Michael & Liz Polar Info

What is a Polar?

Polar is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Michael & Liz.

The name originally was Polar Opposites, but was shortened to Polar. Some fans call themselves Polarists but most just stick with Polar - I am Polar, they are Polar.

The Polar ship quickly became one of the two most popular unconventional ships, and they still have a large and loyal fanbase.

The best known Polar fanfic is the Polar Novel by Whiteotter. It is an AU story that follows the events in the show, but has a secret relationship between Michael and Liz that is happening the whole time. Early on, Michael and Liz agree that she has to keep up the pretense of her relationship with Max because he would be destroyed to lose her. So Michael also continues in his sham relationship with Maria.

It is an interesting and clever idea, but it does start to fall apart around the end of season 1. But as far as Polar fans are concerned, it is the Bible.

There is also a group a fans who call themselves the Purely Platonic Polarists, and as you can guess by the name they are fans of a friendship between Liz and Michael with no romance. Info about Purely Platonic Polarists can be found on the Other Fans page.

Here are some Polar things I saved.

A Polar fan, Ashita, explains why she likes the couple

So why Polar? Well, I feel that Liz and Michael each have strengths that balance the others weaknesses. Liz tends to be very controlled, analytical to a fault and likes everything tied up in neat little bundles. Michael on the other hand is a force of nature. He's unpredictable, brash, brutally honest and the sort to do things and worry about the consequences later. Michael has the ability to shake Liz out of her carefully crafted, controlled shell, whereas Liz has the ability to ground Michael and keep him from running off half-cocked. Plus, to me, they aren't true polar opposites.

They are what I like to term surface polar opposites. They seem like they have nothing in common on the surface, but in truth, at the core, they have more similarities than most writers credit. At heart, they are both protectors, are fiercely loyal (in fact it's this trait that has most people saying that they'd never get together, but well, that's an argument for later), they both go against the grain to seek the answers they need, they're intuitive, almost prophetic. Even when Liz's powers manifest, they are more like Michael's than Max. Both have visions, both can blast people, both are tied to their emotions and tend to react violently under stress. Most of all? They have a deep, unspoken respect and trust for the other.

Sorry, I don't remember what site this was from.

Michael Guerin and Liz Parker. The ultimate couple that never was. A perfect compliment to each other. Michael is wild and harsh. Liz is calm and reserved. Who could pick two better people to throw together? Who knows what could blossom between the two without the others around?

Michael knows her secrets. He's read her journal. No one could know her as well as he does. He's protective of her from those who would break her heart.

Liz treats him no different than anyone else. She knows he'd die to protect those he loves. She trusts him to keep her journal a secret. She has a faith in him that no one can really understand.

How can you miss those looks they give each other? It's no wonder we think they like each other.

In the real world they can't be together, but here, here they can be what the others won't allow them to be. In love.

101 Ways you can tell if your polar (this refers to a lot of Polar 'in jokes' and things that happened in the Polar Novel.)

#1) You watch the scene in the pod camber in departure alot of times just to see if Michael and Liz are really holding hands.
#2) You order a chocolate martini when you never have before.
#3) You look for a guutercouch in every bar you go to.
#4) You saw "the look" in BIY.
#5) You melt when Michael says, "Thank you for giving me another reason to envy Max Evans."
#6) You know why Michael calls Liz "exhausting".
#7) You think pouncing is a normal part of life.
#8) You pratically passed out when they hugged in M2M
#9 Look for every possible polar moment in every episode no matter how small.
#10 You start referring to The Polar Novel as sacred script.
#11 Can't help but laugh when you here Chaka Kahn
#12) You know that Michael stayed for Liz
#13) You know that Michael wanted to comfort Liz himself in TLV
#14) You cheer when Michael says "Liz trusted you!" to Max in TLV (paraphrasing)
#15 Can't watch any episode without wondering what they are saying to eachother telepathically.
#16 Because you know he stayed for Liz.
#17 Are in complete denial of the Candy nookie. It was dark, he could slipped.
#18 You know Maria wasn't Micheal's first.
#19: You know that Michael's going to make it up to her when he's gruff/mean.
#20: You know exactly how he's going to make it up to her.
#21: You melt when he touches her.
#22: You know that there is so much sexual tension there!
#23)You think every scene where Michael is being hard on Liz his idea of flirting.
#24) The "I'm coming for you, Liz" line in Ask Not made you quiver with outrage or fear.
#25) You're delighted that neither Michael or Liz ever agree or answer Maria or Max in the final "Departure" scenes.
#26) The thought of electromagnetic pulses turn you on.
#27: Because the look when Michael saved Liz from the red pyramid said it ALL.
#28: Because you know that Liz was looking at Michael's butt, when he walked out of the crashown in Missing, thinking yummm I'd like to get me a piece of that.
#29) Ani DiFranco's Pulse has serious libido-heightening effects on you.
#30) Because when the girls were dancing at the Crashdown, you noticed Michael was really watching Liz!
#31: You know that the reason he looks angry when Max is talking to Liz is because Michael doesn't want Max anywhere near Liz.
#32) When you start to refer to Max by an unflattering pet name. Ex: Floppy Eared One. His Royal Pecness, Sir Pecs-A-Lot
#33) You frequent a place called the Babe Magnet.
#34) You smile when there is a black out.(refer to the PN)
#35) You were devastated by the "I want you to see me" speech.
#36) The letters EMP create obscene visuals in your head.
#37) You know that it's what they don't say that is important
#38) You know that if Michael could only see himself through Liz's eyes, he would see how truly amazing he is.
#39) You know that if Liz could see herself through Michael's eyes, she'd realize how precious she is to him.
#40) When you have dreams about Michael and Liz.
#41) When asked who your friends are you answer:" An otter, a vine, a squirrel, a dragonfly, a few celestials, a coyote and a lounge singer."
#42) Anyitme you hear the word "polar" you start giggling uncontrollably.
#43) If you go to the zoo and start up a conversation about Micheal and Liz with the otters. And they answer you.
#44) You enjoy the Mi/L subtext/ scenes more than the actual episode.
#45)They look great covered in stardust.
#46) Michael + Liz= polar love
#47) You cheer at the way mi/l edge around each other in the door way during bly.
#48) Michael and Liz. Liz and Michael. Rolls off the tongue like honey.
#49) When you hear certain songs and think of Mi/L.
#50) You wonder what Liz journal really says about Michael.
#51)Because Michael was worried about Liz's safety when she had dinner with the Hardings.
#52) Because you know Liz has always worried about Michael.
#53) The morning after was the start of your obsession of Michael/Liz.
#54) You know about Michael's other sketchbook.
#55) You've peeked at Liz's extra special Journal.
#56) You know Liz was the first person to see Michael.
#57) You actually liked Tess when she came to town
#58) You saw the way Michael was getting ready to blow up Tess in the pod chamber if she touched Liz.
#59) You noticed that everytime something crucial happens like 57 or 27 for example, he worries about Liz more than Maria.
#60) You felt like a real jerk because in CYN you wanted Michael to comfort Liz instead of Maria.
#61) You look for polar moments so much that you've almost lost a grip on the reality of the actual show.
#62) You continually lament that the fact that TPTB didn't film the Mic/Liz kiss.
#63) You squint your eyes during the dupe Mic/Liz kiss and pretend it's Michael.
#64) You shiver when Michael says Liz's name and vise versa.
#65) You know that Liz relishes Michael's edge.
#66) You know that Liz craves excitement that Michael will never bore her.
#67) You know that all Michael really wants to do when he sees Liz is take her in his arms and never let her go.
#68) You know that Michael will do anything to keep Liz safe.
#69) Because you hate the idea of cheating, but are willing to make an exception for Mich/Liz.
#70) Because you saw the look that passed between Michael/Liz in Monsters.
#71) Star dust pounces to everyone in the babe magnet.
#72) Super special star dust pounces to those on the guttercouch.
#73) Michael and Liz are perfect opposites and perfect together.
#74) Because even as a dreamer or a candy you still root for Mich/Liz.
#75) You know that Michael wanted Max to let Liz go so he could have a chance.
#76) You know that real Michael was really jealous when dupe Michael knew Liz.
#77) You know Micheal's already had "the lay of the land".
#78) When you leave your regular friends to visit your polar friends
#79) You pray for just one scene between them every episode.
#80) You know Michael was really worried about Liz to go after her to the University of New Mexico.
#81) Beacause you know Liz was only pretending to be grossed out when Rath kissed her.
#82) You loved AshJ's Polar-leather picture even before you were officially a Polarist. They just looked *that* good together
#83) Michael and Liz because you know they'll out last all the Max and Liz's Michael and Maria's in this world.
#84) Michael and Liz: Because they're so much more interesting than all those other couples.
#85) Michael and Liz: hell even the name sounds good together.
#86) You knew that when Michael was wringing his hands while waiting with Liz in the Crashdown, it was to keep them off Liz.
#92) You know that Michael helped rather than hindered Liz's investigation out of love.
#93) You know that when Liz said thank you to Michael in BIY it was for more than saving her life.
#94) Because you know what Liz means by "I know how to have fun." in VLV
#95) Because you know when Michael pushes Liz away inside his heart is breaking
#96) Becuase you know that Liz knows why Michael is pushing her away and loves him anyway.
#97) Cause you know that Michael really does know how to dance, he's just no good without Liz
#98)Because you know Michael wants to be more for Liz.
#99) Because you know Liz loves Michael just as he is
#100)Michael and Liz: cause it looks good on you
#101)Polar Way: Is the fun way to be

Reasons Why We Love Michael and Liz together
(again, this has a lot of Polar in-jokes)

The Sizzle:
Three words: Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry! You've have to be blind not to see it in The Morning After (when Liz came to warn Michael about Topolsky) and Missing (when Michael returned Liz's journal) and Max to the Max (when Michael hugged Liz at the end).

They're both so impulsive. Which actually might be a bad thing, because neither of them would restrain the other and it would all just be a big mess. You sure as hell wouldn't have seen *Michael* telling Liz she couldn't go to the reservation in Riverdog.

The Softness:
Liz brings out the protective instinct in Michael. Michael brings out the strength in Liz. Liz is the one Michael feels protective of even though Tess is 'one of them'

Despite his "stone wall" status, Michael never seems to be shy around Liz. He opens up to her like when he said "Thanks for giving me another reason to envy Max Evans".

Michael reminds me of my boyfriend and Liz remains me of myself. We support each other. He has had a hard life like Michael and he says what keeps one of the reasons that keeps him going is me because I give him unconditional love and I don't try to change him. Liz probably wouldn't do that either if she went with Michael.

There's a gentle tenderness between the two, as seen in The Morning After, Tess, Lies & Videotape, and Max to the Max.

The Polarity:
He's just so big and she's so tiny but they fit together perfectly when they hug.

Maybe it�s the fact that no one can be as sweet as Liz Parker, and you're just dying for some guy like Michael to bring out the worst in her.

He fails classes and she's an A+ student.
Maybe she's a little bit country and he's a little bit rock-n-roll.

They'd make a great "Rebel Without a Cause" story.

The Reality:
They both work very hard to maintain appearances - she as the perfect student/daughter/friend/girlfriend, and he as the uncaring rebel. But both really long for something else.

Michael and Liz made huge sacrifices for what they perceived as the 'greater good.' It shows how unselfish they can be.

When Liz feels like crying, Michael is always strong for her.

They don't always get along with adults. (reality check)

They don't look and sound alike as Max and Liz sometimes do.

They're different from the usual couples.


"Alterna-land" reasons submitted by various Polarist fans (some versions edited):

I love the way that Liz thinks he's going to touch her face or stroke her hair when he reaches out to move her so she's not blocking the television.

I love the way Liz makes him wear those dorky sweaters so other girls won't see what a great bod and arms he has.

I love Michael and Liz because of the way Liz tries to teach Michael how to use front doors. It fails miserably, of course, which is why her balcony's been seeing so much *action* lately.

I love the way Liz laces Michael's cherry cola with tabasco, not arsenic. I love the line "For Michael, yelling at girl is foreplay."

Because 5 weeks into their marriage Liz goes deaf because Michael's idea of foreplay is yelling.

I can see Michael crossing his eyes every time Liz goes into one of her gaze-modes...and Liz cracking up at herself. ...he'd have such a lightening effect on her dontcha think?

They may have late night makeout, *ahem*, tutoring sessions so that Michael can get into some sort of college after grad...or at least make it out of high school. Liz could learn a thing or two.

I like the way Michael persuaded the two stupid slugs in bio lab to "just do it" just so Liz could get an "A+" in her mating ritual assignment. He yelled at them ... because you know, yelling is foreplay!!!

I love Michael and Liz because when Liz revealed her feelings for him in her journal, he couldn't stay away.

I like how Michael can look all fierce and stormy and Liz just stares up at him dreamily with complete adoration.

I love how Michael always made sure that there was enough vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

I love that when Michael and Liz are in an emotional discussion they both stand there with their lips quivering trying to find the words to say.

I love how Michael and Liz cleared a path to each other in Destiny. When Michael grabbed Max's arm and said "You gotta let her go," he's thinking, "Because you had your chance with her! It's my turn now!"

I love Michael and Liz together because Liz's shampoo brand of choice is Generic.

I like Michael with Liz together because there's so much more room to be himself in Liz's bedroom than in that tiny, cruddy apartment.

I like Michael with Liz because he makes the Parkers REALLY nervous and they see that they should have appreciated Max while Liz was interested in him!!

When Michael was holding her, trying to comfort her in Max to the Max, all he could think about was the smell of her shampoo and how good it felt to have her in his arms.

He dirties the apartment and she cleans it. He cooks and she cleans up afterwards.

I love the way she taught him to put the toilet paper on the holder the correct way. (the boy must be in love!)

I love Michael and Liz together because whenever Michael spills his Cherry Coke Liz is always there with a dish rag to clean it up.

I love Michael and Liz because when Liz revealed her feelings for him in her journal, he couldn't stay away.

In Blind Date, Michael came to the concert just in time to run into Liz as she was leaving. He asked her what was wrong, and she started to cry, and he just held her.

I love Michael and Liz because in Sexual Healing, he just KNEW Chaka Khan was her favorite make out artist... it was obvious that he had spent time figuring out exactly how to set the right mood for making out with Liz!

In Destiny, Michael knew Max had hurt her again, darnit. and he said "It will be alright." but what he meant was: "I wont let him hurt you again." And she smiled, and he walked her home.

I like Michael and Liz together because when their faces are close you can form a picture by connecting they're freckles.

Just cause!

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