End of the World Theories

Have you ever wondered what happened to end of the world that Future Max told Liz about? At the end of season 3 Tess is dead and the four square is broken, just like it was in Future Max's time.

Future Max said Tess was vital to their survival, so is the world still doomed since she is gone?
(Thanks to Crystal for asking this because it reminded me of all these theories!)

Roswell fans have been debating this for years and there is no real answer because it was never discussed in the show. It was like they just completely forgot about the End of the World in season 3.

But, there are a lot of theories -

  1. The world is still doomed. Tess is gone so they are screwed.

  2. Future Max was a mind warp. If that is true then nothing he said is true.

  3. Since Future Max came back and warned Liz, she will warn the others and they can figure out how to save the world.

  4. Since Tess and Max did get together, something changed and the world is safe.

  5. Max's son only seems human. He will get powers later and save the world.

  6. Ava can take Tess' place in the four square.

  7. Liz can take Tess' place in the four square. You would think Future Max would know this if it were possible, but maybe not. What if for some reason Liz only got her powers because of the pain and anger she went through over Max being with Tess. Liz's powers got out of control when she was upset with Max in season 3 and she really used her powers for the first time when she threw Tess across the room.

  8. Someone else can take Tess' place in the four square. Maybe another alien or the child of an alien can help them save the world.

    These are my own theories -

  9. We have no idea how Future Max and Liz decided they needed Tess to save the world. What if they were just guessing, and they were wrong.

  10. Future Max was real, but he was mistaken or tricked, and it was never about Tess. What if Tess was so mad about Max and Liz that she mindwarped Future Max and Liz into thinking the world was ending and convinced him to go back to save the world, but what she wanted to was seperate him from Liz.

    Or maybe Khivar or some other enemy tricked Max into thinking he needed to go back and change the past for some reason.

  11. Tess isn't really dead, she only pretends to die and will come back and help them later.

  12. In Future Max's time, when Tess left, she joined their enemies and helped them defeat Max and the Earth. If she didn't help the enemies then Max and the others would win.

  13. This theory is a little long and complicated but it's something I've thought about for a while (and even included in a couple of stories) - What if in Future Max's timeline when he and Liz slept together on the night of the Gomez concert they just focused on each other and didn't really want to be involved in the alien world.

    Imagine if Max refused to go to Copper Summit and check out the Harvest, and they didn't stop it. If all those Skins got their new husks they could have posed a much greater threat to the world. And what if Max refused to go to the summit. Who knows what might have happened. All of the aliens at the summit might have blamed him for not wanting peace and what if they all decided to attack him.

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