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We first see the ganderium in the episode 'To Serve and Protect.' After Max, Isabel and Valenti rescue Laurie Dupree, Isabel touches her hand, and gets a flash of blue cells.

In 'We Are Family' Michael discovers them in crystal form in the grave where Laurie Dupree was buried.

Max tried to figure out what they are, by examining them under a microscope. The crystals turn to a gel substance and cover his hand, but they don't seem interested in him.

Max then gets Liz to take a look at the crystals under the microscope. This is what she says. "It looks like they're... alien versions of negleria filarae. Waterborne parasites found in the blood cells of certain species of fish. "

Max, Liz and Isabel go to Brody, to try and ask Larek what they are. This is what Larek tells them.

"The Gandarium are a genetically engineered life form, designed to bridge the DNA and RNA sequencing during third-stage amino synthesis. "

"Uh, let�s say you want to create an alien-human hybrid. First, you get some alien cells, then you get some human cells. Normally they don�t mix very well. You need something to help bridge the differences. That�s where the Gandarium come in. In a controlled environment like on your ship, they�re harmless, but released into an eco-system, the Gandarium will perform the only role they know: infect human cells. "

"Not every human is a candidate for hybridization. The genetic structure has to have...well, you would call it a flaw. It�s very rare on Earth, fewer than one in 50 million people have it."

"Once they�ve infected her, the Gandarium will mutate into a universal virus. She�ll infect anyone she comes into contact with, human or otherwise. They in turn, will infect everyone they come into contact with. Eventually, she and every infected person on the planet will die."

"If that�s true, then you may still have a chance. The Gandarium are hive-like, with workers, drones...even a Queen. The Queen is the only one that can infect the host. Find her, kill her, and the rest of the hive will die."

Max, Liz, Isabel, Alex, Kyle & Tess start searching Frazier Woods for the nest, and Kyle and Alex discover it. They go inside, and are sealed inside.

While they are waiting to be rescued, they discover that the ganderium can be killed by denying them oxygen.

The ganderium queen has taken over Grant Sorensen's body, and takes him to Arizona to track down Laurie Dupree, so she can finish infecting Laurie.

Grant tries to stop the ganderium queen from hurting anyone, but he knows he can't control himself much longer and raises a gun, forcing Agent Duff to shoot and kill him.

The ganderium queen emerges from Grant's chest, and attacks the group. Michael shuts the queen in a room, and kills it by removing all the air from the room.

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