Roswell Promo Videos

These videos were sent by the WB & UPN to television stations
and critics to promote the show.

I don't know if every episode was sent out. Maybe it was just certain ones.
Below are the ones I have pictures for.

If anyone has pics of additional items, please submit them, and I'll credit you.

Season 1 Videos

This video has The Pilot
It was made for the WB Upfront 1999 TV season press preview
Dated May 1999

This video has The Pilot

This video has The Pilot & The Morning After

This video has The Pilot.
It is marked Mar 2000, screener tape for the Hollywood Foreign press.

This video has Tess, Lies & Videotape and Four Square.

Season 2 Videos

This video has Skin & Bones & Ask Not

This video has A Roswell Christmas Carol

This video has Cry Your Name

Season 3 Videos

This video has Busted

This video has To Have & To Hold

It was produced on a white tape, and came in a white sleeve, a
white ribbon around it, tied with a wedding band, and included
an invitation to Jessie & Isabel's wedding.

This video has Graduation

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