WB's Weekly Polls

These are some of the weekly polls posted on the WB site.

Do you think that Max and Liz's relationship will last?

Yes, they are a perfect couple
No, he was just using her to find out about his past
Maybe, but it's not going to be easy


Have you ever noticed the resemblance between "Michael" Brendan Fehr, and "Mulder" David Duchovney?

Yes...looks like Brendan Fehr is a young David Duchovney clone.
Wouldn't it be great if David made a guest appearance on Roswell?
No, but now that you mention it, its so obvious!
No, I don't see a resemblance. I have always loved Brendan's unique look.


It was just revealed that Max changed Liz when he saved her life. Just what powers does she have?

Liz has no powers. She is still a human.
Liz does have powers, but they will never be as powerful as the other aliens.
Since the royal four are both human and alien, Liz has powers just as powerful as the others. But it'll take Liz longer to master her powers since she was not born with them.


Do you think Ava (duplicate Tess) and Tess were switched at birth?

Yes: Ava is much nicer than Tess is
No: Tess is not one of the reject aliens


Do you think that the real Tess returned with Max?

Yes: Tess was just tired from the mind scan Rath and Lonnie did on her to get the location of The Granolith.
No: Lonnie shape shifted into Tess' form to get the location of the Granolith. Rath is holding the real Tess in a secret location.


After feeling betrayed by Isabel, Max and Tess leaves Roswell with the duplicate versions of Michael and Isabel to attend the interstellar summit in New York City. What is going to happen to Max and Tess?

4% Max will unite all of the aliens on Earth and leave the planet to end the war on their homeworld
27% Duplicate Michael and Isabel are really Skins, and they will torture Max and Tess to get them to disclose the location of the Granolith.
66% Max will see that they are going into a trap and return to Roswell with Tess.
3% Max and Tess will be killed


Who are the "them" Laurie spoke of as her captors?

Nasedo and the other protectors of the royal four the "skins"
another alien threat connected to the blue blob


The poll did a Roswell survivor game. I only saved a little.

Max is gone from the Island and now there are only three Roswell characters left. Who's next?


What would you like to do with the Roswell Survivor Game?

Make it go away after the current questions is voted on.
Keep it going until there is one character left.

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