Crash Theories

Here are some theories about the crash.

Did more than one ship come to Earth with the hybrids?

I've been thinking about this for a while. This is something that doesn't seem to make sense the way it is portrayed on the show.

When Liz gets flashes of the crash, it appears that the ship flies right through the solar system, comes to Earth, and crashes.

But we know aliens were on Earth gathering DNA from Laurie Dupree's Grandfather, and others in the 1930's to use to clone the Royal 4. That is at least 10 years before the crash. So either the ship was here for several years before it crashed - or there was more than one ship.

Was the Granolith on the ship that crashed in '47?

Another theory that is all my own. There is no way to know this for sure, but perhaps the Granolith came to Earth earlier than on the ship that crashed.

It wasn't captured by the military with the shapeshifters and pods, so likely it wasn't in the crash.

Either it came to Earth earlier, on another ship, or, it was put in the pod chamber before the crash.

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