Unaired Pilot & Extended Episodes

There have been rumors going around for years that there is an unaird Pilot out on the internet somewhere, and extended versions of Departure and Graduation. I get asked about it all the time and just wanted to say a bit about it.

Unaired Pilot

Sorry to say, the 'unaired' Pilot is a myth. There is NO unaired version of the Pilot that was shot.

I believe the rumors started because there were some promo shots filmed that people mistook for a different version of the pilot. Some of the promos are still photos and some action scenes, that were never in the actual show.

You can see some of them on my site in the Promotional videos section.
Carefully watch the videos 'Rumors 1', 'Still Me', and 'Where's the Bullet'. You will see scenes where Liz is wearing a pink shirt that were never in the show, but she is saying dialogue that was in the show. Also, there is a scene where Liz is kind of yelling at Max, "What did you do to me?" I believe those were either filmed for the promo or were a first cut that were edited out or replaced with the scenes we know.

There were a couple of scenes that were shot for the pilot that didn't air (those are on the DVD as extra scenes).

There is also a version of the script that was the first draft submitted, and it is a bit different than the actual filmed pilot. You can find the first draft on my web site in the Transcripts section, but it wasn't filmed. It evolved into the Pilot we have before it was filmed.

Extended Episodes

As for the Departure and Graduation, there were rumors that they wanted to make them 2-hour shows, but it wasn't approved by the network. That may or may not be true. But we do know from people who were at the filming that there were some scenes shot for the episodes that didn't air. That actually happened a lot. They would write and sometimes shoot scenes that couldn't fit in the episode.

In Departure, one of the scenes that was shot but cut, Liz explains the whole future Max thing to Max.

In Graduation we know there was a sex scene shot between Liz and Max. In an interview, Shiri said that Liz looses her virginity and gets married all in one episode, but of course all of us dreamers know that never made it to the final version of the episode.

I've never seen the video of either of these, so if they are out there, they are hidden pretty well. They may not have been released.

I have a section for Cut scenes, if anyone is interested, where I have transcripts of cut scenes that didn't make it into episodes.

Unshot/unaired Script

There is an actual unaired episode called the Dance. It was written to be the fourth episode, so it would have aired instead of Leaving Normal. The network decided they didn't like the direction it would take the show, so it was never shot and we have Leaving Normal instead. You can find it on my site in the Episode Transcripts section.

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