Valenti House

Valenti House Floorplan

I made these floorplans by closely watching the episodes.
Some furniture and items changed around in various episodes, and I may have
gotten some proportions a bit wrong, but these are good representations.

Some parts of the house or rooms just are not visible, so there is no way of knowing what is there or how big the space is.

***These floorplans are my own creation. DO NOT repost without permission***
2002 - © RoswellOracle &
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The Valenti's must have moved between Missing and Toy House, because the house is completely different.

This floorplan is the 2nd Valenti house.

The floorplan is accurate, although there is some morphing that goes on in the house. In the episode 'Toy House', Liz comes in through a door that has to be either a bathroom or Sheriff Valenti's bedroom. In 'Destiny' the gun cabinet is placed in front of the closet in the hall, and Max locks the FBI agent in a closet that doesn't seem to exist in any other episode.

Valenti House images

dining room and kitchen

dining room w/ front door

living room

living room

bar in living room

living room w/ patio



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