Character Vehicles

These are the vehicles driven by characters in Roswell and the info we have about them.
I'm not that familiar with cars, but looked at pics to identify them, so I may have gotten them wrong.
If anyone has other info or corrections, please let me know.

Max and Isabel - Jeep M38A1

License plate # - MX7 984 (on registration) (P)
License plate # - 384 X7A
License plate # - 384 X74 (season 2)

This is the Jeep that Max and Isabel drive. It is never said in the show, but presumed the Jeep is army surplus and the Evans bought it for Max and Isabel to share. SW wrote in that there was a bit of a chat between Max and his father in season 3 about where they got the Jeep.

Mr Evans: It was a fun car. Remember the guy we bought it from?
Max: Yeah. Now, he was scary.
Mr Evans: I thought he was gonna shoot us.
Max: You wouldn't meet his price.
Mr Evans: I did when the gun fell out of his boot. How old were you?
Max: 15.

The fans have named it Bob. If anyone remembers why, please let me know.

I heard a speculation from someone that it was named Bob because the letters BOB were on the license plate, but they are not. There were actually 2 licence plates on the Jeep, season 1 - MX7 984, and season 2 - 384 X74. No BOB in sight.

Some people believe the name Bob came as a result of a vote taken on Fan Forum years ago as to what we should name Max's Jeep.

The Jeep is known for breaking down, even though that only happens in one episode, 'Monsters'.

The Jeep is destroyed in the episode 'Departure'. Michael, Isabel, Tess, Max and Valenti set it on fire and push it over a cliff.

A fan named Maple Leaf posted this information on FF: "I am pretty sure the Jeep used in Roswell is a slightly modified 1954 M38A1, which is a military jeep used in the Korean and Vietnam wars."

Maria - Jetta

Licence plate # - 279 D6I

This is the red, '92 Volkswagen Jetta that belongs to Amy Deluca and is often driven by Maria. The fans have nicknamed the Jetta Genie because Maria was listening to 'Genie in a Bottle' on the Jetta radio in the episode 'Monsters'.

It is kind of a running joke in the show that the Jetta gets damaged when the kids use it to pursue alien interests.

In '285 South', the Jetta breaks down. Maria says it is because Michael drove it too fast.

In 'Destiny' the Jetta's back window is shot out by Special Unit agents when they are chashing Max and Liz.

In 'A Roswell Christmas Carol' Michael mentions that the Jetta's bumber has been hanging by a string for six months, so he buys a used bumper and hand polishes it to give to Maria.

In 'Disturbing Behavior' Laurie Dupree starts destroying things inside in an attempt to escape.

Kyle - Mustang

Licence plate # - 458 K1W

A red Mustang convertible, presumably bought for Kyle by his father.

Michael - Motorcycle
(unknown type - if anyone knows please send it in)

Licence plate # - H40175 (EOTW)
Licence plate # - A359R8 (BIY)

The motorcycle Michael gets, that is silver with black accents.

Tess - Suzuki Vitara (I think)

Licence plate # - 908D7T

A silver Suzuki Vitara, I think, presumably bought for Tess by Ed Harding.

Jim Valenti - Pickup Truck & Sheriff's Cruiser

License plate # - 345 ABV

I believe this is a Chevy Silverado the Sheriff has for his personal vehicle.

License plate # - G 70369

Silver Ford Explorer that the Sheriff drives.
It is probably property of the the Sheriff's department.

Diane Evans - Toyota Corolla

License plate # - unknown

Car driven by Diane Evans and Isabel on occasion.

Alex - car type unknown

License plate # - unknown

It is unclear if this is Alex's car or his parent's car. As far as I can remember, we only see him with the car in one episode, CYN. In other episodes he is either walking or riding a bike.

Alex is in the car when it swerves across the middle divider line and hits a truck. The Sheriff's office determines it was a suicide.

Later we discover that Alex was already dead from Tess mindwarping him too much, and Tess staged the accident to cover her tracks.

Sean Deluca - Volkswagen Bug, classic

License plate # - possibly 1A2 N3L (the only pic I could find was at an angle)

Car driven by Sean Deluca. It is a classic bug in rough condition. It is lime green with gray panels over the front driver's wheel and the passenger's rear wheel, a gray panel on the driver's rear window, a black panel on the driver's rear wheel, and an orange trunk.

Nasedo - Chrysler Sebring convertible

License plate # - 210 V3U

Rental Car that he has when he poses as Max and takes Liz, a black Chrysler Sebring convertible

Dupes - Pontiac Firebird convertible
(thanks to SW for the correction)

License plate # - 615 R5H

The car that the Dupes steal to drive to New Mexico, a black Pontiac Firebird 2000 convertible.
(thanks to KB for the year)

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