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It used to be that pretty much every Roswell site issued awards to other Roswell sites.

Some sites gave an award to anyone who had a site and asked for an award, other sites required a little more substance for an award.

Most sites had varying degrees of awards for sites that were better than others, so for example a site might give awards for a good site, a very good site, and an awesome site.

Some gave awards on amount of content or quality of content, artistic site layout, couple sites, fanfic sites, fanart sites, general Roswell sites, and all kinds of other things.

Here are the requirements from the closed site called Roswell Stars

Win My Award

Out of this World Award
Ok ... this award is sort of hard to win. Basically, you have to have a very good site to win this. First of all. You need spoilers and you need an update page, list, a place we can see the updates. You also have to have fanfiction. Lastly you must sign my guest book. If you make the requirements, then you win. Also, a link to my site gives extra points. So email me with your online name, email, webpage adress, webpage name, and why you deserve this award, because lastly, it has to have something origional. Well ... do YOU meet the requirements!! You can win either award, just tell me which graphic you like best!

My site is a great site award
Ok, this is the hardest award to win. You don't have to have spoilers, you don't have to have a voting booth, you just have to have a site with something orional, something creative. You must also sign my guest book. Unless I give you the award. So email me why you deserve this award and it could be yours.


Here are the requirements from another closed site called Under the Stars

Win My Award

E-mail me with the following informations :
* your name
* your website's URL (can be any site: WB TV shows, actors, movies...)
* which award (s) you want
* why you think you deserve it
* how you find my site (just curiosity, but you still have to answer !)

One more thing, if you win my awards, you will have to link it back to my site. Thank you.

The categories:
-Dreaming award: for sites with good layout and information
-Wonderful site award: your site need to have a little "plus", something that other sites do not have
-Simply beautiful award: the greatest award you can win at my site, you just need to suprised me! =O)
-Quiz award: just take my quiz that can be found in the 'for fun' section.
THree awards will be given out every month


Here are the requirements from another closed site called Leaving Normal

Win Our Awards!
This section is now up and running! Go and nominate sites you think are worthy of the awards!

Heres the deal with our awards! You can nominate a site for any of the following categories starting on May 12, on May 25th voting begins. Voting will continue through June 2nd, the winners will be announced on June 4th. Winners will of course receive beautiful graphics and be listed here and on our links page as awarding winning sites! I will have examples posted of the awards as soon as I can!

Best Graphics And Layout
Most Original
Most Interactive Site
Best Couples Site
Best Character Site
Best Fan fiction Site
Best Cast Member Site
Best Non-Roswell Site
Best Free Graphics
Best Webring or Clique
Best Over-all

Note- Any site nominated will receive an email and must recognize their nomination with a "please vote for me" banner linked back to LeavingNormal, sites that don't comply with this, will be removed from voting.

Below are some of the award banners I saved from various sites.

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