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Roswell - Roswell takes top spot!
Posted by Gord Lacey

That's right boys and girls, Roswell has claimed top spot as the most requested series. It seems like just two weeks ago Roswell wasn't on the top 10, and now it's number 1. Wait a WAS two weeks ago! Obviously there are tons of loyal Roswell fans that would be eager to buy DVDs if they were released. Hint to 20th Century Fox, these fans mean business!

Roswell - Release scheduled for 2004
Posted by Gord Lacey

After a couple of people emailed us about an interview with William Sadler where a Roswell DVD release was mentioned, we made a few calls. Well, we found out that the information is correct, and the first season should be released in early 2004. Please keep in mind this is a tentative time period and may change, but it looks like Fox has worked out the music licensing issues with the show. It looks like the number one show on the site will finally have a DVD release.

If we find out any more information we'll post it, but for now this is all the information we have on the set.

Roswell - Release timeframe and music...
Posted by Gord Lacey

Fox has scheduled the season one to be released sometime in Feb, 2004. The date will be confirmed when the set is officially announced, hopefully by the end of October.

We also learned that music in the show has been replaced for the DVDs, which isn't much of a surprise. We have no idea which songs were replaced, or how many, but we know of at least one new song added to the set. While fans may be upset by this, it had to be done. With the music companies blaming lower profits on file trading they have started viewing music licensing for DVDs as another source of income. Since there's no set price for music used on DVDs, this often results in the music companies asking astronomical prices. Studios are faced with the bottom line; can we afford to license all the music used in the show and keep the price of the set reasonable? Unfortunately the amount of music used in Roswell would force Fox to charge hundreds of dollars per set, pricing it out of the range of most fans.

So Fox was faced with replacing the music or not releasing the show at all. I think we can all agree that they're making the right choice by going ahead with the release. At least consumers will be buying the set knowing the music has been changed, which hasn't been the case with some sets from other companies.

Even with the music changes, I'm still looking forward to the set being released.

Thanks to Frank Forrester who wrote in to tell us that the music was being changed on the set. Frank let us know that "The Waking Hours" had licensed a song for the first season release which hadn't appeared in the broadcast airing.

Roswell - Our Top Show Gets A Top-Notch Release!
Posted by David Lambert

With the anniversary of just a couple of weeks away, what better gift can we give all of you besides this one? Yes, we now have an official announcement from the studio of the #1 most-requested, most-voted-for T.V. Series that all of YOU have asked for: ROSWELL!!

Fox Home Video has announced today their list of specs for the Roswell - Season 1 DVD giftset. No cover art was provided yet, so stay tuned and we'll bring it to you just as soon as we get it.

The street date is February 17, 2004. According to the early info, all 6 DVDs in this set will be presented in 1.33:1, as seen in the U.S. on standard broadcast. Soundtrack is English 2.0 Dolby Surround, and subtitles are provided. The running time is 968 minutes, and this bad boy will go for a list price of $59.98 in the U.S., and CA$89.98 in Canada.

There has been no more mention about the music use on this set, but you can read our story from last week which describes how the music rights issues have affected this release.

Here is the complete content of each disc in the set, both episodes and extras:

Disc 1
  • Episodes: "Pilot", "The Morning After", "Monsters", "Leaving Normal"
  • Commentary on "Pilot" by David Nutter and Jason Katims
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary

Disc 2
  • Episodes: "Missing", "285 South" (Part 1), "River Dog" (Part 2), "Blood Brother"
  • Commentary on "285 South"
  • Commentary on "Blood Brother" with David Nutter and Colin Hanks
  • Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 3
  • Episodes: "Heat Wave", "The Balance", "The Toy House", "Into the Woods"
  • Commentary on "Heat Wave"
  • Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 4
  • Episodes: "The Convention", "Blind Date", "Independence Day", "Sexual Healing"
  • Commentary on "Independence Day"
  • Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 5
  • Episodes: "Crazy", "Tess, Lies and Videotape", "Four-Square", "Max to the Max"
  • Commentary on "Max to the Max"
  • Deleted scenes w/optional commentary

Disc 6
  • Episodes: "The White Room" (Part 1), "Destiny" (Part 2)
  • Commentary on "Destiny"
  • Deleted scenes w/optional commentary
  • 3 Featurettes
  • Gag Reel
  • Actor Audition "Tess, Lies and Videotape"
  • Sensefield's "Save Yourself" music video

And if all of this isn't exciting enough, you can reserve your very own copy RIGHT NOW! Roswell - Season 1 is already up for preorder at, who is one of the e-tail partners that help support this site. If you would like to help support TVShowsOnDVD, then please click this link to place your order at DVDEmpire. For those of you who prefer to use one of our other e-tail partners, we'll have links for you just as soon as they have them up for sale. And we thank you for your support; it's been a very exciting and fun two years, and we look forward to bringing you more great TV-on-DVD news for a long time to come!

Roswell - Roswell cover art unveiled
Posted by David Lambert

It's hard to believe this is finally on-the-way. Will a picture make you believe in THIS alien? We wanted to bring you this cover art in our earlier Roswell news story, but it wasn't available yet. Now Fox has put the finishing touches on this image:

We mentioned before that has this up for pre-order, so it's fair to point out that now has this up for pre-order as well.

Roswell Season 1 crashes onto DVD! - 2004

For most teenagers, high school is difficult enough � puberty, pimples, parents� but for the students in the sleepy south-western town of Roswell, New Mexico, life just got a whole lot more complicated! ROSWELL lands on DVD on 26th April from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (RRP: �39.99)

In 1947 something extra-terrestrial crashed into Roswell and 42 years later, hybrid descendants Max Evans (Jason Behr, The Shipping News), Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl, Bride of Chucky) and Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr, Biker Boyz) emerged from their incubation pods looking like six year old human children. They were eventually found roaming the desert and adopted by parents who knew nothing of their inner conflicts or supernatural gifts.

One day when classmate Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby, Swimfan) gets caught in crossfire at the town�s Crashdown Caf�, Max rushes to her side and overcome by his lifelong crush on her, heals her with his hands risking exposing the group�s alien identities.

The connection that took place in the caf� is strong and the two teenagers see into each other�s souls. Liz and Max are a modern day Romeo and Juliet � drawn to each other but unable to be together � they really are world�s apart!

Liz can�t help but tell her best friend Maria (Majandra Delfino, Traffic) and their childhood buddy - the geeky Alex Whitman (Colin Hanks, Orange County). Thrust into protecting their new friends and questioning everyone�s intentions, they must all survive in a town obsessed with finding and experimenting on alien lifeform.

Can they trust the town�s Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler, Die Hard 2) or his son, Liz�s ex-boyfriend Kyle (Nick Wechsler, Chicks, Man)? Who can lead them closer to finding out who they are and where they have come from? The arrival of a fourth alien, Tess (Emilie de Ravin, Carrie) brings the hope of more answers, but also threatens the foundations of Liz and Max�s happiness.

Written and produced by Jason Katims (My So Called Life) and David Butter (Smallville, The X-Files), ROSWELL Season One on DVD is packed with cosmic special features including audio commentary, a making-of and behind the scenes documentaries, actors auditions and a music video.

Abduct the remote control and have an out of this world experience with the alienated teens of Roswell High on DVD.

Visit: and
Packshots and images are available at:

EPISODE DETAILS: Set of 6 discs
� Roswell (Pilot)
� The Morning After
� Monsters
� Leaving Normal

� Missing
� 285 South
� River Dog
� Blood Brother

� Heat Wave
� The Balance
� The Toy House
� Into the Woods

� The Convention
� Blind Date
� Independence Day
� Sexual Healing

� Crazy
� Tess, Lies and Videotape
� Four-Square
� Max to the Max

� The White Room
� Destiny (with Commentary)
� Special Features:
� Area 51: Behind the Scenes
� The Making of Roswell
� Actor Auditions: Emilie de Raven
� Save Yourself: Music Video

Title: Roswell Season 1 DVD Boxset
Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Price (RRP): �39.99
Price (DLP): �27.23
Catalogue number: DVD
Language: English
Subtitles: English Hard Of Hearing, Dutch, French, French Text, Greek, Italian, Italian Text
Running Time: Approx. 45 mins per episode
Original Aspect Ratio: 16X9FF 1.78
Sound Quality: 5.1

"I'm Liz Parker, and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird." - Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker

Roswell: The Complete First Season DVD Review
By Jonathan Boudreaux

No on ever said that being a teenager is easy. For high school student Liz Parker (Shiri Appleyby), it's downright weird. Liz works in her father's restaurant, the Crash Down Caf�, in her hometown of Roswell, NM. While taking an order one afternoon, an argument between two patrons results in gunfire, and Parker is fatally shot in the chest. During the ensuing chaos, Max Evans (Jason Behr), a shy fellow student, surreptitiously heals the wound, bringing his classmate back to life before scurrying off with his surly friend Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr).

As any self-respecting conspiracy theorist knows, Roswell is home to the mother of all supposed government cover-ups. In 1947, hundreds of residents of the southwest reported seeing a strange flying craft in the skies over the town. Some even claimed to have seen a downed spaceship, complete with several alien pilots. The government alternately blamed weather balloons and mass hysteria, but skeptics soon argued that not only had the aliens landed, but that the aircraft and its inhabitants had been spirited away by a secret government cabal that planned to study the creatures and steal their flight technology.

The residents of the fictional version of the town might not take stock in the conspiracy, but they are more than willing to exploit the curiosity of outsiders (as in the Crash Down's kitschy alien d�cor, complete with waitresses in deelyboppers). A teen who miraculously heals a shooting victim is bound to turn a few heads, though, the most prominent being that of Sheriff Jim Valenti (William Sadler), a hard-nosed cop whose father is institutionalized for his involvement in "alien hunting." Liz's best friend, Maria (Majandra Delfino), witnesses the shooting and also becomes suspicious about Liz's quick recovery.

Liz and Maria soon find answers to their questions when they discover that Michael, Max, and Max's imperious sister, Isabel (Katherine Heigl) are actually aliens. They are not sure how or when they arrived on Earth, they simply know that they were gestated in pods in the desert before "hatching" when they were five. Appearing totally humanoid, they were discovered by Isabel and Max's loving adoptive parents. Michael, on the other hand, was taken in by an abusive drunk.

The first episodes of the series suggest My So-Called Life with aliens. This is no coincidence - Jason Katims, who developed the show based on the Roswell High series of books for teens, was also Executive Story Editor on My So-Called Life, and he builds on his fine gift for creating startlingly accurate depictions of teen life by now adding a sci-fi element. Those same sci-fi gimmicks - the friends can listen to CDs without a player, can repair torn canvas or repel clothing stains by manipulating molecular structure, and have an odd taste for Tabasco Sauce poured on top of desserts - prevent the show from reaching the dramatic heights of Life, but it is to his credit that there are so many effective moments. Liz's narrative journal entries in the early episodes are almost lyrical, and Katim and his writing staff's depiction of teen love as Liz and Max's attraction grows is simultaneously grand and funny. The characters he creates are smart, snappy, and a pleasure to spend time with. The one misstep is Alex (Colin Hanks-Tom's boy) as the group's requisite "likeable nerd," a woefully underwritten role.

In the middle episodes, the balance between Life-style teen oriented drama and science fiction begins to shift. The alien teens begin to search for clues to their origins while simultaneously trying to maintain their cover by staying one step ahead of Valenti and their mysterious new guidance counselor, Kathleen Topolski (a coolly menacing Julie Benz). Almost every episode provides them with a new tidbit of information about who they are. Not all of these elements work - sometimes series seems like a particularly glossy riff on the Brit/Nickelodeon series The Tomorrow People - but at least most of the developments in the show's mythology seem well thought out and purposeful (unlike, say, The X-Files, which too often felt as if it was being made up as the creators went along).

Starting in episode seventeen, the series becomes even more action oriented. Several new characters are introduced, including the suspicious transfer student Tess Harding (Emilie de Ravin), malevolent shape-shifting alien Nasedo (Jim Ortlieb), and rogue F.B.I. agent Pierce (David Conrad who, along with several of Roswell's other cast members, starred in Katims' short-lived but fondly remember series Relativity). As these plot advancements send the show into overdrive, the season moves at breakneck speed to its exciting concluding episodes. There are some clunky sequences even in these standout installments - when the gang all too easily infiltrates a government facility in the season finale, the show takes on the far fetched tone of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - but Roswell still manages to maintain viewer interest.

The twenty-two episodes that make up Roswell: The Complete First Season are divided onto six discs. The discs are housed in slim, clear keepcases. The front of each individual keepcase features a large photo of one actor from the series. Because the cases are clear, the double-sided coversheets show through to the inside of the case and are printed with stills from the series. The backs of the cases feature the episode titles, the writer, director and original airdate of the episode, and brief episode summaries, all on a neat mockup of a Crash Down Caf� menu. The six keepcases slide into a cardboard sleeve.

The DVD menus are extremely simple, low budget affairs. There is no "play all" feature, but the episodes are divided into chapters.

Hardcore fans should note that, as stated on the back of the box, this release "includes new cutting-edge songs selected by the original Roswell music team." Because the practice of releasing entire seasons of TV shows on DVD is a relatively new one, until recently producers of TV shows did not secure the rights in advance to include songs by outside artists featured in broadcasts on subsequent DVD releases. With CD sales figures falling lower and lower, record companies are now asking for exorbitant DVD licensing fees when approached by DVD producers. Producers are left with few options. They can pay the high fees and pass the costs along to consumers through much higher DVD prices, replace the music with either less costly songs or generic scoring, or simply not release the show on DVD at all. Twentieth Century Fox decided to replace the offending music with other wallet-friendly songs. While obsessive fans may notice a difference, newcomers to the show will not. Grumpy fans can at least take comfort in the fact that Fox went through the effort to release the series. Other classics like WKRP in Cincinnati and Miami Vice may never make it to DVD because of these same music clearance issues.

Video and Audio

Except for the occasional white speck, Roswell: The Complete First Season looks great. The series is presented in its original widescreen format.

The audio, in 5.1 Dolby Surround, sounds fine.

English, Spanish, and French subtitles are also included.


This set contains six commentaries, one on each disc. On disc one, executive producer/writer Jason Katims and executive producer/director David Nutter take on the pilot episode. Nutter goes it alone on disc two's "Blood Brother." Co-executive producer/writer Thania St. John provides the commentary track for "The Balance" on disc three. Actors Shiri Appleby (Liz) and Majandra Delfino (Maria) take the reins for disc four's "Sexual Healing" and disc five's "Crazy." Katims and episode director Patrick Norris are featured on "Destiny," the season's final episode.

Disc one contains a "Deleted Scene for Pilot: Liz and Maria talk after shooting." This deleted scene is only twenty seconds in length and does not add anything to the episode. It is sure to be a disappointment to fans that this is the only deleted scene included in the set.

The remaining extras are found on disc six. First up is "Area 51: Behind the Scenes of Roswell." This thirty minute featurette includes interviews with the show's creators and cast as well as behind-the-scenes footage. This is standard promotional stuff, but will please fans.

"Roswell High: The Making of Roswell" is a ten minute interview with Laura Burns and Melinda Metz, the editor and writer of the Roswell High series of books on which the TV show is based. The two are self-deprecating and fun, and it is a nice touch to include them here.

"Actor Audition: Emilie de Ravin as 'Tess'" collects two audition scenes featuring the actress and Roswell cast members Jason Behr and Katherin Heigl. The scenes run four minutes.

Rounding out the extras, Sense Field's music video for "Save Yourself," a song featured on the show's soundtrack.


Despite a few flaws, Roswell: The Complete First Season manages to be compulsively watchable. Its odd yet fun mix of My So-Called Life and The X-Files is compelling enough that even casual viewers will look forward to season two.

Roswell - A quick release for Season 2? *Update*
Posted by David Lambert

In the spirit of the Angel news we just posted, you guys will be wanting to know what the announcement insert card in next Tuesday's Roswell set says about the second season. Right?

"Right!," you all shout back at me. Okay, well here's what I know: A fellow in Europe who goes by the name of "Benno" prefers to import the Region 1 releases of DVDs, and he ordered Roswell - The Complete 1st Season from the USA. In order to get it to him by street date, his retailer apparently shipped it early, and it seems that the Customs Dept. didn't slow things down as long as they usually do. Lucky Benno already has his set!

Benno tells us that the insert says this about Roswell - Season 2:

Continue your collection....
Roswell Season Two.

Return to the town where the term 'Alien Encounter' takes on a whole new meaning.

Season Two available this Summer on DVD... And nowhere else!

Wow...if Benno's not playing some cruel joke on us (and he's been reliable for us in the past), then that's awfully fast! On the other hand, Fox knows how hot this show is, and it wouldn't surprise us to hear that they've put it on the fast track. Since the first release is happening now, in Februrary, then a six-month release pattern like other Fox shows on DVD means August would work out. Nice, after waiting so long to get the first season!

Benno got this news to us the other day, actually, and we held off passing it along because we wanted to try to get ahold of someone at Fox to give us a more specific release date, if possible. That didn't work out for us, but we'll keep trying. In the meantime, we thought we would pass along Benno's information to all you Roswell junkies, and give you something to look forward to in your release next Tuesday.

Don't forget, though, that Fox (like every other studio) sometimes moves their releases around, so fans should be aware that the timeframe may change. Stay tuned for more info, just as soon as it lands.

Update: A reader who only identified himself as "Robert" wrote in to point out that Fox's official Roswell DVD web page says that sets for seasons "Two & Three" are "Coming Soon". It's just a subtle sentence in a line near the top, with no further info than that, and easily overlooked. So thanks to Robert for the catch, and the tip!

Roswell - *Special Features Subject to Change
Posted by Gord Lacey

When we post information about upcoming DVDs we tend to post a disclaimer letting you know that the extras are subject to change. After going through the Roswell: Season 1 set (read the review) we can tell you that disclaimer is in full effect. Normally we might see one or two items added or removed, but the specs for Roswell: Season 1 are quite different from what we first received from Fox.

These were the initial specs:
  • Full Frame (1.33:1)
  • English Dolby Surround audio
  • Disc 1: Commentary on Pilot by David Nutter and Jason Katims; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Disc 2: Commentary on "285 South", "Blood Brother" with David Nutter and Colin Hanks; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Disc 3: Commentary on "Heat Wave"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Disc 4: Commentary on "Independence Day"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Disc 5: Commentary on "Max to the Max"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary
  • Disc 6: Commentary on "Destiny"; Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary; 3 Featurettes; Gag Reel; Actor Audition "Tess"; "Save Yourself" Music Video And these are the final specs:
  • Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Disc 1: Commentary on Pilot by David Nutter and Jason Katims; Deleted Scene
  • Disc 2: Commentary on "Blood Brother" by David Nutter
  • Disc 3: Commentary on "The Balance" by Thania St. John
  • Disc 4: Commentary on "Sexual Healing" by Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
  • Disc 5: Commentary on "Crazy"by Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino
  • Disc 6: Commentary on "Destiny" by Jason Katims and Patrick Norris; 2 Featurettes; Actor Audition "Tess"; "Save Yourself" Music Video

The audio and video specs were improved, 4 episode commentaries were changed, most of the deleted scenes were taken out, a featurette was ditched and the gag reel is gone. We wanted to let everyone know about these changes before they pickup the set tomorrow (or before a preorder arrives). Like they say..."Special Features are Subject to Change."

Roswell - Something OFFICIAL About North American release of Season 2
Posted by David Lambert

Roswell, Roswell, Roswell...that's what a major portion of our readers are asking about with all the e-mails we've been getting lately! And that's great, because it's a subject on our minds, too.

A great many of you have been writing in, telling us about the overseas release of the second season, and how the European release date should tie in very closely with the North American version, and how the disc contents are tied together as well.

Believe us when we say, we appreciate those e-mails, and we've gotten a LOT of them. More than on any other single subject, in fact. And we've tried to patiently explain to everyone individually that we know about the Region 2 release, but that we were not going to discuss it on our site, because we are strictly oriented to Region 1 releases (or Region 0 releases with NTSC video output).

So yesterday the site's owner, Gord Lacey, contacted the highest levels of Fox Home Entertainment, and got formal word from them about Roswell - The Complete 2nd Season. The North American release of that box set is going to happen in the 4th Quarter of this year, but has not even been narrowed down to a specific month. Moreover, there is not yet a guarantee that the contents, especially the supplements, of the overseas version will be duplicated domestically. Rights issues may differ from territory-to-territory, which is one of the reasons that the Region system was established in the first place.

TVShowsOnDVD and Fox both urge our readers to be patient while the set's worked on for USA and Canada, and be aware that noone is more impatient than I am (David). I discovered the show on DVD, and it blew me away as among the very best I've ever watched. I'm jonesing for the 2nd Season just like the rest of the fans...but I'd rather have it done "right" than have it "now". Hang tight and stay tuned, and we'll let you know something definite as soon as we can!

Roswell - Season 2 Officially Announced!
Posted by Gord Lacey

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we finally have an official announcement that Roswell: Season 2 is coming to DVD on October 5th.

Disc 1
  • Episodes: Skin and Bones, Ask Not, Surprise, Summer of '47.
  • Commentary on "Ask Not" by Ronald D. Moore, Exec. Producer/Writer

Disc 2
  • Episodes: The End of the World, Harvest, Wipeout!, Meet the Dupes (pt.1).

Disc 3
  • Episodes: Max in the City (pt.2), A Roswell Christmas Carol, To Serve and Protect, We are Family.
  • Commentary on "A Roswell Christmas Carol" by Jason Katims, Exec. Producer/Writer and Patrick Norris, Director

Disc 4
  • Episodes: Disturbing Behavior (pt.1) How the Other Half Lives (pt. 2), Viva Las Vegas, Heart of Mine.

Disc 5
  • Episodes: Cry Your Name, It's Too Late and It's Too Bad, Baby It's You, Off the Menu.
  • Commentary on "Cry Your Name" by Ronald D. Moore, Exec. Producer/Writer

Disc 6
  • Episode: The Departure.
  • A Little Something Extra for the Fans - Video Montage
  • Storyboard to Scene Featurette
  • Here with Me: Making of Roswell 2 Featurette
  • The Shiri and Majandra Show Featurette
  • Art of Composing Roswell Featurette

The set will include Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, Anamorphic Widescreen Video, and subtitles in English, Spanish and French. This set will sell for $59.98 and run 924 mins.

Roswell - Season 3 coming in...
Posted by David Lambert

Roswell is a fantastic series, that ended way too soon. Now the fans can't wait for it to end again, on DVD that is. And if you've already bought and invaded the second season release, then we're not telling you anything new here. But, in case you don't know, Fox has included a card (pictured below, front and back) that tells us to expect Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season in the Summer of '05. We can't wait!!

Roswell - The Final Season Lands in June...We've Got the Date!
Posted by David Lambert

We were told that this would land in the Summer of '05, and Fox has kept their word! According to the "Coming Soon" section of the consumer website, Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season - which concluded the kids' time in high school, as well as the show's run - will be released on June 7th. Our thanks to reader Dillon Gonzales for tipping us off to the update there. Stay tuned and we'll have more information once the official announcement is released to the press.

Update - Fox jumped the gun and posted incorrect information on their site regarding this release. It's not coming on the date posted above.

Roswell - The Final Chapter's Box Art Looks Great!
Posted by David Lambert

In last January we posted news that mentioned a June release date for Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season, but we quickly updated it to tell you that the source of the info - a Fox consumer TV-DVD website - had jumped the gun and that the date given wasn't accurate. Fox still hasn't told us the correct date for this release, but I personally guess (let's stress that word "guess") that it will come out in the July/August timeframe. We've got a look at the packaging for this release, though, the 3rd and final season of the show. It looks great, and we can't wait to enjoy what little is left of this excellent series.

Don't forget that this season of the show includes guest stars like Lost's Terry O'Quinn ("Locke"), Enterprise's John Billingsley ("Phlox"), Star Trek: The Next Generation's Jonathan Frakes ("Riker" and Roswell's Executive Producer), The Sopranos' Joe Pantoliano ("Ralph"), Flamingo Road's Morgan Fairchild ("Constance"), My So-Called Life's Winnie Holzman ("Cathy", Creator/Co-Executive Producer/Writer), and frequent TV show guest star Missi Pyle. Also look for brief returns of two former cast members (we'll refrain from passing on the spoilers). Stay tuned, and we'll bring you further details about this release once Fox issues their formal announcement.

Roswell - Press Release: Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season
Posted by David Lambert

The great folks at (who are working hard to convince the powers-that-be to make a feature film based on the series), have posted the offiical press release for Roswell - The Complete 3rd Season. It's chock-full of information about the set that reveals the show's last year on the air (when it was broadcast on UPN). Thanks to Cindy for bringing this to my attention first. Here's the cover art again, followed by the press release:



The Highly Praised Television Series Lands On DVD August 9, 2005 From Fox Home Entertainment Loaded With All 18 Episodes From The Final Season With Commentaries, Bonus Featurettes And More

CENTURY CITY, Calif. - The engaging drama of three teenage aliens struggling to find their purpose and identity on earth returns to DVD for the final time when "ROSWELL" SEASON THREE DVD COLLECTION debuts on August 9, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment. The collectible five-disc box set includes all 18 episodes from the third and final season of the cult television phenomenon, following the alien trio and their handful of loyal human friends as the Air Force and FBI close in. Bonus material includes select episode commentaries, "Class of 2002" featurette, "Shiri Appleby's DVD Tour to Japan" featurette and new cutting-edge songs selected by the original Roswell music team. The "ROSWELL" SEASON THREE DVD COLLECTION box set is priced at $59.98 US/$89.98 Canada. Prebook is July 13, 2005.

Marketing Support Fox Home Entertainment will support the home video DVD release of "ROSWELL" SEASON THREE DVD COLLECTION with an extensive advertising and marketing campaign aiming at the rabid "Roswell" fan base. The release of "Roswell" Season One and "Roswell" Season Two is Fox Home Entertainment's appreciation to the thousands of fans who signed a petition to bring the series to DVD.

"Roswell" Synopsis Living among the citizens of the infamous New Mexico city of Roswell are four who are not there by choice. They are there to follow a destiny given to them by the members of their dying race, a race that they are someday destined to save. Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding are teenage humans with extraordinary gifts - gifts that are "not-of-this-earth." They are human/alien hybrids, sent here as replacements for the royalty of an alien race. Their counterparts have already perished in a war of attrition, thus one day, the "royal four" will return to their home planet and save their race. Before a fateful day in 1999, the teens hid their gifts. The event that forever changed their lives was when Max healed Liz Parker (a classmate) after she was fatally shot in the stomach in a dispute between two customers at the restaurant where she was a waitress. A close relationship then developed between Max and Liz. "Roswell" is a distinctly science-fiction based show built on the relationships between humans and aliens.

"Roswell" Season Three Synopsis Having grown up in Roswell with only a few close friends aware of their alien origins, Max, Isabel and Michael have finally come of age. Uncertain about what lies ahead of them after graduation, they are suddenly forced into action when it becomes clear that the incidents in which they have used their alien powers to help others have finally caught up with them. As the Air Force and FBI close in, the trio realizes that Roswell is no longer the safe haven it once was. But as they prepare to leave their friends and families behind, Liz has a shocking vision which makes everyone realize that it is not only the aliens who are in danger but their human friends as well.

"ROSWELL" SEASON THREE DVD COLLECTION Special Features: All episodes are compiled on five discs presented in 1.78:1 widescreen with English Dolby 5.1. The following is the breakdown for each disc:

Disc 1:
  • Additional Bonus Feature:
  • Commentary on Secrets and Lies by Director/Executive Producer Jonathan Frakes

Disc 2:
  • Additional Bonus Feature:
  • Commentary on Behind the Music by Director/Executive Producer Jonathan Frakes

Disc 3:
  • Additional Bonus Feature:
  • Commentary on I Married an Alien by Writer/Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore

Disc 4:

Disc 5:
  • Additional Bonus Feature:
  • Commentary on Graduation by Writer/Executive Producer Jason Katims
  • Class of 2002 Featurette
  • Shiri Appleby's Roswell DVD Tour to Japan

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Roswell - Fox Re-Releasing Roswell Season Sets with New Packaging Stickers Emphasize Katherine Heigl's Earlier 'Izzie' Role In This Series
Posted by David Lambert

We probably ought to have expected this, with all the "Heigl-mania" going around! The super-hot actress has been in several hit movies, on the covers of more magazines that we can count, and of course has her award-winning role as "Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens" in the top-rated hit Grey's Anatomy. But sci-fi fans know that she has been an "Izzie" before, as in the alien "Isabel Evans" of Fox's 1999 series Roswell.

This morning Fox Home Entertainment has announced that they are re-releasing all three seasons of Roswell, still in individual season sets, but with new packaging that includes a sticker emphasizing that the show is "Starring Emmy Winner Katherine Heigl". Each come in boxes with redesigned front art that shows more of the cast, including future Lost star Emilie de Ravin clearly visible on the new Roswell - Season 2 packaging as "Tess".

April 29th is the release date for all three of these new packages. Cost per season set is $39.98 SRP in the USA and CA$54.98 SRP in Canada. Detailed contents aren't available, but for now we presume the content is the same as the DVD releases from 2004 and 2005. Here are pictures of the new boxes:

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