What's so Great about Normal - Issue 4

WhAt'S sO gReAt AbOuT nOrMaL?

Issue 4, Part One

here is the famous quote from which this zine gets it name!

Max::Lets keep on running , you and me away from here away from everything. I see everything so clearly now. We'll go someplace where nobody knows us. Aslong as were together nothing else matters.
Liz: Your drunk , nothing your saying is true.
Max: ( Takes her hand walks over to a light pole)::Its all true liz. Its how i really feel. Its all just magic when i think of you. (Makes beautiful lights) .
Liz: max turn it off anyone else can see.
Max: (walks over to a car) ::And when i'm not with you,(car alarm goes on) i go crazy.
Liz: Max.
Max: And when your here(Makes the car alarm go off music starts playing)
Liz: no max please.
Max: Your my dreamgirl Liz.
Liz: (staring at him) :And what if i believed you tonight.
Max: Then we'll live happily ever after.
Liz: And then what about tomorrow? WHen you go back to realizing who you are and all your fantasies go away (lights become normal).
Max: I'll still have you.
Liz: This can never become normal max.
Max: (makes fireworks out of the parking meters.) Whats so great about being normal?

Table of Contents wHAT'S iN pART oNE...

____________ pREZ nOTES mY nAME iS...

Hey every 1 not much 2 say but we need more subscribers and that people need to start doing their jobs.... i havta hassel the people who don't do them and then myself, the vice prezes or the other workers end up doing the left over jobs...even if you don't want to take a job full time you can always send in an article ok well thats all i got to say have fun readin ever one and give me feedback i love feedback i wanna know how to make the zine better (as some one said feedback is a writers pay check)

-!�!�@##<3 gABby <3##@�!�! (gabby)

__________________ vICE pREZ'S nOTES bLaH bLaH bLaH...

Hey again everyone! What's up? Well, nothing much here! Make sure you read all of Roswell: We Believe campaign, and please participate! We have to get a full season of Roswell! If you have any questions, or just want to talk about Roswell in general, e-mail me or IM me at ILoveRoswellML@aol.com! That's right, I changed my screen name! I thought it would be more appropriate! Well, I hope you all watched Heat Wave, and can't wait for The Doll House!



hey guys, it's me again, zare. wasn't this weeks episode great?! wow...one of my top ten i must admit. anyhow, i feel like a stupid robot, i'm like, repeating myself. ok, anyhow, if you want to and can help with the zine, pleeeeeease email gabby at crzyaboutroswell@aol.com because we are reaaaaaaaaally swamped with all this stuff to do. it's not hard to do, you know, you just start typing and stuff and it just like, goes real fast, but when you have to do a lot....it gets to be real painful you know? AUGH! and i went in Ann Taylor, again (but this time i didn't buy anything! whew!), and they were playing THE SONG again! yay! wow..! i couldn't believe it! hehehe :) well, have a nice week everyone! i had a roswell moment to share with you, but i'm real tired right now and my mind is out the window. almost. bye!



Well hey everyone! How are you all? I'm cool but like seriously sad that I missed this Monday's episode. It was my fave. *Sigh* Oh well. Thats me life. So hope everyone enjoys this Zine. Methinks its ish 4. Might be wrong. Wouldn't be frist time. Well gots to go. Have fun!


________________ uP tO dATE nEWS eXTRA eXTRA!�!

"want this job? its not taken click here! to sign up!"

Hey everyone! I propose a new topic,we should try to get the Roswell cast to be on a Got Milk ad!

It would definently get more promotion for the show and maybe encourage new viewers! So just go to whymilk.com and click on the Join the Milk Club,you have to join the club, but it's free so i think it's worth it, in the form it asks who you would like next for the new ads. So, we should all put the Roswell Cast. Then if that works we can try individual one's later. I think you should list all the cast...not just the usual 6 or 7. We need to make sure they include William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) and Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti)!


OK, guys! This is important! Remember the tabasco campaign? Well, there's a new one to get Roswell renewed for the full season! Here are the details:

The main thrust is for a mail-in campaign, similar to what we did with the Tabasco bottles, but with silver handprints on black construction paper.

It's pretty simple really - put some silver acrylic paint on your hand, your mate's hand, your kids, your neighbors, whoever - and make a handprint on a piece of black construction paper. On the same paper, write in silver (paint or gel pen) "WE BELIEVE" in as close to the Roswell font as you can get. Stick in a letter - similar in tone to the ones we wrote before, lick a stamp, and stick it in the mail to the Big Three (Jamie Kellner, susanne Daniels, and Jordan Levin) requesting the full season renewal that this show so deserves.

This is a whole ton easier than what we did before, and it will give the WB the publicity materials they seem to love. I say let's wallpaper their offices in silver handprints!

We've got three months before the second season premiere, and with what Jamie Kellner said in the May WB chat, it seems to me that we need to keep the pressure on, just in intervals so that they continually realize that we're here, we're vocal, and darn it, we want our show!

Silver crayons would work too, as would silver stamp ink...actually, you can get the paint for 87 cents at Wal-Mart. And the construction paper, you can get a bunch of sheets for a dollar or two at Wal-Mart or a craft store.

We should also think about sending the silver handprint mailings to corresponding execs at FOX just to signal them than we will go where Roswell goes. It would be a little added motivation for the WB not to cancel our favorite show.

Just like "Roswell Is Hot" as our old slogan. This is the new one: "Roswell: We Believe"

Here are the addresses that everyone should send their handprints to:

Mr. Jamie Kellner
Chief Executive Officer
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Ms. Susanne Daniels
President, Entertainment
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

Mr. Jordan Levin
Vice President, Programming
The WB Television Network
3701 Oak Street
Building 34-R
Burbank, CA 91522

For those with a bit more time and money on their hands, what about including photos with a silver hand print on their body somewhere (done in body paint or makeup).

For the shyer among us (or the less shapely, it doesn't have to be where Liz had her hand print) The paint comes off really easily, and the little 2-oz bottle goes a long way.

This is definitely something that overseas fans can get in on, if you want to. Send it both to your local stations, out of appreciation for showing Roswell (and as a campaign if need be) and to the Big Three at the WB. It'll show them that Roswell is loved throughout the world!


TV Guide names Roswell as it's Editors' Choice for next week.
The episode is The Toy House and here's the scoop from page 106.


Max and Isabel clash over revealing their alien origins to their adoptive mother in this emotionally charged episode from January.

The conflict arises after Max (Jason Behr) uses his powers to save his mother (Mary Ellen Trainor) from a serious grease fire. Although Max is initially able to explain it away, the incident reminds his mom of a strange occurrence from his childhood. Years ago he inadvertently used his alien abilities and was caught on videotape. As their mother struggles to understand her son's behavior, Isabel pressures Max to finally tell the truth. But Michael doesn't trust Mrs. Evans, warning Max that "adults are the enemy."

________ dIARIES: i wANNA kNOW...

____________ mAX'S dIARY sECRETS oF mAX...
"want this job? its not taken click here! to sign up!"
Max's diary was done by Lizardchumonga who is obsessed with n sync so just read it its funny send all of ur responses to it to Lizardchumonga

Dear Diary,

This week has been tough on me, my secret, and my heart! I can't stop thinking about Liz! Everyday when i see her my heart takes over my brain. Every moment I am with her i want to hold, touch her skin, and kiss her divine lips. She is so beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside. When she found out my secret i was scared, but now im glad i told her because then she wouldn?t be in my life and mean so much to me. I love her..... but wait..... i love someone else more! Nsync! They are by far the best boy band on this planet and they are cute(especially JC)! I can't forget to vote for them at mtv.com(keyword trl)! I hate those girly boys who call themselves Hanson! THEY SUCK! nsync should be #1 forever! Darn, my mother threw out all my nsync magazines and stuff! I have to get more! I can't live without them! Im dying! Dying! Goodbye world! Goodbye mother, well never mind u r the one who killed me by getting rid of my magazines! and last but not least, Goodbye nsync! I will love u guys til the end! oh right it is the end! well so long!

::Max has left the building!::

__________ lIZ'S dIARY lIZ'S pRIVATE tHOUGHTS...
LIz's Diary done by GaLaXyGiRl2064 Liz's diary after "heat wave"

It's December 7th. I'm Liz Parker and.. and for once in my life, I'm not thinking. I've been on auto-pilot ever since..well, since Max kissed me. He kissed me!

It was just.. incredible. The feelings that I felt... Oh My God. It was like I was seeing Max Evans for the first time all over again.

I.. I can't ... ugh!! What I'm feeling is so indescribable. Well, it's not indescribable, it's just too hard to put into words.

I.. I... I better quit while I'm ahead.

______________ mARIA'S dIARY oH mARIA mARIA!�!
maria's diary is done by RufusStarGirl

Dear Diary,

It's December and it's burning up outside, well inside too. Things are also really hot with Michael. I was cleaning up at the Crashdown last night and Michael and I had a major makeout session. God, he is amazing and soooo hot. I can't believe he actually likes me. I hope he doesn't start acting like Max and ignore me because he "doesn't want me hurt. " I can't wait till more sucking face in the eraser room during school tomorrow.

Dear Diary,

Liz asked me if Michael and I talked or if we just kissed. I told her "of course we talk." But, actually we don't at all. I mean what's the point of it? Can't we just kiss and have fun? Well, anyway I followed her advice. He started ignoring me COMPLETLY! I couldn't believe it I mean one minute he is sooo into me and the next he stays away from me like I am contagious. What is up with that? I found out at the old Soap Factory. On the inside he must be just like Max because he told me, "I can't get involved. It's just not me. (blah, blah, blah). " Could he be anymore inconsiderate? I want him back so bad. I hope he gives up on ignoring me. He is such a jerk. I hope he stays away from me forever. No, I don't really know what I want! I better sprinkle some lime on my pillow before I go to sleep. God, please help me!!! Love,

________________ mICHAEL'S dIARY iNSIDE mICHAEL'S mIND...
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GaLaXyGiRl2064 filled in this week for michael's diary for heat wave

Well, I did what I thought I would do. I hurt Maria. I didn't really want to.. I didn't. It's just better this way. We're supposed to stay unattached to humans. And I'm okay with that. I can deal. And so can Isabel.
But Maxwell on the other hand... what are we going to do with that boy? He won't stay away from Liz. And she's always been what weakens him.. even when she never through a glance in his direction. Now, don't get me wrong.. Liz is a great girl.. but we can't become attached to humans. It's just wrong and it's not good for us.
Because some day we're going to go home, and then what will happen to Liz? Would Max leave her? If he didn't, Isabel would stay here with him, and then I'd have to stay because I couldn't leave those two. And I really want to go home. So, if that means spending all my time keeping those two "soulmates" apart, then so be it.

______________ iSABEL'S dIARY lOOK aT iSABEL'S sECRETS...
"want this job? its not taken click here! to sign up!"
GaLaXyGiRl2064 filled in this week for isabel's diary for heat wave

It's funny. I never knew a boy I didn't even know could like me so much. And I never knew how nice Alex was. All I ever thought of him as was the enemy. Like how I used to think about Liz and Maria. And from what Liz told us, Alex really came through last night.

But now, Alex knows. That makes three people who officially know. And I can't help thinking, now that he knows, what if he doesn't like me anymore? What if he thinks I'm some..freak?

____________ tESS'S dIARY tESS'S tHOUGHTS...
Tess's diary is done by JBehr4me

Well we are finally here!!! Roswell, New Mexico, my new home, the place where I will find my destiny. I am so excited!! My "father" tells me that I cant meet any of my people just yet, but to tell you the truth I don?t believe him.....just between you and me I plan to meet them all as soon as I can.
I already saw the girl, she looks like someone I could be friends with, she was with some dorky looking guy, I think I heard his name was Alex Whilt....Whit....Whatever, anyway I hope they are not dating because he just doesn?t fit into any of our destiny?s.
I still haven?t seen the two guys.....my guy and the girls guy....I can?t wait. Tomorrow I am going to go and talk to the girl, whether my father likes it or not!! I bet we become friends right away.....and I bet when my guy meets me he will just fall all over me...and if he doesn?t then I can always help him along.....I mean its not bad to use my powers, this is their destiny...I?m just gonna help them remember faster.....oh, I hear my father calling I?d better go...until tomorrow....

____________ kYLE'S dIARY yOU hAVE nOW eNTERED tHE tWILIGHT zONE...
Kyle's diary is done by Zare

dear god,
liz, going to a rave....i just don't get it. Miss "Must stay home and finish lab, sorry, can't go out tonight" actually went to a rave! what is going on here?! how did max evans charm liz parker into going to a rave the day before our history test? incredible. inconceivable. well, i am sick of all this liz crap, she is taking up too much space in my mind. vicky's great. i mean, yeah. she um, well, she's not like liz, but apparently, liz isn't available right now, which is too bad because i know that if i tried, i could be an excellent boyfriend! hey, i can do all that lovey dovey crap, like flowers, chocolates, dinner dates, you name it. i just don't know about vicky, she's just not liz, but i guess after i get to know her more, she'll open up and maybe she wouldn't be so air heady and spaced out. she IS a really nice girl... life is real confusing, i just don't get it.

____________ aLEX'S dIARY tHE wHITS...
Alex's diary is done by Skaprincess91099 Alex's diary for "heat wave"

this world just keeps getting weirder and weirder. this was most definitely one of the weirdest days of my life as if finding out ms topolsky was fbi wasnt weird enough. first isabelle invites me to this major party and asks me to "go some where" then she starts coming on to me. but the police came and this guy hands liz and i liqupr bottles and the sherif arrests us and he wouldnt let us go.then he starts asking us about tupulsky. I think this whole situation is really odd liz believes that max isabelle and michael are aliens from the crash. aliens what kind of insane things are they telling her she really believes this too. I cant be mad at her anymore she really thinks shes right but i cant help but wonder if shes gonna be ok well i guess well see.

_____ pICS sUGAR fOR yOUR cORNEA...
pics from mystery2917


______ lINKS cLICKABLES...
links by mystery2917 who couldn't do her job this week so iloveroswellml@aol.com filled in!

The Max and Liz Project Fan Fiction Archives
Welcome to Irina's Roswell Page!
Jessi's Roswell Fan Fiction Site
Roswell Wallpapers

__________ sPOILERSlloN tHE iNSIDE...
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Warning: there are known facts about the next season ahead if u do not wish to know please skip ahead!

these spoilers were sent in by The Gemstones789
These are spoilers, I heard from one of my Roswell mailing lists:
The producers want Tess to come back for the entire season. They want to expand the character and allow her to grow.
Howie of the BSB is supposed to be coming back too. He will play one of the evil aliens and maybe even romance Maria.
David Bowie is supposed to make an appearance as the High Commander for the evil alien race.
They begin shooting the new season on July 26.

From: E!Online's Watch With Wanda-
From cowseverywhere: Hey, Wanda. Do you have any news on Roswell? It seems like ages since we've heard anything about that show.
Well, I spoke with Jason Behr recently, and he assures me the writers are just as conflicted as the viewers about what should happen between Max and Liz. Tess is coming back for the full season, though, which leads me to believe that Liz won't get her man. But Jason told me he's hankerin' for Liz and Max to end up together. The bottom line on Roswell: They're still deciding, so there isn't much to scoop. Sorry.

_______ pOLLslliF yOU fEEL lIKE i fEEL...
Polls were done by Megan at silverkiss307@aol.com who is now quitting so if u want to job click here

Glamour magazine online has a survey where you can vote for some TV stars for their cover. Shiri Appleby and Katherine Heigl are both mentioned. Here's the link in case some fans want to cast their vote:


The celebrity stars web site is holding a poll about what is your favorite TV show. So far Roswell only has 2% of the vote. They do have a lot of TV shows on the choices, but the show should still be doing better than that. Check out the link below to vote.


The poll at the WB11's roswell site this week is :
If you were stranded on an island with the characters from Roswell, who would you vote off the island first?
Sheriff Valenti



___________ cONTESTSlliTS gONNA bE mE...
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MXG is running a contest to win an autographed picture of Majandra. To enter, you just have to register for MXG online, or send in a card. Complete details can be found mXg contests - Majandra Delfino (click there)

______ mP3Sli wANT iT tHAT wAY!
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Roswell Mp3's

_____ bIOSlrEAD aLL aBOUT tHEM...
Biographies: By Kristi Parker @ Lucky0137 who couldn't do her job this week:(

___________ fAN fICTIONlli wANNA bE wITH yOU...
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iloveroswellml@aol.com filled in!
You Were Meant For Me --this is an M/L fanfic that's written my x_tremeRoswellian...there are links at the bottom for the next parts. It's a very good fanfic, and even though it's really long, it was worth the wait!
Captivated by Darkness --this is another M/L fanfic that's written by Ash...there are links at the bottom for the next parts. This is one of my favorite fanfics of all time! There's even a sequel!
Fight the Break of Dawn --this is the sequel to Captivated by Darkness, and of course, it's written by Ash...there are links at the bottom for the next parts. It's also an M/L fic. This is one of my favorite series, and there's another one coming soon!
Snowmass --this is an awesome M/L fanfic, and it's written by Mel. There are links on the bottom for the next parts! There's a sequel too. Mel is an excellent writer...one of my favorites!
Lost For You --this is another M/L fanfic, and it's the sequel of Snowmass. Of course, it's written by Mel. There are links on the bottom for the next parts! It's really good, and it's a future fanfic.

On to part 2 ------------------>
What's So Great About Normal?
Prez: Gabby
Vice Prez: lots of them!
Date: 7/13/00
Issue #: 4 part 1

Issue 4, Part Two

Table of Contents wHAT'S iN pART tWO...

"want this job? its not taken click here! to sign up!"

Transcript from Brendan Fehr?s interview on the WB56 Morning Show --July 10, 2000
Stephanie Lydon and Glenn (did not catch his last name) - Anchors
Darin Adams - Weatherman
SL: Canadian Born Brendan Fehr is in our Studios.
G: I understand he is hot, the star of the WB series Roswell is will be live in our studios. Find out why he is visiting the Hub.
SL: We mean hot in a meaning other than hot sauce.
G: The aliens needs tabasco sauce in order to survive. Remember that.


SL: You see him every Monday night here on WB56 and this morning Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael Guerin on the show Roswell is here with us live. Good morning Brendan!
BF: Good morning!
SL: Thanks so much for being here.
G: Did you hear the music?We have the Doors.
BF: The Doors, I was impressed.
G: We are playing that because actually he wore his hair like you are wearing yours right now.
BF: I?m growing it out.
G: Growing it out, right!
SL: Intentionally?
G: What for next season?
BF: Well, I?m growing it out for the movie I did this summer. I wanted it to be different from Roswell. So it?s different from the first season, but the second season is going to air before the movie comes out.
DA: So your hair is supposed to look like this? Not something that happens accidentally on the way in?
BF: (laugh) No, I woke up late and this is it. I partied too hard in Boston.
SL: So the truth comes out.
BF: I actually have not went to bed yet.
SL: Neither have any of us so we are in leagues with you. Have you been enjoying Boston?
BF: Oh yeah. It reminds, I mean it got a lot more history than the town where I?m from Winnipeg. But in terms of the brick and it being a kind of blue color working class City and stuff like that, and the attitude of the people, its kind of similar to my town, but a little bit more so. I mean I really like the city.
G: I understand you went to a Red Sox game last night.
BF: I did, I went to a Red Sox game.
G: And they won.
BF: Yeah they did. Something like 7 to 2. They smoked them. Nomar is amazing.
SL: Yeah he is great.
G: So, You want anything to eat here. We have everything?A little tabasco sauce on it.
BF: I?ll take a swig if you will.
G: (pours tabasco sauce on some finger foods)
BF: ?Straight up!
G: (Takes the challenge and drinks the sauce straight up)
BF: I guess I have to do that now? (He puts the bottle to his head and drinks)
SL: I sort to feel like I?m at a Frat house (everyone laughs)
DA: I don?t think that people at home comprehends how much went in. The bottle was full.
G: You can really feel it now!
BF: You feel it afterwards.
DA: So we will be cutting the interview short.
BF: We are all red face. We all will be sweating really.
SL: We really should explain this ? on the show it an intricate part of your character.
G: Eat bread, it really helps.
BF: Don?t drink water it spreads it around. I don?t know why the writer originally wrote it in. I guess it was kind of a quirky thing to add.
G: But it works.
BF: Everyone lashed onto it and it becomes synonymous with the show. Now I have a lot of spit in my mouth now. But the aliens like sweet and spicy things ? so we pour it in Pepsi or on chocolate cake or whatever else.
DA is pouring tabasco sauce into a soda for Brendan
BF: You better be making that for yourself.
G: Tell us why you are here in Boston?
BF: We are?No not my entourage? (Laughing) I am here going to Six Flags New England to ride the new Superman ride that just opened.
SL: So do you love roller coasters?
BF: Yeah, I love roller Coasters. I?, signing autographs and meeting people and riding around ...
G: I hear you are a big Bruins fan.
BF: Yeah?
G: Look at what we got for you. (A bruins jersey)
BF: Oh wow! Very nice?
SL: You can wear it back in Canada.
BF: I was looking for one yesterday?Now I?m just throwing it around?( he accidentily dropped the shirt and jokingly says I'm being ungrateful)I?m ungrateful?I really?I really was looking for one yesterday.
SL: Tell us about your movie?
BF: WE just finish shooting and now we are looking for a February or March release date. It called the Forsaken ? a vampire movie.
SL: ?keeping with sci-fi theme?
BF: Yeah
G: ?Good luck with your career Brendan.
SL: Brendan star of WB?s Roswell. Thank you so much for joining us.

______________ aPPEARANCESl tHE wHO wHAT aND wHERE...
"want this job? its not taken click here! to sign up!"
This is from the Twist summer special issue (available in the newsstands now)

Embarassing Moments
Majandra Delfino
"The episode where I make out with Brendan was so embarrassing. I had to say this one line, 'Oh my God', in a very passionate way. I was ready to die! I felt like I was doing a porno!"


Majandra will be appearing on the cover of LatinGirl magazine for the August/September issue. The issue will hit newsstands on July 18th!


Check out MTV's hot zone for a short video in which Jason Behr confesses his closely-held secrets to unwinding while on the road!


Upcoming William Sadler TV appearances
July 10, 2000 Posted by squanto
Thanks to SpiderWoman for sending this in! This comes from tvnow.com
Die Hard 2
120 minutes- R, USA, 1990, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, brief nudity, violence
Directed by Renny Harlin and starring Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Sadler William Atherton, Dennis Franz, John Amos

An L.A. cop embarks on a single-handed race against time after terrorists seize control of a Washington airport.

Mon Jun 26 06:00P MAXE- Cinemax
Wed Jun 28 09:20A AMAXE- Actionmax
Sat Jul 1 01:35A MAXE- Cinemax
Wed Jul 5 08:40A MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Mon Jul 10 11:20P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Sun Jul 16 09:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Tue Jul 25 02:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Sat Jul 29 08:30A MAXE2- Cinemax # 2

Disturbing Behavior
90 minutes- R, USA, 1998, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language, adult situations, graphic violence
Directed by David Nutter and starring James Marsden, Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood, William Sadler

A teen and his outcast friends discover a sinister secret among their seemingly perfect classmates.

Wed Jun 28 09:00P TMCE- The Movie Channel
Sun Jul 9 10:00P SHOE- Showtime
Sat Jul 15 03:00A SHOE- Showtime
Tue Jul 18 08:00P SHOE- Showtime

The Hot Spot
120 minutes- USA, 1990, Video, SS
Directed by Dennis Hopper and starring Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Connelly Charles Martin Smith, William Sadler, Jerry Hardin

A charismatic drifter's plot to rob a Texas bank is complicated when he becomes romantically involved with two women.

Thu Jul 6 08:00P WGN- WGN Chicago
Thu Jul 13 10:45P SHOE- Showtime
Sun Jul 23 01:05A SHOE- Showtime
Sun Jul 23 08:00P ENC- Encore Regular
Fri Jul 28 12:30A ENC- Encore Regular

120 minutes- USA, 1991, Video, SS
Directed by Lili Fini Zanuck and starring Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sam Elliott Max Perlich, Gregg Allman, William Sadler

An undercover narcotics investigation leads a seasoned cop and his rookie partner into an abyss of drugs and danger.

Fri Jul 28 08:00P FXE- The Fx Channel Sat Jul 29 12:00P FXE- The Fx Channel

The Shawshank Redemption
190 minutes- USA, 1994, Video, SS
Directed by Frank Darabont and starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton William Sadler, Clancy Brown, Gil Bellows

A mild-mannered banker and a seasoned convict forge an unlikely friendship behind bars at a maximum security prison.

Sat Jul 15 08:00P TNT- Turner Television
Sun Jul 16 05:00P TNT- Turner Television

120 minutes- USA, 1996, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo
Directed by Norberto Barba and starring Mario Van Peebles, Barry Corbin, William Sadler Adrien Brody, Seidy Lopez, Abraham Verduzco

An android soldier kicks into a self-defensive mode when the military decides that his moral streak must be erased.
Thu Jul 27 09:00P USAE- USA Network

Tales From the Crypt Presents Demon Knight
120 minutes- USA, 1995, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo
Directed by Ernest Dickerson and starring Billy Zane, William Sadler, Jada Pinkett Brenda Bakke, CCH Pounder, Dick Miller

A devilish stranger unleashes the forces of darkness upon the unsuspecting tenants of a desert boardinghouse.

Thu Jul 13 09:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Fri Jul 14 12:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

120 minutes- USA, 1992, Video, SS
Directed by Walter Hill and starring Bill Paxton, Ice-T, William Sadler Ice Cube, Art Evans, De'voreaux White

Two treasure hunters become trapped by thugs in an abandoned inner-city factory.

Fri Jun 30 10:00P BET- Black Entertainment TV

____________________ ePISODE sUMMARIESl.aLLS wELL tHAT eNDS wELL...
Episode summaries done by GaLaXyGiRl2064

A heatwave settled over Roswell, throwing everyone's hormones into overdrive. Isabel dreamwalks Alex, and discovers that he likes her. Alex and Liz get thrown in jail and Liz finally tells Alex the truth. Max and Liz share their first kiss.

_________________ ePISODE rEVIEWSlllOST iN aN iMAGE..iN a dREAM....
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GaLaXyGiRl2064 Filled in
Heatwave was a great episode, in my opinion. I liked a lot of things about it. Especially the kiss that Max and Liz shared at the end. That was great. But moving on...
I really wish that things hadn't ended between Michael and Maria like that. I mean, he could have been a little less rude about it. And drawing out that whole Alex--is--mad--at--Liz thing was a bit annoying. But other than that the episode was one of the best.
If I had to rate this show, I'd give it (out of five) 4 and a half stars. It was a great. I sound pretty redundant since I keep repeating that, but it's true.

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Trivia for "heatwave"
1. Why did Liz go downstair in the first place when she saw Michael and Maria making out?
2. Who was the 2nd person to interrupt Max and Liz before kissing in this episode?
3. Who is Kyle dating as of this episode?
4. Who was the 1st person to interrupt Max and Liz before kissing in this episode?
5. Where did Max and Liz FINALLY kiss?
6. What color does Alex like Isabel in?
7. What color does Isabel change Liz's nail polish to?
8. Who is the Sheriff dating as of this episode?
9. Who was Alex dreaming about?
10. Why were Alex and Liz brought to jail?

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Warning: the below info is info about the show and/or its stars that may or may NOT be true! read at you own risk!
when Jason Behr was asked about being a ski instructor, he denied it! So, that must have just been a rumor!

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Quick Hits by Hayley Kauffman
"Once Go! had completely given up on "Felicity" (the awful writing, not Keri Russell's haircut, was to blame), we immediately began scouting for another WB show chock-full of cute 20-somethings masquerading as precocious teens. Our only demand? Plot. Luckily we found "Roswell", a show about a clutch of shockingly attractive young aliens struggling to evade shape-shifting evildoers and deal with the pressures of high school. Could Go! relate or what? We even have a fave character, the sulky Michael Guerin, played by Brendan Fehr. So imagine our excitment when we heard that Fehr will be signing autographs today form 2 to 6 pm at Six Flags New England. Visitors can also enter to win a seat next to Fehr on one of the rides! Work, shmerk. A girl's got to have priorities!


SPORTS Illustrated swimsuit stunner Michelle Behennah is one lucky model. She'll be paired with six of TV's hottest hunks for a sexy spread in Glamour magazine's October issue. Behennah will drape herself over Charlie Sheen of "Spin City," Henry Simmons of "NYPD Blue," Eddie Chibrian of "Third Watch," Jason Behr of "Roswell," Tom Everett Scott of "The Street," and John Barrowman of "Titans."


Thanks to "River Dawg" for sending this in! This comes from the program listing at this years Comic-con convention in San Diego. Its not exactly related to the Roswell series on the WB, but as River Dawg points out, it sounds similar to what may happen in season 2, and looks interesting in its own right
BKN: The Roswell Conspiracies?Roswell Conspiracies is a forty episode animated science fiction, mystery, adventure series produced by BKN Studios and airing every Weekday morning this Fall on the BKN Network. Animated in a cutting edge American anime style, Roswell Conspiracies chronicles the secret war of the Alliance against a multitude of hidden alien races living on Earth in an X-Files meets Nick Fury, Agent of Shield style. The Giant Robot Episode of Roswell will be screened, followed by a Q&A session with a number of the series? creative staff: Executive Producer Joe Pearson (Evolution, Space Monkeys), Story Editor Greg Johnson (The X-Men, Biker Mice From Mars), Director Brad Rader (Spawn, Batman), Director Tom Tataranowitz (Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk), and Director Dan Fausett (Invasion America, Savage Dragon). A raffle will be held with Roswell cels, T Shirts, and other items. Room


From: Denver Post
July 03, 2000

They said that "Roswell" was hanging by a thread, that the powers that be at the WB network had the show "on the bubble" between renewal and cancellation. Millions of fans worried, but somehow-call it intuition, gut instinct or simply wishful thinking-Majandra Delfino wasn't one of them. The actress, who stars in the show, says she wasn't all that surprised when creator/producer/writer Jason Katims called with the news that the network had renewed "Roswell" for a second season.

"I hoped. I knew," says Delfino, who plays Maria DeLuca on the low-rated but critically lauded sci-fi series. "I felt the WB was saying 'Yeah, it might not' just to get us scared, to motivate us."

"I just felt that we did so well once they changed our night," she adds, speaking of the show's shift from Wednesdays to Mondays. "I thought, 'How could they not pick us up?' "

Suspicions are the lifeblood of "Roswell" of course. Who are the benevolent aliens? Who are the rotten ones? Can our hero aliens-Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael (Brendan Fehr), who grew up on Earth in human form-trust their human pals Liz (Shiri Appleby), Maria and Alex (Colin Hanks), to keep their secret?

As the first season unfolded, Maria evolved from a jittery ditz into a formidable young woman. She stood up to her mother, devised impromptu action plans to help her alien friends dodge the FBI and threw herself hard into a relationship with the often emotionally remote Michael.

"I liked that they explored all of that and didn't just make her the dumb blond," Delfino says. "They made Maria a free spirit with a brain."

No dumb bunny herself, Delfino-who plays piano, writes music and is something of a mathematics wiz- spent part of the "Roswell" hiatus in Cincinnati, acting in director Steven Soderbergh's buzzed-about drama, "Traffic." She plays a drug-abusing high schooler, who's a bad influence on Michael Douglas' daughter.

In only a couple of weeks, however, Delfino will be back on the "Roswell" set. The WB greenlit 13 new episodes, and the network will decide whether or not to produce another nine soon after the first few shows air.

Delfino reveals that the second season will continue the sci-fi emphasis that dominated last year's latter episodes. And, despite unmistakable intimations that Isabel and Michael were meant to be together, the actress believes fans will see more of Maria and Michael.

"Listen, that's all my fan mail is about," the actress says of the fiery Maria-Michael relationship, which contrasts sharply with the love-dovey, Romeo-and-Juliet bond between Liz and Max. "Everyone was dying because Michael kissed Isabel. They were so afraid that meant Michael and Isabel had to be together."

"It was all, 'Let's please keep Maria and Michael together,' " she says, laughing. "As if I write the stories. So there are some really diehard fans of Michael and Maria. But I'm sure they won't be separating us," she says. "The fans need to relax."


'Roswell' Star: Few Life Signs
"Roswell" co-star Katherine Heigl expects to be putting more hours into the series next season. Her role as the vulnerable Isabel is being expanded as the show goes into more of a sci-fi direction as the aliens search for their true destiny. As it is, the 21-year-old beauty says she's working so hard on the WB show, "I literally have no life during the nine months the series is in production. The fact the schedule is not consistent makes it difficult. We can work 5, 87, 16 hours in a day... I just spend the weekends catching up on my sleep, and being with close friends and family." Katherine says she's lucky: "I don't have the need to fill my time with people who don't mean anything to me. Oh, certainly I'd love to find my soul mate, and I'm not a hermit - not yet. However, I'm very particular, and content to wait till the right person comes along."


The Teen Movieline Magazine (Summer 2000) features Jason Behr, Majandra Delfino, and some mentions of Brendan Fehr. On the cover it has James Marsden (the hottest X-Man), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez's sexing up) and at the right corner there's a pic of Jason and under it it says: JASON BEHR ON "ROSWELL," RELATIONSHIPS, AND REAL LIFE.

On page 30 (hangout)- there's a pic of Brendan and it says ....Jason Behr walking on Larchmont Blvd. in LA carrying a Starbucks coffee....Brendan Fehr and Carly Pope at Jamba Juice on Larchmont Blvd. in LA (this is in the hangout section, the paragraph is next to the title Spotted)

Page 49- The Look-TEE TALK Decide for yourself what these shirts are saying about the stars wearing them. There's a pic of Brendan wearing a black METALLICA shirt.

purepleasures- FAMILY TIES- on pages 58 and 59. Majandra Delfino and sister Marieh (rhymes with Perrier, oh and she's 20). It basically talks about her relationship with her sister and how they like to spend time together. It also mentions that once they went with Brendan Fehr and his roommate to eat sushi (that is also what the article is about, Majandra and her sister going out for sushi on Thursday nights) and Brendan didn't want to try lobster rolls. He stuck to the cucumber rolls.

pages 68-73 Behring it all- "Roswell" 's enigmatic alien Jason Behr opens up about his childhood, his newfound celebrity, his ideal woman, and his fierce addiction....to donuts.

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written by by Jude...e-mail her at ajude@enter.net
"Ode to the Hot Guys of Roswell"

While Max and Michael are the guys
Who give most women sugar highs,
There are some others just as hot,
But are they mentioned? No, they're not!
So let's discuss them now, shall we?
And let's find out if you agree...
Ooo, that hair, that rockin' bod,
His name spelled backwards? RiverGOD!
And oh, a man cannot go wrong
To wear a sweaty, leather thong.
The way he looks in those tight pants?
Those alien boys don't have a chance!

But then there's Larry, bold and brash,
Complete with red and itching rash.
His love for Jen cannot come close
To his passion for UFO's.
Yeah, all the girls sigh as he passes,
This hunk of man in horn-rimmed glasses.

And Milton! Ahh, he's quite the catch,
I know we two would make a match!
With alien stuff he's quite the whiz,
He even owns his own small biz...
And he's got so much energy,
What guy is studlier than he?

"Ed Harding"! Man of mystery,
His smile so strange, his head so free
Of hair. Oh sure, we know he will
Destroy us thoughtlessly, but still...
No hands are gentler than Nasedo's,
While dishing mounds of mashed potatoes.

These men of Roswell, oh, they're bad,
They make us swoon (like Alex's dad!)
We'd like to see a show devoted
To all these guys that I just noted.
Who needs Michael and Max to love,
When weary of tightness of ab,
There's something to be said for flab,
And balding head and homely face,
And clumsiness and lack of grace.
These guys are HOTT! and, in addition...
There's hardly any competition!

So join me, here, right now, today --
I'm running out of things to say! --
Shout YES!! to my guys in this verse,
'Fore Harding morphs to something worse...
And to Michael and Max say NO!!



written by by Jude...e-mail her at ajude@enter.net
"Dedicated to my Fehrian Friends"
His life has been dreary, depressing and stark,
Growing up wasn't easy in that trailer park.
He's lacking in manners, especially at dinner --
He can't figure which fork to use - out' or inner?
When using his ?powers,? things go up in flames,
And don?t even ask him to play family games!
His hair...hmm, his hair...what to say more about it?
Will it ever be "normal"? ? well now, somehow I doubt it!
He's stubborn, he's rude, he can sometimes be cruel,
And he cannot be bothered with going to school.
But Michael is feisty and smart as a whip,
Giving enemies either a rash or some lip!
His alien-ness always kept him apart,
Only Max and his sister could capture his heart.
But along came Maria, so spicy and sweet,
She intrigued and annoyed him both, each time they'd meet.
When they suddenly kissed (after verbal abuse!):
"That was to calm you down," was his excuse.
And though he attempted to push her away,
He could still hardly wait just to see her each day.
And the more he was with her, the harder he fell.
Seems like finally Maria is cracking his shell.
Oh, there still are some problems, for sure, without doubt.
He is no fashion plate, and he?s often a lout.
And some things that he says really make her blood boil;
Putting up with him takes way too much cedar oil!
But his sexy brown eyes and mysterious air
Are divine ? he?s so fine, he?s so cute, he?s so?Fehr!
Yes, Maria is wild for her out-of-world dude,
With his scruffy demeanor and manner so crude?
Though she sometimes feels envy for others. Indeed,
While Max gives his girl presents, Michael sees no need.
No chocolate, no flowers, no perfume, no rings --
He can't understand someone wanting those things.
Yes, Michael is certainly missing a clue,
When he gives her a jug of generic shampoo!
And though his behavior can sure drive her nuts,
She knows there's no other with his kind of guts.
He's a rebel, you see, with a whole lot of cool,
He's an alien rogue, he's an unpolished jewel!
Who else can just fry Jetta engines with ease?
Who else can paint domes? Who can quote Ulysses?
So Maria can certainly never be blamed,
For adoring him -- no, she should not be ashamed!
Besides, what other guy has so many fan groups?
He's the General of all his adoring girl troops!
From Lollies to Fehrians, Candygirls too,
They all love their Michael, they're some wacky crew!
And this is my poem for them, here, in this place.
Now I hope that they?ll all finally get OFF MY CASE!!

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