Christmas Nazi

Christmas Nazi is the name Max, Michael and the Evans' parents call Isabel in the episode 'A Roswell Christmas Carol' because of her fanatical Christmas requirements and preparations.

Here is what we know about her.

Isabel gives Max a diagram to purchase a tree to her specifications of the perfect tree, with height, width, color, and tree type requirements. She checks the decorations on the exterior of their house and berates her father for having lights burnt out, advises Michael on gifts for Maria, and throws a fit demanding a perfect Christmas.

She is also involved in many Christmas activities in the community. She is the director of the Roswell holiday pagent, president of the hunger drive, arranges a candlelight vigil for the dead man's family, participates in the toy drive, attends holiday events & dinner at the nursing home, and a Christmas dog show.

In her diary we can see some of her busy schedule.

Christmas Toy Drive
Christmas Hunger Drive - Dec 20th 6:00pm in 2000
Christmas dinner at the Nursing Home - Dec 20th 7:30pm in 2000
Holiday Pagent rehersal - Dec 20th 8:30pm in 2000
Christmas Dog Show - Dec 21st in 2000
Holiday Pagent - started 1977 - Dec 21st or 23rd in 2000

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