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As has been said before 'the world changed because a boy loved a girl!' From this simple beginning add the beautifully written characters of Max and Liz, plus the unequaled chemistry between and the amazing portrayals of Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby, sprinkle with a splash of alien mythology and liberal doses of romance and you have what we Dreamers fell in love with! It is so totally romantic that Max has loved Liz from the first moment he saw her getting off that bus.

It is both sad and dreamy that he loved her from afar all those years before fate brought Liz into the path of a bullet and Max into the path of his destiny. Max did not hesitate to save Liz that day. How could he? 'It was you.'

So simply stated but it is the center of this story - a love so deep, so innocent and unselfish, that Max risked his life and those of Isabel and Michael to save Liz because 'you are everything to me!' The story has taken Max and Liz and we Dreamers on an amazing journey of discovery - showing us about love, giving us hope that there is love like this for all of us. A story of caring, sacrifice,longing, tenderness, and desire between two souls that are learning together just how strong their bond is - and what fate has in store for them. I believe it is their Destiny to be together - and both fate and their own choices will lead them to it, where eventually they will be free to love one another with zero interruptions!

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