Roswell Supporters

Supporters were a way to show your love for something Roswell.

A lot of older Roswell websites had pre-made banners that fans could use to show their support.

You could 'support' your favorite character, actor, couple, item, emotion,
body part, scene, etc, and display it on your website or in your posts on forums.
If anyone has additional ones, please send them in!


Sometimes you would get a banner or siggie, with your 'supporter' on it, for example, 'I Support Max' or 'I support Michael and Isabel'.

Supporters still kind of exist today although no one really call them that any more. But most Roswell fans have some kind of icon or banner that they made or had made for them that they include with their posts that shows their favorite character, couple, or is just general Roswell.

Here are a few I saved.

I only posted the character and general ones here.
All of the couple ones I've posted on the shipper pages.

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