Types of Dreamers

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Classification of Dreamers!
Which Are you?

Snow Dreamers/Romantic Dreamers/Cherishing Dreamers - who do not believe in cement but chaste romance.

Amour Dreamers - these are the Dreamers that believe in a passionate love between Max and Liz. As in, not necessarily chaste, but not quite as close to cementing as the Blush Dreamers.

Blush Dreamers - want passionate kissing and almost cementing but no cementing for awhile yet!!

Cement Dreamers/Sexual Dreamers who do want Max & Liz to cement but haven't quite reached the depths of depravity of the Guttercouchers!

Guttercouchers - Not only do we want cement, but we'll turn every comment into a cement-related idea.

Die-hard Dreamers - Dreamers who believe in Max and Liz's love no matter what happens

Displaced Dreamers - They're "Dreamers in the classic sense" but they explore other options when Max starts pissing them off. They bow to a Royal Court that consists of Liz as King, Kyle as Queen, and S2 Max as a royal toilet scrubber among other things...

Reject Dreamers - the slightly more laid-back Dreamers of the Jason Behr boards

Spoiled Dreamers (aka SD) - Deamers who couldn�t wait for Max and Liz to get back together so they read all of the spoilers

TNT Dreamers - stands for Top-Notch Tolerance Dreamers, they make a point of not bashing Tess or other characters

These were posted on the now closed site I Shall Believe in Max & Liz.

Dreamer Dictionary

Brat Dreamers - Thats what members of some other shipper groups call dreamers who they feel do nothing but complain, over anything mostly spoilers. But which has been taken as badge of honer by Dreamers.

Kamakaze Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, "There's rock bottom fifty feet of crap, then us "

Maso (masochistic?) Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, But see Sublime Muffin for this one

Pollyanna Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, Optimistic only seeing the good in spoilers.

Soprano Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer,
(1) Has no problem with retribution,
(2) Will dispence punishment when the time comes,
(3) ATTITUDE "MOTTO: Don't Worry About It, You Got TO Do What You Got To Do..."

Weeza Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, Pessimistic only seeing the worst in spoilers. From the Movie Steel Magnolia's

Sybil Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, Who bounces from Pollyanna to Weeza sometimes in 2 sec's flat :) From the Movie The Sybil.

Scarlett O'Hara Dreamers - Fully Spoiled Dreamers whose attitude towards bad spoilers is a wait and see approach, "For tomorrow is another day..."

Note: These Dreamers due to the horror the spoilers were in fact true died early.

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