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What is a Dreamer?

Dreamer is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Max & Liz.

There were actually a few names that the fans created for the Max and Liz ship - Chemists, Strawberries, Cherishers, and Dreamers. (I am pretty dang sure there was another name, for the life of me I can't remember what it was.) There were so many different names because a lot of Max & Liz fan sites each made up their own name.

But Dreamer is the one that stuck. There is kind of a controversy about where the name originated - see below for the whole story - but I believe it is from the episode 'Blind Date' when Max calls Liz his dream girl. Fans called themselves Dreamgirls or Dreamguys, and as a group they were known as Dreamers. Now pretty much everyone just uses Dreamer - I am a Dreamer, they are Dreamers.

At one time, the Dreamers were second in size to the Candies (Michael & Maira fans), but in about mid-season 1 they grew in size and have since been the largest fan shipper group. Tons of fanfic exists that features the couple, there were a ton of sites dedicated to the couple, and they still have a huge and loyal fanbase.

Here are some Dreamer things I saved.


As dreamers, we already know how special Max and Liz's relationship is, but how do other
shipers see them. Check out how one candy fan describes Max and Liz's relationship.

Max and Liz are the soulmates. They are the ones that brought this whole story into existence. Max saved Liz's life and the beans spilled. But, he couldn't have let her die because no matter what~~~~ the two have and always will be connected. They are even more so connected now that Max has healed Liz. He gave her a part of himself when he did so.

Max and Liz are the more sensitive couple. Max is the kind of guy to buy his girl flowers and take her out on a real date. Liz is somewhat shy and reserved. Most of the time, both are very rational.

Liz is often scientific in nature. She loves Max with all of her heart, and she does everything in her power to protect him, and to do as she thinks will be best for the good of the future.

Max is the dreamy type. He yearns for Liz, but can't ever seem to be able to make a real decision in what to do about it. He's so caught up in the responsibility of protecting his family and friends, and being the "king," that he doesn't have the time to invest in his own life.

We often wonder when this couple will finally get past their tortured past, and make a future. This is the couple who goes beyond time and space.

- Chesarae (a candy fan)

Dreamer Fan Quotes

When Max's Soulful eyes look into Liz's sultry eyes, it is almost like dynamite, the TV screen ignites w/ passion!! These two were meant to be together, FOREVER!!


Claire says: Max & Liz. Max & Liz. Max & Liz. All the rest of the characters could be blocks of wood, there could be no point to the whole show, and it could be on at 2am in the morning and yet, I would still watch it just for the whole Max & Liz relationship. They are the reason I got sucked into the show in the first place, the reason I kept watching (even through Four Square...yuck!), and the reason I will continue to watch the show.


Kerry says: Max and Liz, from the very beginning had drawn me into Roswell, and made me stay, taking my heart and earning my devotion. The fact alone that this couple started with true love is what makes their pairing so idealistic. It pushes the boundaries of reality and the cynics of the world can't help but whisper, "I wish". To me, that is the hallmarks of an outstanding television couple - a pair that will go the distance.


Cate says: Max and Liz!!!!!!!!! Max and Liz are the ULTIMATE couple. They are what make me watch Roswell every week (apart from the cool alien stuff, and the HOT Brendan Fehr!) Max and Liz, have, a different sort of Chemistry, they have this sort of 'unbreakable' passion between them, and they somehow manage to have these looks in their eyes, that makes it all so believeable, it's like they truly belong together. They have a magnetism, they break up(a lot), but always end up together, and its always, so powerful.... I don't know weither its because Max is an alien, and because he healed Liz, (which makes her part alien) but they are like this sort of 'supernatural love' - something I wish I could have (with someone as caring and sweet (and HOT) as Max) As an official Dreamer, I have to say that Liz and Max are the ULTIMATE couple!


Kirsten says: My favourite couple are Max and Liz, always have and always will be. Like all Australians, oh well there are those that are lucky enough to get tapes from elsewhere, I haven't seen S2 and all my ramblings are based on S1. However, I doubt very much that my opinion would change too dramatically - I hope. You have two young people, a gun shot, Liz fighting for her life and Max being at the right spot at the right time - saving her life. Really, If you watch very closely - their relationship started the first time Max layed eyes on Liz, the day he stepped off the bus to start school...that day changed his life forever, it was then that he knew Liz would play a major part in his life. The shooting awakened something in her - for the first time she realised how Max saw her and he was right there, all this time, she just couldn't see it until that day... Everything about their relationship is pure and good. Max and Liz's relationship started off with tender gazes, hearts beating faster when their eyes met...tender 'accidental' touches...wanting to be together and a forbidden lust if you will... When you look at Max and Liz you can see the love they share...the way they interact...the way they carry a conversation...they way they stare...they way they look into each others eyes...the way they touch...the undeniable passion...the understanding for each others feelings...the doubts and fears they have shared...the way they kiss...the undeniable love...It is all there and always will be, no matter what. And I'm going to say it: the way they looked in to each others souls...In short it's the intellectual, emotional and physical chemistry that is so apparent to all - and no 'Destiny' crap is going to kill that. I know, there have been lots of obstacles along the way and knowing the way TV gets us hooked, they will be many more to come but there always will be: Max and Liz - in one way or the other... And yes I know, it is only a TV show but Jason and Shiri do an amazing job portraying the closeness of Max and Liz -


On the End of Liz and Max�s World

My world has ended. Not in the literal sense, of course. It just feels as if� I don�t know, my spirit has died� or something. I know why I feel this way. I may be like this forever.

All because Max and Liz will never get back together.

They�re relationship has been cropped to the point where they�ll never be back. At least, not in the way that they were. Not with the love that they had. And that simple fact makes me feel as if I�ve been gutted. Hollowed. My entire body is numb, incapable or even feeling this pen.

I don�t ever think I�ll get over it.

It�s not all Tess�s fault. I�ve left that fantasy far behind. She just serves as a physical reminder of fate, and it�s plans for Max and the others. He has a mission; a purpose, It doesn�t include Liz.

I watched in shock and horror as Buffy killed the vampire she loved, Angel, with a savage stab to his torso. He�d been evil for months, after losing his soul because, she believed, of her. Her friend Willow restored his soul, but not before Buffy had to kill him in order to save the world.

I thought I�d never see something that dramatic (albeit unrealistic) again. It was a hard thing to watch. But I was wrong. Angel�s gone, and he�s been gone from Buffy�s lie for over two years. Max and Liz, no matter what happens, will always be together in Roswell. It just might not be romantically together.

And I think that me, you, the world� we knew in the moment Max saved Liz�s life in the Crashdown last year� it could not, would not be. But for a little while, it was, and it was bliss. And now? It may be over forever.

I�ll just close my eyes and try not to cry.

- From the Crashdown Encounters website


Written by PAC from Roswell Fanatics website (not the fanfic site)

What makes you a Dreamer?

To us, Max and Liz's fans(Dreamers), we adore them because they allow us to dream in so many ways. I mean, have you never thought about what it would be like to meet someone from another planet? In a way, we live vicariously through them. They make their passion so real and so h.o.t.t. hot!, that they leave us wanting more. In everyone of us, exists the need to be loved with that passion and that intensity and being the dreamers that we are, we get to experience it through them.


Max and Liz:Couple Description

Maxwell Evans (Alien) stands at a very comfortable 5 feet 6 inches with soft brown eyes, broad shoulders, a sweet smile and sleek black hair.

Liz Parker (Earth Girl) is his perfect foil at a mere 5ft, with sparkling eyes, long straight black hair, plush cheeks and tiny compact frame.

The love they feel for each other is unmatched in comparison and this has fueled their relationship passionately speaking, and it has also fueled us. They are well suited to one another and and compliment each other in a way that is very gentle and very kind.

From the show's inception, Max and Liz have created an energy all their own. When together, the two ignite a passion so raw and so powerful that we feel the effects of it.

She was born to love him as the story goes, and he to love her but in the grand tradition of beautiful love stories, there are always obstacles to overcome.

When Tess came to roswell at first season's end, she brought with her the promise of ending what had started between the two. Liz had lost all of her confidence where Max was concerned. Since Max was on a mission to discover his purpose, it now seemed that he'd found it. How could she compete with Max's betrowed? From that point to this, they have shown us that love prevails over everything.

They have fought against man and alien alike to keep their love alive and so far they have won.

Dreamer Poetry

Back in the day, it seemed like everyone was writing poetry about Max and Liz, some good, some pretty awful.
Here are a few I saved. You can judge for yourself where it fits on the scale.

Darkness falls upon us
As we walk hand in hand
Through the valley of our minds
The stars shine bright
And lead us into the day
Neither the light nor the dark
Can separate the love that kisses our souls

As we clinch the thirst of our being
And love in the deepest part of our souls
Darkness falls upon us
We walk hand in hand
Through our minds
The stars shine bright
And lead us into the break of day
Neither the light nor the dark
Can separate the love in the depths of our souls.



Screaming for the life of pain to stop
Or at least pass me by once more.
I lean onto its face and i kiss until it's all better
Or at least until i can bear to look...
Look into its pale face again.

It's only better where the size of the car
is what makes you who you are.
That is a lie inside of a lie,
but only a select few can tell fact from fiction!
Cast me down from heaven for thinking of such dark places!

Taste my fist or any of my other parts,
feel my pleasure as i shock you.
Pleasure is an others pain and some don't even know which is the one they want.
It's love that causes pain, yet we all strive to for it.
as life sends us screaming into another part of hell...
to call our life.

Yesterday is all i know of love
And tomorrow i will search for another...
Until the day comes in which i realize that i am old and withered almost in my grave.
and i have searched the entire universe and still am alone looking for the person i left
thinking i could find another as great as the one i left behind.

Today i toss and turn laying in bed as my alarm screams at me to rise.
Yet another day to walk in circles alone.
Stars fill my mind....
It is as if grizzly frogs are scouring my head looking for some sign of love to call me upon.
So i no longer have to sit in circles alone.
They will look all day and as i lay all alone in a daze of slumberless nights they will try to give me some piece of love inside my head...
So i can feel at least enough pleasure to keep me going until maybe one day i will awake and find my prince charming waiting at the door wanting to give me the universe back so i can enjoy it once more :~)

Dreamer Ship
Name Origin

There is a bit of controversy about
where the name Dreamer came from.


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