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Pics of the campus

Dona Ana Dorms
These are the dorms where Alex stayed when he was at the University of Las Cruces.

Litvack Building
This is the computer science building at the U of Las Cru where Alex did his work with the super computer to decode the 'Destiny' Book.

Particle Physics Lab
The Coleman Building

In the episode 'Skin & Bones', the gang is trying to figure out where Congresswoman Whitaker would send Pierce's bones to be tested for Cadmium X.

Liz remembers the particle physics lab and tells Max about it. She says that it opened last year (in 1999), and their teacher Mr. Seligman obsessed about it last semester, telling them all about it.

The particle physics lab has a cycletron that is capable of measuring isotope ratios, so it could detect Cadmium X. It can also carbon date samples, so the age of them can be determined.

Students & Faculty

We never see that many identifible people at the university, but the few that we do see are listed below.
Students & Faculty
Photo Name Student/Job Info Appeared in Episode(s)
Bonnie student She was Jennifer Coleman aka Leanna's roommate BIY
Jennifer Coleman
aka Leanna
student a track athelete who Alex believed was his Swedish girlfriend Leanna BIY
Ed student he was the guy who told Liz and Maria about Alex/Ray when he was at the school BIY
aka Alex
student this was the name that Alex was known as when he was at the college none
first or last name?
faculty he was the instructor in computer science who helps Liz track down Alex's work when he was at the college BIY

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