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The WB site used to have an overview of Roswell and a list of all the episodes with the storylines in a primer where fans could go to catch up on what happened on a missed episode, or just to remember what a show was about, or where people new to the series could check it out and see what was going on.

These episode commentary videos were on the WB's site with the episode primers.

The videos feature Jason Katims in season 1 and various people in season 2 like Jason, Colin, Nick, Brendan, Shiri, and some writers, explaining their thoughts behind the episodes.

I don't have vids for all the episodes.
I'm not even sure if they were made for all the episodes.

From the info I have saved, it looks like videos were never made for the last three episodes of season 2, probably because they were already thinking of canceling the show, and didn't want to bother with them.

I obtained these videos from a lovely woman on ebay. (sorry I can't remember your name!)
***If anyone has additional videos, please submit them, and I'll credit you.***

Click on the episode title to see the vid

Season 1

The Pilot
Episode 01

Morning After
Episode 02

Episode 03

Leaving Normal
Episode 04

Episode 05

285 South
Episode 06

River Dog
Episode 07

Blood Brother
Episode 08

Heat Wave
Episode 09

The Balance
Episode 10

Toy House
Episode 11

Into the Woods
Episode 12

The Convention
Episode 13

Blind Date
Episode 14

Independence Day
Episode 15

Sexual Healing
Episode 16

Episode 17

Tess, Lies &

Episode 18

Four Square
Episode 19

Max to the Max
Episode 20

The White Room
Episode 21

Episode 22

Season 2

Skin & Bones
Episode 01

Ask Not
Episode 02

Episode 03

Summer of '47
Episode 04

End of the World
1, 2, 3
Episode 05

Episode 06

Episode 07

Meet the Dupes
Episode 08

Max in the City
Episode 09

A Roswell
Christmas Carol
1, 2
Episode 10

To Serve & Protect
Episode 11

We are Family
Episode 12

It's too Late
& It's too Bad

Episode 18

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