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What is a Stargazer/Gazer?

Stargazer is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Isabel & Alex.

The name Stargazer comes from the episode 'Into the Woods' when the two of them are in the woods, looking at the stars. Mostly now they are refered to as Gazers - he is a Gazer, they are Gazers.

Gazers have always been one of the smaller ships, and there was never that much fanfiction, but there were a few sites dedicated to the couple and they still have loyal fanbase.

Here are some Gazer things I saved.

Alex & Isabel Fan Quotes

Isabel and Alex

These two (and I apologize now if I tend to gush)� In the beginning, you didn�t even know a relationship was there. Maria had always wanted to bring Alex in on the truth about the Roswell crash, while Liz had always been hesitant. When Alex�s loyalties became questionable, Isabel entered his dreams in order to ascertain his loyalties. What did she find? Nothing about their current dilemma- Alex was to busy dreaming about her.

Isabel, who never had trouble finding a date, was always hesitant about opening up to anyone. She hadn�t found anyone who could look beneath her beauty and see the truly beautiful person, or alien� whatever� underneath. Alex, who had admired her from afar for God knows when, did like her for who she was. Isabel was so shocked by that at first all she could do was sit there and watch Alex and his fantasy version of her dance. The next day at school, however, she was all smiles. Fixing his collar, inviting him to parties. Alex never had to worry about the terror of breaking the ice because Isabel already knew how he felt about her.

They�ve become close friends since, even confiding in each other. Alex really likes Isabel, to the point where his puppy love may be actual love. Isabel seems to be affectionate towards Alex because she knows how he feels about her. Still, sometimes Alex can be annoying and sometimes Isabel can be downright cold. They have their moments, though and though Isabel has told Alex that the two can never begin dating, I don�t think the two will be able to stop the inevitable.

They are the cutest couple on the show. I love seeing these two together because they seem the most real out of all of them. Alex and Isabel are people you probably know at your high school, there�s just no chance of the people you know hooking up. But that�s the other thing I love about these two- in this instance, the geek finally got the girl. More or less.

- From the Crashdown Encounters website

Alex & Isabel FAQs

One of the best known Gazer sites was called the Observatory. It was a board dedicated to all things Gazer, but unfortunately it is now closed.

Here is a FAQ list I saved.

Gazer faq�s by the observatory

For any questions you would like answered and posted in this section refer to Bandit

Why do we love Alex and Isabel so much?

At a glance they seem to be the usual match up of a somewhat nerdy but nice guy with the most sought after and popular girl in school,as shown on countless other shows and movies.

But...on Roswell they finally got it right!

As Isabel and Alex progressed from friends to a hastily started relationship, we have grown to love their somewhat shy but obviuosly caring feelings for each other. Even a simple hug or shy smile can make us happy, since we know how much feeling there is behind them.

It is the sort of relationship a lot of us dream of having, and being able to experince it through our Stargazers onscreen has made them extra special to us, and brought with it an undying devotion to them despite the problems they have faced.

- Bandit

Instead of showing a guy who only wanted to be with the school Goddess cause she is hot,and the girl who all of a 'sudden' realises that nerdy/geeky guys are who she should of been going for intsead of the 'jock/cool' type guys,we were shown a nice average guy who during years of admiring the girl of his dreams has come to realise that there is more her to than what she shows the world around her,and an outwardly cold and somewhat 'above everyone' girl who has been keeping her true self hidden from even those closest to her,and would like to have someone who not only could see the who she really is and love her for it.

If not for Isabel being part alien,with powers as well,one being the power to dreamwalk,these 2 people who are so right for each other may not have had the chance to see the other persons real feelings.But while dreamwalking Alex to see if he is going to reveal her biggest and life threatening secret,she instead finds someone who not only accepts her being 'not of this Earth',but also loves the real person who she is on the inside.This is something Isabel never thought she would have,and although still cautious and afraid of this,decides to see if Alex can really give her everything she ever wanted.


What/who are the Stargazers?

Stargazers refers, firstly, to the characters Alex Whitman (Alex Manes in the Roswell High books) and Isabel Evans from the TV show Roswell. It also is used to as the name of the fans who like them together as a coupe as well.


Where did the name Stargazer come from?

In early 2000 on the Alex/Isabel appreciation thread, on the Fanforum message boards for Roswell, names were thought up for them as a couple,to use as the shipper group name, and Stargazer was selected as this name. It refers to the episode Into The Woods, where Alex and Isabel were Stargazing while on a school camping trip.


When was the first Stargazer moment on the TV show Roswell?

In the pilot episode of Roswell there was a brief scene where Isabel was walking along with Maria at the Crash Festival,and Alex was walking past them in the opposite direction. Isabel made a comment on Alex's mask he was wearing as they passed each other (most people there were dressed in an alien theme), and Alex ran back to Isabel. Obviously excited that Isabel had said something to him,and showing that he was attracted to her, all he could come up with was "Nice Cones"! (Referring to part of Isabel's alien girl outfit!). Alex may love her,but he still can be too in awe of her to make rational comments! And Isabel definitly thought his comment was cute as she walked off with a cute smile. Although at this time Isabel wasn't actually attracted to him (or at least didn't realise it! ;) ).


What happened when Isabel dreamwalked Alex for the first time on the TV show?

Isabel dreamwalked Alex to see if he was going to tell anyone that he had helped her and some of their friends that he had helped switch blood samples at hospital when Isabel's brother (who is also an alien) was injured in a car crash. Instead when she went into his dreams she found Alex dreaming of her. They were in the school gym, and Alex had asked a dream version of Isabel to be there with him, and they proceeded to dance. Dream Isabel asked Alex what he really thought of her, and he told her that he thought that under her beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior, but not many people got to see it. And that although he knew she was scared to show it, she could show him. The real Isabel is watching this happen stunned that anyone would actually feel this way about her. Starting the following day Isabel slowly starts to get closer to Alex.

(If you haven't read all the books for Roswell High, this is a spoiler for the last few books)


Will Alex and Isabel get back together in the book universe?

In the last few books of Roswell High, it was shown that A/I had decided that they would be just friends. Isabel had gotten attracted to Trevor, but Trevor left for the aliens homeworld, promising to return someday to her.

But.......due to some understandale pestering from Queen Labrynth from the Stargazer thread on the FF, Melinda Metz in a response on another thread about RH book 10 replied that she thought Alex and Isabel would get back together in college. Since this is from the author of the books, I think we can happily take that as yes! Unfortunatley we won't get to see it as book 10 was the last in the Roswell High series, the new novels will be based on the show.

After Alex died, this statement was posted.

Recently in the episode "Cry Your Name" Alex Charles Whitman is believed to have died in a car accident. However it was learned in the episode "Departure" that Alex was murdered by Tess.

We at 'The Observatory' urge the stargazers to not lose hope.
Here at 'The Observatory' we choose to either ignore, accept, or work around the episode.
By ignore, we mean that the episode never happened and Alex is alive and well.
By accept, we mean that Alex is dead, but we choose to look at it from Isabel's POV.
From work around, we mean that Alex didn't die in the crash and is somehow still alive or he is brought back to life from the crash.
So don't give up writing Alex & Isabel fics, Alex may be gone, but he is not forgotten.
Besides, there's always AU fics, you can never go wrong with those.

Visit the "Bring Back Colin Hanks Campaign". Please stop in and sign the petition.

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