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These are Alex & Isabel quotes from the episodes.

I have no idea who saved these originally, but here they are.

1.08 Heat Wave

(Isabel goes to sleep using her power. She touches a picture of Alex in a yearbook and falls asleep. She wakes up in Alex's dream and follows him into this ballroom. Alex is waiting for his date and to Isabel's surprise, Alex's dream date is Isabel)
SINGER: We'll take it from here.
DREAM ISABEL: Hello, Alex.
ALEX: Hello.
DREAM ISABEL: Thank you for inviting me.
ALEX: My pleasure.
DREAM ISABEL: You really think of me?
ALEX: I think that underneath that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior. But I have a feeling that not too many people get to see that interior, do they?
DREAM ISABEL: No, they don't.
ALEX: Cuz it's too scary to show who you really are. You can show me.
ALEX: Yeah.

(The next morning, Max is arguing with Isabel about using her powers to enter Alex's dream) MAX: I can't believe you did that.
ISABEL: Liz couldn't control the guy. I needed to know what was going on in there.
MAX: So, what did you find out?
ISABEL: I told you, it was confusing.
MAX: You were able to get in there, right?
ISABEL: Yeah, I got in there.
MAX: So, what happened? What was he dreaming about?
ISABEL: Well, he's a complex individual with...a lot of complexities.
MAX: Are you ok?
ISABEL: Yeah. Why?
MAX: Cuz you look a little you're blushing.
ISABEL: It's the heat, all right? Max, I went in there. I saw some things. I'm not exactly sure what they meant. I'm walking around in somebody's subconscious. It's not a hard science.
MAX: Is there something you want to talk about? Did something happen in there?
ISABEL: Look, I can take care of the Alex situation. I saw what i needed to see, which is that...out of all the people involved, I'm the one who can control him. Just a little old fashioned charm.
MAX: You sure?
ISABEL: Yes, I'm sure.
MAX: You have everything...
ISABEL: Under control. Yes.

(Isabel finds Alex in a hallway at school)
ISABEL: Hey, Alex.
ALEX: Uh uh hi.
ISABEL: You look good today.
ALEX: I do? Oh, thanks.
ISABEL: So, tonight...that party everyone's talking about, you interested?
ALEX: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Tell me how it goes.
ISABEL: Interested in going?
(Isabel unbuttons the top button on Alex's shirt)
ISABEL: Meet me there at 8:00.

(At the rave)
ALEX: Isabel!
ALEX: Hey!
ISABEL: Hey! You look great.
(Isabel unbuttons Alex's top shirt button)
ALEX: You, too. You know, I like the way you look in red.
ISABEL: I know you do.
ALEX: So, listen, just clarify, when...when you asked me to come to this party tonight, did you mean like come with you or...or was it more just like letting me know that this party existed, you know? Because that would be amazing in and of itself. I'm...I'm just curious.
ISABEL: You wanna go someplace?
ALEX: Go...go someplace?
ISABEL: To talk.
ALEX: Oh, talk. Yeah, sure...sure.

(At another secluded part of the soap factory, Isabel and Alex sit down to chat)
ISABEL: You're a really, really good guy, Alex.
ALEX: Oh, thank you, Isabel. Thank you.
ISABEL: No, really. I mean, most guys are just disgusting animals whose sole purpose in life is to try to maul me. But you're different.
ALEX: I am? I mean, I am! Yeah. Oh, yeah. I just...I don't see you that way, Isabel. Not that I wouldn't want to...
ISABEL: I think I know how you feel.
ALEX: You do?
ISABEL: Yeah...which is why I think I know that I can trust you.
ALEX: Trust me?
ISABEL: Yeah, we all can. Liz, Max, all of us.
ALEX: So that's what this is about.
ALEX: You brought me here tonight to find out what I said to Valenti?
ISABEL: Alex...
ALEX: Oh, how could I even believe that you were actually interested in me? Oh, I've been such a fool.
(Alex walks off)

(Isabel and Max are waiting outside of the jail)
ISABEL: He let everybody else go except Liz and Alex. We are so screwed.
MAX: It's gonna be ok.
ISABEL: We should have told him.
MAX: What?
ISABEL: Alex. We should have told him about us. I...I know this sounds crazy, Max, but I feel something about, he's, we'd be better off including him.

(Back inside the jail cells)
LIZ: Alex...Alex...Alex, I just need to talk to you. Uh, I just want to...
ALEX: Let me just ask you...did you arrange that whole Isabel thing?
LIZ: What...what Isabel thing?
ALEX: You know, I mean, uh...her trying to seduce me into keeping quiet?
LIZ: I don't know anything about that, Alex, I swear.
ALEX: Cuz it's...cuz it's just low, you know? I mean, she's just low. And I'm done. I'm done protecting you...or her, or anyone else you're associated with. Cuz I'm telling Sheriff Valenti everything. Verbatim. About replacing Max's blood at the hospital, discovering Topolsky was FBI, everything.
LIZ: No, look, look, Alex...look, listen to me. You had should just know all of the facts before you do something like this.
ALEX: Well, I thought you said it wasn't your secret to tell.
LIZ: Alex, the reason that Isabel did whatever it is that she did is not that she's low, she's just...she's scared.
ALEX: Scared.
LIZ: Yes.
ALEX: Scared of what?
LIZ: She...she's scared of being different.
(Liz tells Alex the secret finally)

1.09 Balance

(Alex is still trying to wrap his mind around the idea of the three being aliens)
ALEX: Well, I guess maybe I should talk with one of them directly.
MARIA: Yeah.
ALEX: Maybe Isabel.
MARIA: Isabel. One piece of advice, ok? Don't get involved with them. I mean, look at me and Michael. Granted, the passion was outrageous, but in the end, they're pretty heartless.

(At the Crashdown, Alex and Isabel are sitting at a booth discussing humans and aliens)
ALEX: It doesn't add up. I mean, the human body is the most intricate and complex machine in the universe. No matter how sophisticated your race is, I mean, how could you possibly just take on human form?
ISABEL: Fine. I'm not an alien. Whatever you say.
ALEX: Ok, then let's just say it were possible, all right? Why on earth would...excuse the phrase. Why would you be sent here to begin with? I mean, what purpose could you possibly have?
ISABEL: To wipe out the world, one annoying teenager at a time.
ALEX: Sorry.
ISABEL: I don't know. When we came out of these pods, we looked just like normal kids. We've never been anything else but what you see. No green skin, no antennas. We have emotions, we feel pain, and we probably have more questions about ourselves than you do. I mean, haven't you ever felt different from everybody else? Like if you tried to reveal your true self to someone, they just would never understand.
ALEX: Yeah.
ISABEL: Well, that's what it's like to be us. We're just as human as you are, Alex...only we can manipulate the molecular structure of things.
ALEX: What?
(Isabel reaches for a bottle of ketchup and turns the ketchup into mustard, leaving Alex with an amazed look on his face)

ISABEL: This is the closest we've ever come to any kind of connection with our...
ALEX: With your home...yeah.
ISABEL: Yeah. Look, the whole staring thing is making me very uncomfortable.
ALEX: What staring thing?
ISABEL: You haven't taken your eyes off me all night. It's like you're waiting for me to turn into something else.
ALEX: Oh, I'm...I'm sorry. I won't stare at you anymore. I'll just...I'll look at this.
(Alex looks over the paper with the alien symbols on it)
ISABEL: I think you've seen enough for one night.

1.10 Toy House

(Isabel arrives at the game with her 2 clique friends)
ISABEL: Is there room for us?
ALEX: Um...yeah. Excuse me. I'm sorry. Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me, can you just scoot, like, uh...yeah just all... So, welcome to the bleachers. Glad you decided to be a bleacher bum.

1.11 Into the Woods

(Alex sees Isabel by herself at her locker)
ALEX: Oh, gee, look at the time. I gotta go. I'll see you guys.
LIZ: Oh.
MARIA: Like a puppy in heat.
LIZ: I know.
MARIA: He is my next project.
ALEX: Hey, are you, uh, walking this way?
ISABEL: Actually, I'm walking this way.
ALEX: This way works for me. How's it going?
ISABEL: It's going fine, Alex.
ALEX: Great, great. So, movies.
ISABEL: Movies?
ALEX: Yeah, I was wondering if, uh, do aliens enjoy cinema?
ISABEL: Alex...
ALEX: Yeah, right, sorry. The "a" word. Anyways, there's this, uh, Fellini retrospective at the art house theater this Friday night, and I wanted to know if maybe you wanted to, uh, go?
ISABEL: No, I'm not really into that.
ISABEL: You want to just see a regular movie instead?
ALEX: Yeah. That'd be great.
ISABEL: Ok. See you later, Alex.
ALEX: Yeah, whatever you say.

(Alex is talking with Liz and Maria at the Crashdown, asking them if Isabel is glancing over at him)
ALEX: Ok, ok, ok, is she looking at me?
LIZ: Oh. Um...she's not...she's not really looking at you.
ALEX: Isabel Evans and Alex Charles Whitman out on a date? That's like so miraculous, you know. This is the biggest moment of Alex Charles Whitman's life.
LIZ: Listen, why don't you just take some deep breaths, ok?
ALEX: It's's amazing, you know?'s totally amazing. It''s too amazing. Oh, God! It's a joke, isn't it? It's a practical joke. You two are in on it. You bastards.
LIZ: Alex, Alex, Alex, um, your paranoid schizophrenia, it's kicking in.
ALEX: Right. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and go have a little talk with myself.
LIZ: Ok.
MARIA: See what I'm saying? These Czechoslovakians have way too weird of an effect on us.

(Liz and Maria see Alex go over to Isabel's booth)
MARIA: Oh, great.
ALEX: So, Isabel...
MARIA: Another one being sucked into the alien abyss.
ALEX: Listen, about our plans for tonight...
ISABEL: Oh, god, Alex, I'm so sorry. My dad is insisting we go on this lame camping trip together. I...I have to cancel.
ALEX: Cancel?
ISABEL: Yeah, I'm really sorry.
ALEX: No, no, no, no, no. Not at all. Don't worry about it. It's funny, because I was just about to tell you that I was gonna have to cancel because of this fathers' camping weekend fiesta. I mean, you know how dads can be sometimes.
ISABEL: You're going camping?
ALEX: Some coincidence, huh?

(Alex and Isabel are stargazing)
ISABEL: And then to the right of the Milky Way, that's Orion.
ALEX: Oh, wow.
ISABEL: And see the north star?
ALEX: Yeah.
ISABEL: Ok, now look a little to your left...and a little further out, that small group of stars right there, that's the Cygnus constellation. It's the furthest we can see from here.
ALEX: It's amazing.
ISABEL: What is?
ALEX: Staring at the stars with you. I mean, I used to look up there, and stars were just stars. One was just as good as the next one. Somehow with you...I mean... It's so wondrous, you know? I mean...each star a mystery, you know, and so full of possibility. This is so much better than seeing a movie.
ISABEL: Thanks.
ALEX: Hey, listen, um...since we didn't get a chance to go out on our date tonight, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to do something together on Friday.
ISABEL: Our what?
ALEX: Well, not a date. That's probably the wrong word...
ISABEL: I just thought that we were going to the movies, you know, to hang out, to have fun, talk like real friends....
ALEX: Well, yeah, me, too...
ISABEL: It can't be a date, Alex. Don't you understand? It can't be anything like that.
(Isabel walks away)

1.12 The Convention

(Elsewhere in the UFO Center, Alex meets up with Isabel)
ALEX: Isabel, wow, hey. So, you made it.
ISABEL: You've gotta stop following me, Alex.
ALEX: Following you? Are you kidding me? I just happened to be here. I mean, the whole town is here.
MARIA: Oh, good, you found Isabel. He was looking for you.

(Alex knocks on the door of the Evans home. Isabel has been waiting for him to make his move)
ALEX: Hello! Anybody home?
ISABEL: Come in.
ALEX: Hey, I was in the neighborhood.
ISABEL: Yeah, for the last 20 minutes. What's up?
ALEX: Um...I saw this at the convention, and I...I had to get it for you. It's a book on constellations.
ISABEL: Had to?
ALEX: I know that you're into the stars and everything and...well, I was thinking that maybe, um, sometime we could get together and, you know, try it out?
ISABEL: I thought we'd been through this. You know, no dates.
ALEX: No, no, no, no! Not a date. Just 2 friends out at the same place, enjoying the same thing at the same time.
ISABEL: I really like you, Alex.
ALEX: Well, thank you, Isabel.
ISABEL: But this has to stop.
ALEX: It does, yeah. What? What does?
ISABEL: This obsession. I...I mean I wanna be your friend, but every time I turn around you're there and...and it's suffocating me. So...I'm sorry.
ALEX: No no...I got you. No problem. Um...I wouldn't want to suffocate anybody. So I'll just, uh...I'll...I'll see you later.

(Alex is talking to Maria and Amy at the Crashdown)
ALEX: Oh, it's that obvious? Great. Great. Hey, listen...let me ask you guys a question. As women, do you find that all men are obsessive?
AMY: Yes.
LIZ: Absolutely.
MARIA: No question.
AMY: They find something...
MARIA: Usually something completely inane and useless.
LIZ: Oh, like football.
AMY: Oh, and then they just don't let it go!
JEN: Until it consumes every waking minute of their day! Sorry. Couldn't help but deeply relate.
LIZ: Yeah, but then they use it as an excuse.
AMY: Oh, whenever it's convenient for them...
MARIA: To just completely ignore you.
AMY: Yeah, and it's so clear why they're doing it.
LIZ: Oh, yeah. It's an avoidance thing.
JEN: They hide behind their obsession!
AMY: Because what they really are is afraid.
MARIA: Deathly afraid.
LIZ: Of commitment.
ALEX: Ok. I got it. Crystal clear. But...what if, uh, there's a guy whose obsession is a woman?
AMY: Oh, yeah, right.
LIZ: Dream on.

1.13 Blind Date

No Isabel/Alex scenes

1.14 Independence Day

No Isabel/Alex scenes

1.15 Sexual Healing

(Alex goes to the cafeteria area and spots Isabel eating by herself. As Alex walks up to her, Isabel takes a bite out of a hot pizza and starts fanning her mouth. Alex searches through his lunch bag and gives Isabel a napkin)
ALEX: You ok?
ISABEL: Mm-hmm. Now I have that little piece of skin hanging down from when the pizza's too hot.
ALEX: Yeah, well, um, speaking of hot...this whole Liz-Max thing?
ISABEL: Mm-hmm?
ALEX: Well, I was just wondering, you know, in the interest of science, kissing being purported to provoke these certain insights, I wanted to, you know, offer myself as a human subject available for experimentation.
ISABEL: It's not gonna happen, Alex.
ALEX: Right...right...right. Thought I'd give it a shot.
ISABEL: Yeah. You want some pizza?
ALEX: Uh, yeah. Pizza's always good.

(Isabel walks up to Alex's house and knocks on the door)
ALEX: Isabel.
ISABEL: Max and Liz are missing.
ALEX: Missing. Ok, let me, um...let me get the keys to my car. All right? We can go and find them.
ISABEL: That's ok.
(There is an awkward pause as Isabel waits for Alex to make the first move)
ALEX: Ok what?
ISABEL: Ok, and kiss me.
ALEX: K...K-kiss you?
ISABEL: My brother's missing. I need to find him. Maybe we can generate some information.
ALEX: Right.
ISABEL: Maybe I'll get a flash of their location or something, so...go ahead.
ALEX: Oh...yes. Yes, ma'am.
(Alex steps over to Isabel and kisses her)
ISABEL: Nothing.
ISABEL: Nothing relevant to the current crisis.
ALEX: Sorry.
(Isabel turns and start to walk away)
ALEX: You know, I'm...I'm available for further experiments. You know. When-whenever.

1.16 Crazy

(At school, Alex and Isabel are sitting at a table during lunchtime)
ALEX: So, you've noticed them, too, huh? Liz and Max and Michael and Maria.
ISABEL: It's kind of hard not to with all the face-sucking going on.
ALEX: Yeah. But, um...listen, Isabel. I've been thinking. I mean, face-sucking aside, it'd be kind of nice to have someone...someone to hang out with, one on one. You know, someone who you understand, and you share common bonds with. I mean, like a friend, but...
TESS: Can I join you?
ALEX: Actually, we were in the m--the middle of something.

ALEX: So you agree with them?
ISABEL: Alex, you have to stop. We can't show weakness.
ALEX: What, you think I'm being weak because I don't want anything bad to happen to you? I mean, to us? To all of us?
ISABEL: You really do want to protect me, don't you?
ALEX: I'd do anything.
ISABEL: Nobody's ever said that to me before. I mean, except for Max and Michael, but they're my brothers, so...
ALEX: Isabel, I meant what I said...about having somebody. I mean...everything gets easier once you're not alone.
ISABEL: I've just always thought that if I, um, if I let someone in it would make me too...
ALEX: Vulnerable?
ISABEL: I'm just not sure that I can afford that right now.
ALEX: How about starting slow, huh? A video date? Notting Hill. It's a great chick flick.
TESS: Yeah, but he didn't deserve her. What a little English wimp, don't you think? Hi, Al.
ALEX:'s not Al. It's Alex.
TESS: I am so un-hungry right now. Why don't we just go back to your place, and I'll start on your hair.
ALEX: You 2 have plans?
TESS: Girls' night.
ALEX: Guess I've got the wrong hormones for that.
ISABEL: See you later, Alex.
ALEX: Yeah.

(everyone is interogating Alex about the strange car that pulled up beside him claiming to be sent by Topolski)
ALEX: If I knew anything more, don't you think I'd tell you?
ISABEL: Just leave him alone. He's been through enough.

(Dinnertime at the Crashdown)
ISABEL: I hope you don't mind, I mean, just hanging out for awhile. I didn't want to be alone tonight.
ALEX: Me neither.

1.17 Tess, Lies and Videotape

(In a hallway at school)
ALEX: Tess. Hey, Isabel.
ISABEL: Hi, Alex.
TESS: He's got it so bad for you.
ISABEL: He's sweet.
TESS: Sweet as in nice guy, or sweet as in potential love connection?
ISABEL: Sweet as in I don't know. What about you?

1.18 Four Square

(Episode begins with an up close shot of Isabel on a starry night.)
ISABEL: I�m finally ready to let someone in. And I want him to be you.
ALEX: I�ve been waiting to hear that, Isabel. And I want to be the only one for you, cause you�re the only one for me.
(Michael appears behind them as they kiss. Suddenly she is in the desert with all the symbols on the ground. Michael is beckoning to her, then Alex.)
ALEX: Isabel. Isabel.
(At the warehouse.)
ALEX: Isabel, wake up. She�s moving around.
(Isabel picks up a phone and dials.)

ALEX: I�m the one least involved. The one she won�t suspect. I�ll get close to her.
ISABEL: No! Stay away from her, Alex. Besides, we don�t even know if Nasedo is Tess anymore.
MAX: Could be anyone at anytime.
LIZ: We can only trust each other, now more than ever.
ALEX: We can�t just sit around and wait for her to do something to one of us.
ISABEL: Max, Michael and I will find out all we can about her, ok? We won�t give her the chance to surprise us. Please, Alex, I don�t want anything bad to happen to you.

(In the janitor�s closet.)
ALEX: Whoa, hey what is the emergency?
ISABEL: Alex, I�ve been thinking.
ALEX: Oh, this can�t be good.
ISABEL: You know how I said I wanted to take things slow?
ALEX: The word glacial comes to mind.
ISABEL: Maybe it�s time to melt the ice.
ALEX: Whoa, wh... what?
ISABEL: I�m ready. For a relationship, and I want it to be with you�not with anyone else I know.
ALEX: Well...there�s someone else?
ISABEL: No! No, absolutely not. Only you.
ALEX: Oh, know...
ALEX: This is like...whoa, this is monumental. You know. I mean we...we�ve got to go about this the right way. You know, romance. Um, how, uh, how about tonight?
ISABEL: How about right now?
(They kiss. Later M&M walk in on them. They open the door to the janitor�s closet where Alex and Isabel spring apart.)
ISABEL: Alex and I are together now.
MICHAEL: Maria and I are going steady.
ISABEL: Great.
MARIA: Must be something in the water.

(At the Evans residence.)
ISABEL: Thanks for bringing me home. I�m sorry you didn�t get to finish eating your food.
ALEX: Oh, that�s ok. I can have a Galaxy Melt at anytime. I know the cook, remember? Besides, that�s what boyfriends are for.
ISABEL: I�m just so tired.
ALEX: Well, you said you didn�t sleep well last night...maybe you�re the one who�s hungry.
ISABEL: Oh, I couldn�t eat right now if you paid me. I just...I just need to lay down. You know, just take a little nap.
ALEX: You�re beautiful, you know that? Sweet dreams.

1.19 Max to the Max

(Inside the Crashdown.)
ALEX: So, I heard you have a situation.
ISABEL: Who told you?
ALEX: Maria.
ISABEL: Maria knows?
ALEX: Look, I just want you to know that if you�re having trouble dealing with it, I�m here.
ISABEL: Alex, you have no idea what�s going on.
ALEX: Does Michael love you?
ISABEL: It�s not that simple.
ALEX: It should be.
ISABEL: Alex, would you stop! We�re not dealing with some troubled teen pregnancy, ok? We�re talking about alien babies.
ALEX: Don�t you think I know that? Don�t you think I�ve known that from the start? That if I decided to go forward with this that things might get weird. Look, you said that you were ready for a relationship. Whatever�s going on now, I know that you meant it. I know that it was real.
ISABEL: It was. It was real.
ALEX: I�ll be here when you need me.

1.20 The White Room

(Liz just told everyone that Pierce has Max and Alex goes to Isabel and hugs her.)

(In Liz�s room. Everyone is one the balcony except Alex and Isabel who are on the bed.)
ALEX: I remember when uhh, Michael almost died in here. He went somewhere in his� in his mind and he� he barely made it out.
ISABEL: I have to do this.
ALEX: Then I�m going to stay with you. Umm, if I�m holding on to you, maybe you won�t get lost.
ISABEL: �K. (They lay down. She is touching a picture of Max.) Let me in, Max, Let me in.

1.21 Destiny

ALEX: I know what you need to do, and that you need to do it alone. (He embraces Isabel.) Good luck.



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