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There are a ton of UC or unconventional couple fan groups, and each group has at least one name created by the fans. Some UC couples have several names.

Many UC couples had sites dedicated to them and fanfic written about them, but by far the two most popular UC couples are Polar (Michael & Liz) and Awakened Dreamer (Zan & Liz). Tons of fanfic exists that feature both couples, and they both still have a loyal fanbase.

Overwhelmingly, Conventional couple or CC fans are a much bigger group than Unconventional couple or UC fans. Although the CC ships Stargazer and Lamptrimmer have always been small, and I'll bet the larger UC groups are at least as big if not bigger.

The polularity of various UC ships has gone up and down, but UC fans have really hung in there over the years.

I am not going to discuss every UC grouping here, but concentrate on the few that I have items saved for. If anyone has additional info, please send it in.

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Liz/River Dog?

Michael/Diane Evans?



I am asked all the time about if anyone was seriously a fan of some of these UC ships, like Liz/River Dog. I would say probably not. I dare anyone to come up with a link to a Liz/River Dog fic or fan site. I've never seen one.

I'll bet most of the UC ships didn't have many if any followers. I believe it is likely that many of the UC ships that have been named may have had people discussing, or more likely joking about them at one time and that is how they were named. No fanfiction ever existed for the ship and most likely no fan groups or websites did either.

I know I've had discussions where you get kind of silly and start thinking up pairings and funny or clever names to go with them. We weren't fans of the pairing and never had any intention of writing anything or supporting the ship. It was more of a 'what if' thing. Just for fun.

A perfect example is the ship that I named - Alien Hunters (Hubble/Jim Valenti Sr). I was discussing Hubble and Valenti Sr with someone, and the ship name just came to me. I don't ship slash at all, and have no desire to imagine either Hubble or Valenti Sr 'getting it on' with anyone, I just thought the ship name was appropriate.

So here is a list of UC ships that I know had fans or fanfic written about them. As you can see it is a lot smaller than the amount of ship names. Granted, I don't know everything, but if there were things out there about other ships it was pretty small.

Unconventional (male/female) -
Some ships have more than one name, I just listed the currently used ship name, not all the names.

Alleyleader - Kyle/Ava
Awakened Dreamer - Liz/Zan
Cliffhanger - Michael/Isabel
Daddy's girl - Nasedo/Tess
Deviant - Isabel/Sean
Diddler - Piersedo/Whitaker
Different Destiny - Max/Serena
Drebel - Max/Liz and Max/Tess
Fantastic - Liz/Maxedo or Liz/Nasedo
Fifth Wheeler - Alex/Tess
Ground Zero (or GZ) - Max/Maria
Grounded Soul - Maria/Zan
In Crowd - Kyle/Isabel
In-Laws - Jesse/Liz
Insider - Zan/Isabel
Intuders - Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel
Jumper - Liz/Rath
Lanewalker - Sean/Liz
Loyalist - Liz/Kyle
Mental Vibrator - Tess/Michael
Misfit - Sean/Tess
Outcast - Alex/Ava
Outsider - Max/Isabel
Past Indiscretion - Nicholas/Isabel or Nicholas/Lonnie
Polar - Michael/Liz
Punkrocker - Zan/Ava
Pusher - Rath/Lonnie
Rebel - Max/Tess
Remedialist - Kyle/Maria
Reverse Destiny - Rath/Ava
Siren - Jim Valenti/Isabel
Streetwalker - Maria/Rath
Traitor - Khivar/Liz
True Bluer - Alex/Liz
Viper - Isabel/Kivar
Viper - Vilondra/Kivar
Wallpaper - Alex/Lonnie

Slash (male/male or female/female) -
Some ships have more than one name, I just listed the currently used ship name, not all the names.

Antar Girls - Ava/Lonnie
B Team - Alex/Kyle
Blonde Attitude - Maria/Isabel
Buddha Healer - Kyle/Zan
Catfighter - Liz/Tess
Explosive Souls - Michael/Zan
Lipstick Abduction - Isabel/Serena
Lizizard - Liz/Isabel
Mikey's Angels - Courtney/Maria
Mind Warper - Isabel/Tess
Panty Brigade - Max/Kyle
Peanut M&Ms - Max/Michael
Pink Lady - Maria/Ava
Plasmatic - Alex/Max
Roasted Peanut M&M - Max/Rath
Royal Comrades - Antar Rath/Antar Zan
Self-Gratification - Zan/Max
Soulmate - Rath/Michael
Spur - Michael/Kyle
Sugar Cube - Isabel/Tess
Thug - Rath/Zan
Usurper - Khivar/Antar Zan
Waitresses - Maria/Liz

Threesomes (or more) -
Some ships have more than one name, I just listed the currently used ship name, not all the names.

Alleytrimmers - Ava/Kyle/Tess
Awakened Polar - Zan/Liz/Michael
Band Geeks - Maria/Alex/Liz
Blonde Ambition - Maria/Isabel/Tess
Candy Souls - Maria/Michael/Zan
Candy Dreams - Max/Liz/Maria/Michael
Deep Enders - Tess/Michael/Isabel
Desert Dwellers - Maria/Michael/Isabel
Double Dippers - Liz/Max/Zan
DreamPole Nuts - Liz/Max/Michael
Four Wheel Drive - Tess/Alex/Isabel
Galaxy Gazers - Alex/Isabel/Kyle/Tess
Jumpin' Trucks - Liz/Rath/Zan
Kings Righthand - Zan/Michael/Max
Opies - Alex/Isabel/Lonnie
Peanut Brittle - Maria/Rath/Zan
Polar Truckers - Michael/Liz/Zan
Rejects - Maria/Kyle/Max
Rock n Jocks - Michael/Max/Kyle
Snap Dragons - Maria/Isabel/Liz
Snickers - Max/Michael/Maria
Streetwalking Soulmates - Maria/Michael/Rath
Three Muskateers - Max/Isabel/Michael
Twisted Destiny - Liz/Tess/Max

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