them
  • Displaced Dreamers - They're "Dreamers in the classic sense" but they explore other options when Max starts pissing them off. They bow to a Royal Court that consists of Liz as King, Kyle as Queen, and S2 Max as a royal toilet scrubber among other things...
  • Guttercouchers - Not only do they want cement between Max and Liz, but they turn every comment into a cement-related idea. In other words, their minds are ALWAYS in the gutter.
  • Reject Dreamers - the slightly more laid-back Dreamers of the Jason Behr boards
  • Romantic Dreamer aka Cherishing Dreamers aka Snow Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Sexual Dreamer aka Cementing Dreamers - fans who like Liz/Max in adult fics
  • Snow Dreamers aka Romantic Dreamer aka Cherishing Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Spoiled Dreamers - Deamers who couldn’t wait for Max and Liz to get back together so they read all of the spoilers
  • TNT Dreamers - stands for Top-Notch Tolerance Dreamers, they make a point of not bashing Tess or other characters
Drifter - Dean/Liz (2x4's hubby)
Drunk Drivers - Kyle/Max
Drunk Romeos - Kyle/Max
Dusters - Max/Tess/Zan


Elles - fan of Max's car 3rd season
Ewoks - Liz/Maria/Kyle
Explosive Souls - Michael/Zan
Extra Sugar - Isabel/Tess


Family Ties - Max/Isabel
Family Ties - Isabel/Max/Michael
Fantastic - Liz/Maxedo or Liz/Ed Harding or Liz/Nasedo
Fantastics - Liz/Eddie
Fehrian - fan of Brendan Fehr (see also "BAK")
Fifth Wheeler - Alex/Tess
Finger Licking Good - fan of Nasedo as Ed Harding
Four Square - Max/Michael/Isabel/Tess (as family)
Four Wheel Drive - Tess/Alex/Isabel
Friendshipper - Alex/Liz/Maria
Fryer - Liz/Sean
Fricker - Eddie/Max
Frickin Trespassers - Eddie/Liz/Max
Fryers - Liz/Sean
Frypans - Liz/Sean
Fugitive - Alex/Laurie Dupree
Future Dream Dippers - Max/Liz/Zan/Future Max (RO)
Future Dreamers - Liz/Future Max (lizzybug)


Galaxy Gazers - Alex/Isabel/Kyle/Tess (Lunakid & Ash)
Gazer - Alex/Isabel
Girlfriends - Max/Maria
Golden - Isabel/Michael (as friends/siblings) (Lunakind)
Glaciers - Isabel/Rath
Good-looking Smartass - Isabel/Dave (the guy in Vegas) (RO)
Green Bean Delight - Michael/Diane Evans (MsBigBadCandyLover)
Ground Control - Maria/Max/Zan
Ground Zero (or GZ) - Max/Maria
Ground Zero Dreamers - Liz/Maria/Max
Grounded Dreamer - Liz/Maria/Zan
Grounded Soul - Maria/Zan
Groupie - Maria/Alex
Guide - Liz/Topolsky
GZ Dreamer - Maria/Liz/Max


Hal's Angels - Dixie/Rosemary (RO)
Hal's Hussy - Hal/Dixie (RO)
Handcuffer - fan of Deputy Hanson
Hankies or Hanker or Hankie-Pankies - fan of Colin Hanks
Hankians - fans of Hank
Healer - fan of Max
Hell Raiser or Hellraisers - Kyle/Tess
Home Fries - Nasedo/Tess/human (any human)
Home Team - Isabel/Kyle/Max
Hot Wheels - Maria/Alex/Tess
Hotwarper - Tess/Zan
Hussy - fan of Tess
Hussylover - Tess/Courtney
Hustler - Tess/Rath


Ice Cube - Courtney/Isabel
Icestorm - Lonnie/Tess
In Crowd - Kyle/Isabel (Amber)
Indecisive Individual - Kyle/Courtney
In-Laws - Jesse/Liz
Insider - Zan/Isabel
Intellectuals - Sam/Liz (Kiara Klay)
Intern - Liz/Congresswoman Whitaker
Introspectionists - Tess/Ava
Intuders - Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel
Isabel's Skanky Older Guys - Isabel/Grant/Dave (the guy from Vegas) (RO)


Jailbait - Alex/Topolsky
Jailer - Michael/Valenti
Journal Keeper - fan of Liz
Juliet - fan of Lonnie (Isabel's dupe)
Jumper - Liz/Rath
Jumpin' Trucks - Liz/Rath/Zan


Killer B's - Maria/Kyle/Alex
Killer B's - Max/Kyle/Alex
King's Hussy - Larek/Tess (RO)
King's Righthand - Zan/Max/Michael
Knockout - Alex/Michael


LPGA - the Liz Parker Guardian Angels
Lamplighters - Kyle/Tess
Lamptrimmer - Kyle/Tess
Lawbreakers - Tess/Dean (Antar Grrl?)
Layovers - Kyle/Isabel/Jesse (Lunakind)
Leader Lover - Khivar/Max
L.E.B.s (Liz's Ex-Boyfriends) - Kyle/Max
Lifesavers - Tess/Maria
Lizzex Boys - Kyle/Max
Lane Dancer - Sean/Liz
Lanerunners - Sean/Liz
Lanewalker - Sean/Liz
Lifesaver - Maria/Tess
Lifesaving Rebels - Maria/Max/Tess
Lipstick Abduction - Isabel/Serena (femmenerd)
Liz Whore - someone who ships Liz with pretty much anyone except Max, in male/female, female slash, threesomes or more.
Lizizard - Liz/Isabel
Lolita - Liz/Jim Valenti
Lollisuckers - Michael/Liz/Zan
Lolly or Lollies - fan of Michael (but not Brendan)
Loner - fans that don't fit into any categories
Loner - fan of Michael
Loner - people who like to discuss 'minor' characters like RiverDog, Deputy Hansen and Courtney.
Loners - Michael/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Loyalist - Liz/Kyle


MAK - Majandra Ass Kisser (defenders of Majandra Delfino when others criticize/bash her)
Mark of the Behr - fans of Jason Behr who have gotten a silver handprint tattoo
Marmalades - Liz/Maria/Max
Mashers - fan of Nasedo as Ed Harding
Men in Black - Pierce/Michael
Mental Blasters - Ava/Tess
Mental Blaster - Michael/Ava (bluediamond421)
Mental Vibrator - Tess/Michael
Mescaleros - fan of Deputy Owen Blackwood
Mikey's Angels - Courtney/Maria
Mind Shifter - Tess/Nasedo
Mind Warper - Isabel/Tess
Mirror - implies a Dupe ship, when used in front of any ship name
Misfit - Sean/Tess
Mohawk - fan of Rath (Michael's dupe) (Amy)
Music Makers - Billy/Maria
Musketeers - Alex/Liz/Maria


Nasty Blondies - Sean/Michael (Shiesty)
Neckbreaker - Max/Merris (you know, Morgan Fairchild)
Nickologist Project - Nick Wechsler fans


Outcast - Alex/Ava
Outcasts - Kyle/Tess
Out of Towners - Maria/Max/Isabel
Outsider - Max/Isabel
Outsider Garden - Max/Isabel
Outwheelers - Alex/Ava/Tess (MagnusXXN)
Opies - Alex/Isabel/Lonnie


Panty Brigade - Max/Kyle (malisita)
Past Indiscretion - Nicholas/Isabel or Nicholas/Lonnie
Patriot - Tess/Kivar
Peanut M&Ms - Max/Michael
Peanut Brittle - Maria/Rath/Zan
Peanut Butter M&Ms - Max/Maria/Michael
PepperJacker - Maria/Brody
Pie Taster - Sheriff Valenti/Amy
Pillow Fighter - Liz/Sean
Pimpette - another name for Rath fans
Pink Lady - Maria/Ava
Pixie Chicks - fans of Majandra Delfino (see also "MAK")
Plasmatic - Alex/Max
Podfather - Sheriff Valenti fan
Podsters - Max/Michael/Isabel/Tess (as family)
Polar - Michael/Liz (aka Polarist)
Polar Cliffs - Liz/Isabel/Michael
Polar Soulmates - Liz/Rath/Michael
Polar Truckers - Michael/Liz/Zan
PoleCats - Liz/Tess/Michael
Pole Jumers - Liz/Michael/Rath
Promoters - Milton/Amy (RO)
Protectors - Michael/Liz
Pulsers - Brody/Isabel
Punkrocker - Zan/Ava
Pure Deception - Alex/Izedo (even though she never existed)
Purely Platonic Polarists - aka PPP - Michael/Liz
Pusher - Rath/Lonnie



Raised by Evil - Tess/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Ravisher - fan of Emilie de Ravin
Realists - Jason/Katie
Rebounder - Kyle/Tess
Realists - Max/Isabel - Jason/Katie
Rebel - Max/Tess (as a group The Rebel Alliance)
Rebel Wild Child - Tess/Zan/Ava
Rebeling Candy - Maria/Michael/Max/Tess
Rebound Team - Kyle/Maria
Rebounding Loyalist Catfighters - Liz/Kyle/Tess
Rebounding Vibrators - Kyle/Michael/Tess
Reflectionist - Isabel/Lonnie
Rejects - Maria/Kyle/Max
Remedialist - Kyle/Maria
Reverse Destiny - Rath/Ava
Riotgrrls - Maria/Tess/Liz
Roasted Peanut M&M - Max/Rath
Rock n Jocks - Michael/Max/Kyle
Rock n Jocks - Michael/Maria/Kyle
Rodeo Clowns - Alex/Max/Michael
Rough and Tumble - Alex/Michael
Roswellian - a Roswell fan (Marilyn) Royal Comrades - Antar Rath/Antar Zan (ros39)
Ruthless Duo - Lonnie/Khivar (Pinky Banana)


Sandwich Club - Alex/Kyle/Maria
Scientific Mythology - Liz/Angel (Kiara Klay)
Scientist - fan of Liz
Second Generation - Kyle/Maria
Secret Agent - Pierce/Maria
Secret Lovers - Antar Vilondra/Nicholas (Shiesty/RO)
Self-Gratification - Zan/Max (Lunakind)
Shade - fan of Nicholas or Miko Hughes
Shared Gomez - Liz/Kyle/Max
Shock Jock - Pierce/Kyle
Sibling Rivalry - Liz/Isabel/Max
Shipwrecker - Max/Tess
Simple Pleasure - Hal/Rosemary (RO)
Siren - Jim Valenti/Isabel
Sleeper - Max/Michael (Steph)
Snake Charmer - fan of Courtney
Snap Dragons - Maria/Isabel/Liz
Snickers - Max/Michael/Maria
Soulmate - Rath/Michael
Sovereigns - Antar Zan/Khivar (Dreaming In Purple)
Space Cowgirls - Kyle/Tess
Spacewheels - Alex/Kyle/Tess (Lunakid)
Spuds - Michael/Kyle (romantic or platonic)
Spuds - Max/Michael
Spuds - Max/Michael/Kyle
Spur - Michael/Kyle
Stalker - fan of Kyle, back in Season One
Stalker - Kyle/Tess
Star Sightings - Maria/Isabel/Alex
Stargazer (often shortened to Gazer) - Alex/Isabel
Strategic Maneuvers - Michael/Liz/Rath
Strawberries - Max/Liz
Sterling Scientist - Isabel/Grant (RO)
Stimulator - Michael/Courtney
Strawberries - Max/Maria
StreetLifer - Rath/Tess/Maria
Streetwalker - Maria/Rath
Streetwalking Soulmates - Maria/Michael/Rath
Studs - Max/Michael
Sugar Cube - Isabel/Tess
Sugar Daddy - River Dog/Liz
Sugar Fried Dumplins - Kyle/Max/Pierce
Sugar Shakers - Kyle/Tess
Suncatchers - Isabel/Alex/Kyle
Supporters of Alien Orgy - someone who ships any and all pairings.
Swedes - Alex/Leanna
Swedish Sweethearts - Alex/Leanna
Sweet Destiny - Max/Ava
Sweet Torturer - Agent Pierce/Max (MiSToCLes)
Swirl - Jessie/Liz (Lunakid)


TOOB - The Order Of Bob - fans of Max's Jeep
TPA - Tess Protection Agents
Tabasco Buddhas - Ava/Kyle/Maria (sologirl)
Taky - Kyle/Tess
Techies - Alex/Serena (Shiesty)
Technophiles - Brody/Liz (Winter Ashby)
Teflon Babe - fan of Maria
Three Musketeers - Alex/Liz/Maria
Thong - Alex/Courtney
The Thong Brigade - Courtney/Maria
Three Muskateers - Max/Isabel/Michael
Three Muskateers - Maria/Isabel/Michael
Thug - Rath/Zan
Trading Dreams - Khivar/Liz/Max
Traitor - Khivar/Liz
Tresspasser - Eddie/Liz
Trimming Brigade - Max/Kyle/Tess
Truckstopper - Zan/Liz
Truckstopperz or Truckstopper - fan of Zan (Max's dupe)
True Bluer - Alex/Liz
Twisted Cliffs - Lonnie/Michael (RO)
Twisted Desire - Maria/Pierce/Sheriff Valenti
Twisted Destiny - Liz/Tess/Max
Twisted Obsession - Rath/Courtney (RO)


UFO Convention - Max/Brody/Milton (RO)
UFO Nuts - Milton/Hubble (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
UFOlogist - Max/Milton (RO)
Universal Friendship League - people who like all friendships (RO)
Untuckables - Sheriff Valenti/Amy Deluca (starstalker, mala, alcott)
Urban Cowboys - Alex/Kyle/Michael
Usurper - Khivar/Antar Zan (shadowlynxbehr)
Usurpers - Tess/Lex (Antar Grrl?)


Valentine - fan of Sheriff Valenti and William Sadler
Valentines - fans of the Valenti boys, Jim and Kyle
Valentines - Kyle/Jim
Valentis - Kyle/Jim
Viper - Isabel/Kivar
Viper - Vilondra/Kivar
Vision Quest - Isabel/Laurie


Waitresses - Maria/Liz (romantic or platonic)
Wallpaper - Alex/Lonnie (MagnusXXN)
Warped Four - Isabel/Lonnie/Tess/Ava
Warped Lizizards - Liz/Isabel/Tess
Were the Socks His? - Hal/Deputy Jim Valenti Sr/Rosemary (RO)
Whirlwind Romantics - Isabel/Jesse
Wild Child - Tess/Zan
Wild Ones - fans of Katherine Heigl and Isabel
Wildcat - Ava/Isabel
Wipeouts - Liz/Maria/Kyle
Wisecrackers - Kyle/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Wolfe Packer - fan of that American Badass, Maxedo
Wrestler - Amy/Michael
WWF Crashdown - Amy/Sheriff/Michael


X-tremers - Liz/Alec



Zagnuts - Hal/Richie
Zanatic - Zan fanatic
Zanslut - huge fan of Zan (Ellie)
ZanZealots - People who's love for Zan almost approaches religious proportions. (ros39)

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