Promo Signature Photos

These were images that were made to be given away at promotional signings.


Apparently these images were made for a Roswell cast signing that took place at the Rumjungle in Las Vegas. It was a rum bar at the Mandalay Bay.

I purchased these photos from a dealer who couldn't tell me anything about them. I could never find out any info about when the signing took place or if there were other cast members present.

The photos are from season 1 and the WB logo is printed on them, so they are obviously from season 1 or 2, but before I saw these photos, I'd never heard anything about a cast signing in Vegas.

Okay, so I finally found out what was going on with these. It was a signing done by Macy's, Levi's and the Nascar Cafe, called the Macy's /Levi's/ NASCAR Cafe VIP Event.

Possibly it was to promote the Levi's Lot 53 clothing line, which came out about that time, although the info I saw didn't mention it. I know there were cast signings at Macy's in L.A. around that time for Levi's. It is also possible it was a signing to promote the WB shows.

How the Rumjungle fit into it I am not sure either. Maybe they were another sponsor.

Anyway, the signing took place in April of 2000 at a Macy's in Las Vegas and was attended by Jason, Katie and Nick from Roswell and Alyssa Milano from "Charmed". Why Alyssa was included I have no idea.

After the signing there was a VIP party at the Nascar Cafe at the Sahara Hotel. It was on the upper floor and only people invited were allowed in. There was a buffet, and the actors took pictures with the people in attendance.

If anyone has additional info, please send it in.

Here is an image from the signing

These are the pictures signed at the event that I purchased from the dealer

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