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Fan Parties & Conventions

There were several fan parties hosted by various sites, groups and by the studios over the years.
If anyone has additional information or corrections, please let me know.

Parties in 2000

Season Finale Party - May 15, 2000

Jerry's Famous Deli, top floor
10923 Weyburn Avenue, Westwood
7:00 pm

The cost covers $15 for a buffet with salads, sandwiches and pastas, as well as unlimited softdrinks.

Anything left will go to charity (RIHHIN). We will give out one raffle ticket per person, and there will probably be an opportunity to purchase more tickets.

First Roswellian Gathering in LA

February 26, 2000
the Studio Cafe
Paramount Studios, Hollywood

This was the logo used on cast invitations

Front of the laminated name tag used for the 1st Roswellian Gathering in L.A.

Back of the laminated name tag for 1st Roswellian Gathering in L.A.

Spazzy Happy Dances: My Party Reaction By Kara

Roswell, NM - "The Truth is Here!!"
Written By KellyLyons

It was 1:30 p.m. when I pulled into a the small southwestern town, named Roswell, NM. I had driven from Amarillo, TX on my way across the country.

I passed mile upon mile of nothingness, flat expanses of rock and sand and an occasional shrub. Then, out of nowhere, appears a town populated with 44,000 people. Unreal, to this eastern city girl.

The sign up ahead said "285 South to Roswell Business District", and I smiled in spite of myself, knowing 285 South had significant meaning to those of us who watch the show. So there I was taking 285 South, which is not only a significant road, but pretty much the only road in Roswell, aside from neighborhood cross streets.

Everything in Roswell is located on 285 South: the mall, the hotels, the restaurants, and oh yes, the UFO Museum!! As I traveled through the town, checking out the "Alien Parking" sign, the shops, the people, the Denny's (yup, there is a Denny's, even in Roswell), I did feel the nostalgia that probably inspired the actual Roswell High books. I was intrigued and excited.

I headed straight for the UFO Museum where a very nice senior citizen met me at the door and told me the story of his alien encounter. I looked at old newspapers hanging on the walls, signed statements, government reports, drawings, and other paraphenalia collected by the museum's curator then put on display. I watched a documentary on the controversial crash of 1947. I shopped in the gift shop and went into the research library, where I was thrilled to find out that they have every episode of ROSWELL on video and you can check them out! After spending some time talking to the curator and taking some info to share with others at the LA Roswellian Gathering, I left there a believer.

Now, that I was ready to be abducted I headed staight for the nearest tavern and ordered a margarita!! My traveling companion and I sat down for dinner at this great Mexican place where we had an appetizer, dinner, and Cuervo Gold Margaritas, 3 total -- 2 for her (she was having trouble dealing) 1 for me. The bill was only $19.00!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I loved this place. The fun continued when we headed for the Roswell Mall to goto the movies. The big attraction at that time was a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie, "Down to You". We bought two tickets for the total of $7.00!! Yup, this was the place to be. No wonder the aliens landed here, who wouldn't.

As I headed North on 285, on my way out of Roswell, NM, I saw the sign "Crash Site Tours". Of course, I stopped, looked around and came back with the resolve that Roswell is a magical place, mystical and beautiful. ....And I believed, I truly believed.

"Hey!! All you Funky Party Weasles!!"

Fans came into Paramount's Commisery grabbed their name tags, raffle tickets and tabasco bottles. Virtual worlds now colliding with real worlds as cyber-pals mingled and met some "friends" for the first time ever. Some were shy, others weren't. Food was served. Dido's ethereal voice croaned in the backround. TV monitors glowed with Roswell Episodes, provided commercial free from Jason Katims' office. People chatted. The first group left for their set tour. Fifteen minutes later, a tired, hungry Majandra Delfinoand a very sunburnt Brendan Fehr came in to join the party. That's right, our very own Maria and Michael came to visit with their fans. They chatted, posed for pictures, signed autographs and made the night of 75 fans, who were enthralled by their surprise visit. They stayed until the last picture was snapped and the final autograph signed. They bid their fans farewell, thanking them for having them at the party (as if!!), and headed off for dinner.

The set tour was amazing and surreal. My fantasy world of Roswell was crashing down around me as I walked their high school hallways, went into their classroom, and visited the Crashdown Cafe. I gazed out of Liz's window and sat on the couch in Michael's apartment. It was unbelievable to me that Jason Katims was so generous and trusting with his fans. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, as where many others.

When the set tours were all finished, this elite group of ROSWELL fans got a personal screening of the rough cut, "Sexual Healing" episode. Fans cheered, yelled, gasped and laughed as they watched. The night was amazing. Thank you Kim, Lena, Karen, and Neil!!

Roswell Gathering - 7/30/2000

Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd,W.Hollywood
Saturday, August 5, 2000
5 pm - 10 pm

A Roswell Gathering and charity auction with all proceeds going to
"Roswell Is Hot! Hunger Is Not"
a campaign benefiting
World Vision's 30 Hour Famineand
a food drive benefiting
Covina Area Emergency Aid

We are asking you to bring a donation of non-perishable foods to be donated to Covina Area Emergency Aid - you will receive a raffle ticket for each food item you bring

We will be serving food and soft drinks which is included in the price of your ticket. The Key Club does serve alcoholic beverages and with a valid ID you will be able to purchase alcoholic drinks at the bar. We will have a DJ playing music for the duration of the party and there will be dancing!

Fanforum Crashdown Party #1

1st Party
Paramount Studios, Hollywood
5pm - 10 pm

The cost includes food and unlimited soft drinks for the entire evening.
There will be lots of door prizes and we will also have a raffle.
RIHHIN (Roswell Is Hot Hunger Is Not) is planning an auction and a raffle with all proceeds going to World Vision's 30 hour Famine.

Please plan on bringing non-perishable foods to be donated to the Covina Area Emergency Aid.

Season Premiere Party - October 2, 2000

Sportsmen's Lodge
Ventura Blvd., Studio City
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

There will be a small raffle.
The cost includes a buffet and unlimited soft drinks for the entire evening.

AZ Halloween Harvest 2000

The Arizona Roswell site hosted this party

When: Saturday, October 27, 2000

Where: Sunset Bowling Alley
8925 N 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 944-4401

Time: 8:00PM - 1:00AM

Cost: $25 per person This includes pizza, and a drink. Plus 3 games of bowling and your bowling shoes.

The plan: This is a Halloween/costume party. The costume is optional but I do encourage you to join in on the costume fun. We will be judging the costumes as well We will be playing 3 games of bowling, watching the Pilot episode (to relive what started it all), we will be playing games and giving you the chance to win some prizes, plus our shipper baskets/boxes make yet another appearance at this party. So don't miss out on all of the Az Halloween fun!If you have any questions then please contact me at

NY Roswellian Finale Parties - 12/09/00

2nd Annual Party

Roswell fans will gather in New York May 21 at the second annual Roswell Season Finale Gathering, a charity fund-raiser and fan party at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Fans will watch the final episode of the season, celebrate UPN's pickup of the series that The WB canceled and raise money for emergency medical care for people in dangerous areas of the world.

A silent auction, raffle and book sale will raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), a private, non-profit group that brings medical care to victims of armed conflict, epidemics and disasters where such aid is otherwise unavailable. William Sadler, who plays Sheriff Valenti, is a vocal supporter of the organization. Greg Cox, author of the Roswell tie-in novel, Loose Ends, will sign autographs.

Roswell executive producer Kevin Kelly Brown and Melinda Metz, author of the Roswell High books, on which the series is based, are planning to attend.

L.A. Roswellian Christmas Party - 12/09/00

Saturday, December 9,
Eclectic Cafe
5156 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA

Menu: Pasta, Chicken & Seafood Entrees, Risotto, Soups and a variety of SaladsVaries from about $6.95 and up

Parties in 2001

2nd Roswellian Gathering in L.A. - February 24, 2001

Q's Billiards
4 pm - 9 pm
11835 Wilshire Blvd., West L.A., CA 90025

There will be a charity auction benefiting Elizabeth Glaser's Pediatric Aids Foundation.

The cost includes food and unlimited soft drinks for the entire evening.
Q's has pool tables which will be at our disposal for the entire party.

The TriState Roswellian Party

This party was hosted by OKI Roswellians (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) Ticket Information

Please read through all the information below before purchasing your tickets!

Keep in mind, there are a LIMITED number of tickets available so be sure to get yours now!

General Ticket Information

Ticket Cost: $30* per ticket *This includes food, beverages, and more!

Payment Options: Paypal and Money Order

Ticket sales will begin Feb. 1, 2001 and end March 17, 2001 or when tickets run out (whichever comes first!). All payments must be received by March 31, 2001.

The ticket sales deadline is set due to the fact that each guest will receive a lamenated name tag. We need to ensure we have enough time to have these made.

Anyone under the age of 18 Must Be accompanied or escorted to and from the party by an adult. No exceptions! We will not be responsible for minors who attend without adult supervision. We want this to be a safe and fun party for please, if you are under 18 make sure you have an adult to accompany you to the party.

Ticket Ordering Information

Once you fill out and submit your order the following will happen:

We will receive and process your order.

Those choosing to pay by Money Order will automatically be redirected to a screen which will display where to send payment. This will happen right after you submit your order information.

Those choosing to use Paypal will be contacted by email with instructions on how to make their Paypal payment.

All ticket sales are final!

After payment is confirmed:
Watch your email! You will be receiving an E-Ticket by email.

Don't Lose This Ticket!

Print this ticket out and bring it to the sign in desk at the party. Give it to the person working the sign in table. They will confirm you are on the list and you will receive your name tag, any other goodies we happen to have, and will gain entrance to the party.

Each person attending must have a ticket! If you should lose your e-ticket please be sure to Contact Us before the party so we can resend your ticket. The Cause

Thanks Cindy for writing this up :-)

In an effort to further the reasearch for Children stricken with cancer the April Roswell gathering will be donating proceeds from ticket sales, raffles and auctions to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

::The Pediatric Cancer Foundation ::

Pediatric Cancer Foundation, formerly known as the Maxwell-Leeds Pediatric Tumor Foundation until 1979, was founded in 1970 by grateful parents whose son underwent surgery and treatment at Babies Hospital, New York Presbyterian Medical Center. With the help of neighbors and family members, $5,000 was raised for the hospital's surgical and oncology departments.

Today PCF has grown to include support for children and their families afflicted with all types of cancer. Three decades of support has enabled the foundation to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, support research projects and bring exceptional fellows to both the surgical and oncology departments.

The many hours spent by their caring membership (which consists of over 200 volunteers) enables them to raise significant funds when hospital financial problems threaten to impede further progress.

As a Roswell fan I have seen what we can do. I have seen us save a show that was going to be cancelled. I have seen us rally for higher ratings for this season. Now we must rally to help fight against childhood cancer!

Philadelphia Party - March 17 & 18, 2001

Time: 2:00-10:00pm/12:00-5:00pm
Place: Adam's Mark Hotel, Philadelphia
SATURDAY EVENTS (Subject to Change and/or Addition as Planning Progresses)
- Sign in (pick up your bag with a nametag, notices, a free raffle ticket, and other items to start off the event!) Bring old books to donate to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation! Also, bring used books to donated for the NYC book sale as well as bakesale goods for Sunday! (Make sure the baked goods don't need to be refridgerated!)
- Mingling!
- Auction
- Dinner
- Episode screenings
- Raffles winners announced

SUNDAY EVENTS (Subject to Change and/or Addition as Planning Progresses)
- Bakesale/mingling!
- Continuous Screenings of episodes all day

The following isn't *officially* part of the Sunday venue (you're payment didn't include this) but it's recommended that you show up - it'll be a blast! :-)

Brunch at Appleby's!

No, not SHIRI Appleby, but the next best thing - No kidding, the Adam's Mark restaurant is named "Appleby's"! Join us at a pay-your-own-way Sunday brunch at 10:30AM in Appleby's in the Adam's Mark.
And to sweeten your Sunday morning, brunch will be attended by our Roswell VIP guest! Will YOU be that SINGLE attendee who takes the *exclusive* seat at Our Roswell VIP's breakfast table, along with the party planners? Check out the silent auction on Saturday for this coveted prize! Finally, we'll have a few brunch-guest-only prizes/souvenirs. Your pancakes with whipped-cream and tabasco will never taste the same again! The hotel has requested in light of our attendee numbers that we provide them with the number of Sunday brunch attendees in advance. Therefore, we will be taking sign-up and payment for Sunday brunch on Saturday. Cost per person including tax and gratuity is $16. All payments at this event must be in CASH!

If you will be attending Sunday-only and wish to attend Brunch, please contact Erin to make sign-up and payment arrangements.

If you have not signed-up and paid-for brunch by close of sign-up at dinnertime Saturday, you may still eat brunch at Appleby's, but your seating will be on an as-available basis and not with the party group.

Special thanks to Squirrel Master!

Our goal: The purpose of this party is not only to share memories, play cool games, win great prizes, pig out and have a Roswell marathon... but to help raise money to benefit children with cancer. "The Miracle" (a.k.a. "A Roswell Christmas Carol") inspired many fans to take action and benefit a worthy cause to help others. All profits will benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Profits benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Cash and checks are accepted. If you plan on paying by check, an extra \$10.00 is required to cover shipping & handling costs. The item will be shipped to you after the check is cleared.

If a check bounces, the item goes to the next highest bidder.

*Raffle items:
-Dreamer (Max/Liz) Basket
-Candy (Michael/Maria) Basket
-Stargazer (Alex/Isabel) Basket
-Scripts (titles TBA)
-Destiny Awaits posters (quantity TBA)
-8x10 photos
-General merchandise (keychains, mugs, hats, magnets, pins, calendar)
-Uncut/rough cut episodes
-Chance to have your question asked to William Sadler on the phone

*Auction items:
-Season 2 poster signed by the entire cast
-"There's truth to every rumor" placard signed by entire cast
-Cast photo signed by the entire cast
-Donated items from Miko Hughes (Nicholas/Kivar)
-Donated items from Katherine Heigl
-Signed scripts
-Signed posters

The following items are props/wardrobe items from the set!
-The Roswell Tribune newspaper w/headline "Father of Two Dies Heroically in Tragic Accident" ("A Roswell Christmas Carol")
-Picture of Sheila Hubble ("The Convention.")
-Original "Property of W. Roswell High" t-shirt signed by entire cast and Jason Katims
-A "George W. Is An Alien" t-shirt (upcoming "Off the Menu," airing April 16th)

*Silent auction items:

Dinner with our Roswell VIP!
We will be Silent Auctioning on Saturday, a *very* *limited* seating of (6) attendees only, to share dinner with Our Roswell VIP! You'll sit right at this VIP's table for our catered dinner - just imagine the conversation!

Exclusive Breakfast with Our Roswell VIP!
Wake up to the realization that you *alone*, of all our attendees, will be taking the *single* coveted seat with Our Roswell VIP (and the Party's senior planners) for brunch at Appleby's! Pancakes with whipped cream and Tabasco will never taste the same again! We will be Silent Auctioning this exclusive, (1) attendee prize on Saturday.

Take a call from Sheriff Valenti!
William Sadler, Roswell's "Sherrif Valenti" couldn't be any cooler. Who wouldn't love a chance to talk to him on the phone? This is your chance! Your contact information will be passed along so you and the Sheriff can chat at a later date!

Take a call from Courtney!
Sara Downing, Roswell's own "Courtney," is currently on-site filming her lead role in a new feature film and so is unable to attend the Roswell Philly Party. However, "Courtney" will call YOU, the silent auction winner of this exclusive prize, upon her return in early April! For about 15 minutes, you can chat about what it's like to be a renegade Skin, that tasty Tabasco cake batter, or compare skin-care secrets...

Well, the first Roswell Philly Party is over! It was an absolute blast! Roswell executive producer, Kevin Kelly Brown, was in New York visiting family and was able to attend the party. The guests absolutely loved him - he was really, really fascinating and we were lucky to have him in attendance.

Nick Wechsler and Bill Sadler were wonderful, as well! Everyone loved hearing their responses in the q&a session that was held over a speaker phone. Both of them have such a great sense of humor!

Thank you to everyone who bought a video! The video sale was a huge success. In total, we raised $3,100 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation!

Some auction items

Special guest - Kevin Kelly Brown

Cincinnati Party - April 28, 2001

Time: 4:00 - 10:00pm
Place: Raddison Hotel, Cincinnati Airport
Events: Auction, raffle, dinner, drinks, favors, autographed items

LA Season Finale Gathering - May 21, 2001

The LA Season Finale Gathering will be held at Sportsmen's Lodge

12833 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, 91604
Monday, May 21
7 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Cost: $25, by May 11
$30 after May 11

*Cost had to be increased from $20 to $25 to cover the buffet menu and for the big screen TV we're bringing in. But we extended the time to make up for the extra cost of the party*

We have room for 100 Roswell fans and guests. There is no limit on the number of guests you may bring; it will be first come, first served in regards to registering. If you haven't already, please e-mail me at with the following information:

Fan Forum Name:
Your Real Name (first and last):
E-Mail Address:
Are you Under 18?

If you are bringing a guest:
Guest's Name:
Guest's Age:

Once you have registered, I will send you a confirmation e-mail, along with payment instructions. We are requesting that you send a money order as soon as you receive confirmation of registration. I will start sending out the information this afternoon as soon as I get the address to send the payments to.

If more than 100 people sign up, you will be placed on a waiting list.

The Lodge is located off the 101 Freeway at Coldwater Canyon and Ventura Blvd. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THEM.

This will be an alcohol free gathering, as we want our younger fans to be able to party with us.

The evening will include a deli buffet (sandwiches, salads, desserts and drinks), a goodie bag (with lots of goodies inside), the season finale of ROSWELL on a big screen TV, the opportunity to participate in our charity auction and the chance to meet new Roswell friends plus other surprises.

If anyone is interested in helping out in any aspect, please let me know. We're especially looking for assistance in rounding up donations for the charity portion of the party.

AZ "Alien Blast" Phoenix Finale Party - May 21, 2001

City: Phoenix, AZ
Location: Ltl Ditty's in Phoenix Live(2nd Level) at the Arizona Center 455 N. Third St. Arizona Center Phoenix, AZ 85004
Cost: Please See website for the different pricing.
Charity: Valley of the Sun United Way
Date: May 21, 2001
Time: 6 PM TO 10 PM
Contact: lacy or Alien Blast @

Description: We will be watching the season 2 finale on a big screen TV. There will be tons of door prizes, a huge raffle, a silent auction to benefit the Valley of the Sun United Way, and lots of trivia for prizes. Plus the shipper baskets. At Ltl Ditty's there will be a no host bar, plus we will be serving our own Crashdown menu. This is an all ages party so ALL Roswell Fans are welcome!

Before the party everyone is welcome to come see a late matinee of "The Forsaken" starring Brendan Fehr, and Kerr Smith. We will be going next door to the AMC 24, to see it.


FLORIDA Roswell Party
City: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Location: TBA
Date: June 23, 2001
Time: TBA


Chicago Summer Bash - SATURDAY, JUNE 23RD, 2001


Thanks for visiting the Roswell Chicago Summer Bash website! Here you will find all information relating to this exciting event! Please explore the different sections about for more information about the party, tickets, and the charity we are supporting.

If you are planning on coming to the party, please join the Roswell Chicago Party Mailing List! You will recieve up-to-date information about the party!

Looking for a creative way to spend some of your hard earned cash?? Want to have a really fun evening?? Then consider attending the Roswell Chicago Summer Bash! Just recently we had a few cancellations, and we are trying hard to fill these vacancies!

For a cost of $35/ticket you can attend the Roswell Chicago Bash! You will get to watch Roswell episodes, discuss them with other Roswell fanatics, meet some fans, eat delicious food, take Roswell quizzes, and play Roswell games, get a goodie bag with some neat things, get a ticket for a free raffle, and participate in a paid raffle to support a wonderful charity! What a fun and exciting way to spend a boring

Saturday afternoon! And $35 what a great price! That is less than a ticket to most concerts, and is cheaper than admission to many amusements parks. Plus you will get food, and some fun favors!

The party is FAST apporoaching, so if you want to come, you will have to decided VERY VERY SOON! (Because you will need to send your $$ right away!)

Here is some basic information:
DATE: SATURDAY, JUNE 23RD (Yes, this is just 1 WEEK AWAY, so ACT FAST!)
TIME: 3PM - 12AM (But of course you can arrive and leave whenever you please)

Now that you have that info, would you like to attend?? I can assure that many hours of hard work have been put into this event and you wont be disappointed!

If you would like more info, visit the party website:
And if you still have more questions, just email

If you are interested in attending, and are able to go, AND you are able to send your money RIGHT AWAY, then email - we have limited tickets remaining and it is first come first serve!

I can assure you that will have a blast - an alien blast of course!
We really hope you will be able to attend!! Thanks so much!!
PS. Visit the official party thread on Fan Forum.

Texas Bash

It is unclear if this party ever happened.

Hey guys! There isn't much news on the Texas Bash yet. As soon as I know something I will let ya'll know. None of this is confirmed yet but it could possibly be in the summer of 2001 and might be held in Houston. I'm sorry for the lack of information. I will definently let you know when I know something more.

L.A. True Roswell Fan Gathering
(this is from the now closed Jason Behr Birthday Project site.)

August 17, 2001

Fifty Roswell fans from around the world gathered to celebrate Roswell's renewal for a third season on the UPN network. The majority of fans were in attendance to support the Jason Behr and the Jason Behr Birthday Project, the proceeds of which are benefitting The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Good Bears of the World.

The day started out with the Daily Variety Ad for Jason from his fans, organized and designed by MrynaLynne, Sarah, Janet and SilverRain (Great job guys! It looked wonderful, and we all know Jason appreciated it!). Leftover donations for the ad are to be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Jason sent a letter to the gathering to be read to fans in attendance. There was dancing and lots of good company, and a raffle and auction. Melinda Metz was presented with a quilt with squares from her Roswell High book by the Rosquilters.

Fanforum Crashdown Party #2

2nd Annual Party
Aug, 18th 2001
Sorry, I don't have any other details other than the date.

AZ Halloween Harvest 2001

The Arizona Roswell site hosted this party

When: Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Roswell UPN VIP Party

November 17, 2001
Paramount Studios, Hollywood
5555 Melrose Ave, Stage 30

Parties in 2002

Remembering Roswell Gathering

Remembering Roswell Gathering
Proceeds to Benefit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA)

Event: "Remembering Roswell" Gathering
Venue: Raleigh Studios Cafe, Hollywood
Time/Date: Saturday August 3rd 7:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Cost: $55.00 per person
Proceeds to benefit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA)

Roswell fans have banded together many times to bring attention to raise awareness and raise money for so many good causes. Countless charities have benfitted from their generosity through fund-raising efforts, gatherings and auctions.

This is an invitation for fans to get together one more time to mingle, have some fun and raise money for a worthy charity. The cost of admission includes giveaways, finger foods, beer, wine or soft drinks, dessert and dancing. Also with your admission, a donation will be made to FSMA.

We plan on having a raffle and possibly a small auction if things work out. Garrett Lerner has brought this wonderful charity to the attention of Roswell fans through his son Zeke, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. We hope to add to the donations already generously made by caring fans across the globe.

If you're interested in attending the gathering, please email. We will be accepting PayPal, personal checks and money orders.

Payment deadline is July 10th, 2002

Parties in 2003

Dreamer Party

The (Definitive Dreamers' Dictionary) hosted a party for dreamers on February 14 and 15, 2003, in Aneheim, CA.

Fehrians Gathering

June 28, 2003
Days Inn
Winnipeg, Canada

When: Saturday, June 28, 2003
Time: 4:00pm till 1:00am
Place: Day's Inn Hotel
Price: $60 US Dollars

The evening will include:
A Delicious sit down dinner (cash bar)
~ When we send you information on how to make your payment, you will be given a menu for you to pick your main entrée. This has to be made before June 1st. Afterwards, we will pick something for you.

A night of Music & Karaoke

A Fehrian Goodie Bag

A Donation to the The Canadian Cancer Society

A Door Prize
~ A 24" Lounging Winnie The Pooh will be given to one lucky person.

A Viewing of Two Special Video Tape
~ One is The Roswell Season III Bloopers Tape and the other is just a surprise.

~ We will be holding a LIVE Auction so keep an eye out for some of the things we'll be auctioning off.and more...
Thanks to Brendan Fehr's suggestion The Fehrians have chosen to support The Canadian Cancer Society with funds raised at our 2003 Fehrian Gathering.

We would like to make this an entire weekend of fun with some added suggested events.
Sunday Brunch Buffet - (Sunday June 29)
Mennonite Heritage Village Tour - (Monday June 30)
Evening at The Forks to watch the fireworks for Canada Day - (Tuesday July 1)
For these addition there may be an additional charge.

Parties with Unknown Dates

Roswell Vancouver Party

Sorry, I don't have a date, just the logo

Parties in 2012

Roswell Fan Convention 2012

Unfortunately this convention never happened. The organizer pretty much disappeared a few months before the convention was supposed to take place, but you can read the press release below for what was planned.

A Roswell fan named Marie is hosting a Roswell Fan Convention in July 2012 in Reno Nevada. Here is her press release.

This Convention will be in Reno, Nevada at the Circus, Circus in July. All those interested in attending can contact me at This convention will be FREE, donations for the convention room will be appreciated but not necessary. All you need do is plan your trip ahead a time, book your flight, bus, train ticket & room.

I will have two rooms available at my home free of charge but it will be a first come (ask me) first taken situation. I am working on trying to get some of the stars to it. Contacting; Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, Majandra Delfino, Brendan Fehr, Nick Wechsler, William Sadler, Colin Hanks, Emilie de Ravin, John Doe, Mary Ellen Trainor, Garrett M. Brown, Adam Rodriguez, Diane Farr, Devon Gummersall, Julie Benz and Desmond Askew.

This will be updated as year goes. The pricing for photo ops and autographs will be posted as we get confirmation with each star. The convention is free but those items are not. These prices are the individual actors fees.

The convention will be held July 21st through July 29th 2012. If interested in helping you can text me at 775-230-2826 be sure to tell me in text that it is about Roswell Convention 2012, or it may get deleted because you are not on my cell list.

There will be food, hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas, chips, condiments and as well Tabasco sauce. Convention will start at 8 am, it will have Roswell costume contests, Karaoke, Roswell panel discussion, fan decoration artwork contest, short story fan fic readings, a look at Roswell, photo ops (only if we can get the stars and at their pricing) as well as much more. If you live in the Reno, Nevada area and wish to help please feel free to call me. Of course any one interested in helping is welcome. Donations for prizes are welcome too. Hope to see you all there!


Parties in 2014

Roswell Cast Reunion at the Austin Television Festival 2014

Roswell Reunion
There will be a Roswell Cast Reunion at this year's Austin Television Festival, June 8th.

Antenna TV has announced that there will be a Roswell reunion of sorts at this year's Austin TV festival, on June 8th, 2014.

Here is a portion of the article -

Continuing its tradition of celebrating the works of writer-producer Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), the ATX Television Festival will host a Roswell cast reunion this June. Katims will join the stars of his short-lived WB sci-fi romance series including Shiri Appleby, Nick Wechsler, and Brendan Fehr for the event, billed as a 15th anniversary reunion (the show premiered in 1999).

The Roswell reunion which sadly will not include gruff ol Sheriff Jim Valenti, William Sadler, as far as we can tell.

And here is the link to the official website for the
Austin Television Festival.

Fan Meetup

A Roswell fan, bobthejeep, set up a fan meetup for all the Roswell fans headed to the Austin TV Festival.

There is a short write-up and a few pics - here.

Fan Thank You to the Cast
bobthejeep, also put together fan messages and pictures to give to the cast as a thank you. You can see the finished product here - Thank You Book.

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