Liz's Shooting Date(s)

There is a lot of controversary around the date of when exactly Liz was shot, mainly because several different dates were mentioned on the show.

Why all the confusion with the dates on the show? I have no idea. I'm guessing that since it was filmed in 1998, they used the date of the 17th because it fell on a Thursday, making the next day Friday, so it worked with what was said in the show. But when it aired in 1999, the dates had changed days so it no longer worked and they didn't want to have to reshoot those scenes.

But that doesn't explain the weirdness with Liz mentioning two different journal dates apparently on the same day in the same journal entry. She says it is both the 23rd and the 24th.

Below is all the info available about the dates of the shooting, and some possible explanations.

Shooting dates mentioned in the show

September 17 (Friday)
- Liz was shot at 3:52pm according to Sheriff Valenti's report (SHP)
- Larry Trilling, says he witnessed the shooting at the Crashdown on Sept 17 (TC)
- The Roswell Soundtrack info also lists the shooting as Sept 17 (Sndtrk)

September 18 (Saturday) or 19 (Sunday)
- Liz was shot on Sept 18th or 19th according to her journal. (P)

According to the dialog in the show, the day after the shooting is a school day. The Sheriff pulls Max over and says �We had a little trouble at the Crashdown Cafe yesterday.� (P)

Obviously the shooting had to happen on Sunday the 19th for the next day to be Monday and a school day.

Shooting dates mentioned in Liz's journal

September 23 � mentioned by Liz when she is writing in her journal. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. (P)

September 24 � mentioned by Liz when she is writing in her journal. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. (P)

Liz writes in her journal about the shooting on the 23rd and the 24th, and says she died 5 days ago. Obviously it couldn't have been 5 days ago from two different dates, and it appears that it was the same journal entry when Liz entered two different dates.

I think there are a couple of ways to make sense of this. Perhaps she was writing it late at night on the 23rd, so she started with the date of the 23rd, but the second time she mentioned the date it was after mignight, so technically it was the next day even though it was just a short time later, so she put the 24th. Ta-da, two different dates in the same journal entry.

Or maybe she started out with the date of the 23rd and then realized she entered the wrong date and changed it to the 24th at the end of the entry.

With both of these explanations it would still seem like 5 days ago to her that she was shot, because she hadn't been to bed yet.

Or maybe she was just really tired or excited and messed up the dates. lol

Even if this is the case, that would put the shooting on the 18th (Sat) or 19th (Sun), and not on the 17th (Fri) like is listed on the Sheriff's report.

What is the real date?

So when did the shooting really happen?
Your guess is as good as mine. Use what ever date you need to make your story work, I say. lol

I usually use Sunday September 19th as the date of the shooting because that is the date that is easiest to make sense of. Then the next day is Monday, a school day, and you can go from there.

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