Rumored Episodes

In season 1 & 2 there were spoilers for episodes that never aired.

The spoilers may or may not have been real. Plenty of spoilers were put out to tease fans or possibly they were created by fans.

But real or not, I thought they were interesting, so I posted them here.
If you are interested in reading more spoilers that turned out not to be true, check the out here - False Spoilers

Season 1


at one time an episode titled 'Miscommunication' was listed on the WB's site as episode #118, so maybe it was an early title for 'Tess, Lies & Videotape'

the synopsis just said 'coming soon'


Spoilers for an episode titled Visions - Once upon a Dream -

from (Roswell Fan Club Online)
- As Tess and Max grow closer so does their connection. The two have a bizzare dream that they can't understand but may give a vital clue as to why they can't stay away from one another.
- Maria finds herslef drawn to Michael more than ever, however strange visions of the 4th alien force Michael on a quest to find him.
- Max finally gives in to temptation and kisses Tess for real. They have simulateous visions of the symbols from the cave painting and the desert landscape like in Michael's hallucination. They are both shocked and surprised by this.

from (Roswell: Let the Truth Be Told)
- Liz sees Max and Tess kissing. She is heartbroken, but determined to find out what Tess is up to.
- A supporting character will die by supernatural causes.

Season 2

Spoilers for a 2-part episode titled 'Stronger' and 'Mirror, Mirror'
(don't know where these epis were supposedly going to take place - obviously after Harvest)

from (Cherry Colas & High School Fantasies website)
- After previously learning that Kivar is "on" Earth, the group fears that it might be Grant (everyone except Max). Unable to get the Kyle/Liz bed image out of his head, he believes that Kyle may be Kivar and confronts him. Also, Tess stands up to Max and Kyle reveals something about the past.
- In the conclusion of a dramatic two-part event, Nicholas decides to lay a trap for the estranged Serena. After kidnapping Michael at the end of "Stronger", he convinces Rath to pose as Michael in order to trick his rival. However, one of the gang learns that Michael is not himself after he displays some interesting behavior.


Spoilers for an episode titled 'The Fugitive'
(don't know where this epi was supposedly going to take place - but obviously after Harvest, or perhaps it was an early draft of Harvest)

from (Leaving Normal website)
- A teaser shows Nikolas and Grier searching in the woods for someone they keep referring to as "the fugitive" and how their superiors will have their skins if to retrieve this person. Towards the end of the teaser Nikolas comments on how crucial the person is to "The Project"
- Nikolas, Ida and Grier, the evil alien trio, start planning something sinister for the people of Roswell in an underground facility located beneath town hall. There are numerous references to something called "The Project"


Spoilers for an episode unknown title
(don't know where this epi was supposedly going to take place - but obviously after Harvest)

from (electricphan website)
- After capturing a dying Skin, the group find themselves at odds as to what to do with her. Max and the others have no problem with letting her die, however Michael soon realizes that she is one of his followers and is torn between loyalty to Max and his role as leader to the renegade Skins.
-When Isabel & Tess capture a Skin, Michael's curiosity forces him to choose sides: learn about his destiny or honor Max's wishes.


Spoilers for an untitled episode
(don't know where this epi was supposedly going to take place - but obviously after Harvest)

from (electricphan website)
- apparently Max kills a Skin/Michael worshipper (female), in self-defense. The girl's friend and fellow Michael worshipper go to Michael to try to convince him to steal the granolith and betray Max. The new Michael worshipper's name is Sam. She will eventually work at the Crashdown like Courtney. But unlike Courtney she will not be in love with Michael, she just sees him more as a brother than anything else.

Here is a description of a scene:

Michael enters his darkened apartment. He walks past the couch throws his keys on the counter and continues walking past the couch not noticing she is sitting there. He turns around and sees her. She smiles. He turns around, as he doesn't realize there is someone there. Then suddenly he does. He then raises his hands in the battle position. Bravely, she stands up and places her hands on his to stop him.

Sam: You don't need to fear me.

Michael slowly puts his hands down.

Sam: I am sorry to frighten you, benevolent one, but I am left with no other choice. One of our own has been killed.

Michael: 'Benevolent one?' You're like Courtney, aren't you? One of the skins that follow me.

Sam: Yes.

Michael: You said that one of our own was murdered. You mean other skins.

Sam: No. (pauses momentarily to say what she is going to say carefully.) It was Zan.

Michael: The Skin that Max killed tonight was one of you?

Sam: Us. She was one of us. Her name was Anna. She was my best friend. That monster Zan killed her where she stood!

Michael: She attacked him!

Sam: She would never have killed him. She was only desperate. That leads to fear and irrationality. She didn't want to die. Is that such a horrible thing?

Michael: I know what's going on with the Skins.

Sam: I bet what you don't know. What 'Max' isn't telling you...... is that the granolith can save us! Why should innocents like Anna die because of Zan's selfishness?

Michael: He's doing the right thing.

Sam: And letting all of us die is the right thing to do? You don't agree with that I can tell. Do not let your loyalty to Zan confuse your judgement. We need you to do what's right. We need you. You belong with our race. You know that you never belonged with the others. You know you have always been different. You know you were born to lead not to serve. Unless you takes us to the granolith we will all die.

Michael stands there momentarily thinking over what she just said.

Michael: I'll think about it.

Sam: As you wish. But please don't let your human emotions and loyalties to that incompetent, lead to the destruction of yet another planet.


Spoilers for an episode titled 'Imfamy'
(don't know where this epi was supposedly going to take place)

from (electricphan website)
- The story is supposed to center around Maggie, possibly Alex's sister, a graduate student in astronomy who writes about a book called INFAMY, about a civil war on an alien planet. The book does very well but in Roswell people think she's a loony tune because of certain things she says about the town in the book. She ends up befriending Sebastian, Michael's brother, and he doesn't think she's crazy. Liz is friends with Maggie and reads her book. Liz is shocked when some of the scenes in the book match what she knows about Max and the other aliens. The evil aliens are supposed to try and kill Maggie because of some vital information that she has written about them, but Sebastian saves her. There is supposed to be a connection between the two of them.

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