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Shipper List by Person
The ship list divided by character.


Abductee - fan of Brody Davis
Abductee - Brody/Max
Alien Abyss - Maria/Liz
Alien Blast J - Valenti/alien(s) - someone who ships Jim with pretty much any alien, in male/female, male slash, threesomes or more.
Alien Blast K - Kyle/alien(s) - someone who ships Kyle with pretty much any alien, in male/female, male slash, threesomes or more.
Alien Buddhists - Kyle/Tess
Alien Hunters - Hubble/Jim Valenti Sr. (RO)
Alley Daddy - Ava/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Alleycat - fan of Ava (Tess's dupe)
Alleyleader - Kyle/Ava
Alleytrimmers - Ava/Kyle/Tess (RO)
American Pie - Kyle/Alex
Angels - Courtney/Maria
Antar Girls - Ava/Lonnie
Annihilaters - Tess/Ben (Antar Grrl?)
Apocalyptic - Tess/Alec (Antar Grrl?)
Applesaucer - fan of Shiri Appleby
Asskicking Undercover - Topolsky/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Awakened Destiny - Serena/Zan (RO)
Awakened Dreamer - Liz/Zan
Awakened Outsider - Max/Lonnie
Awakened Polar - Zan/Liz/Michael (no slash)
Awakened Polar Souls - Zan/Liz/Michael (w/slash) (RO)
Awakened Punks - Liz/Zan/Ava


B Team - Alex/Kyle
B Wheelers - Alex/Tess/Kyle
Backstabbers - Lonnie/Zan
BAK - Brendan Ass Kisser (defenders of Brendan Fehr when others criticize/bash him)
Balcony Siren - Liz/Lonnie
Balcony Sisters - Liz/Lonnie
Band Camper - Billy/Maria
Band Candy - Maria/Michael/Alex
Band Geeks - Maria/Alex/Liz
Band Groupies - Alex/Isabel/Maria
Barely Legal - Isabel/Jesse
Basketcases - Michael/Isabel/Tess
BBQ M&Ms - Maria/Michael/Kyle
Beautiful Destiny - Kyle/Serena
Behrian - fan of Jason Behr
Believers - someone who ships everyone and likes all friendships (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Betrayers - Lonnie/Tess
Bicker Brigade - Kyle/Maria (as siblings)
Big Pimpin' - Liz/Maxedo/Maria
Bobber - fan of Max's Jeep, Bob
Blonde Ambition - Maria/Isabel/Tess
Blonde Attitude - Maria/Isabel
Blonde Attitudes - Tess/Isabel (MiSToCLes)
Blood Drives - Alex/Max/Tess
Blue Catfighters - Alex/Liz/Tess
Bookworms - Kyle/Tess
Boy Scouts - Max/Michael/Nasedo aka Circle of Jerks
Brats - Nick Wechsler fans
Breakfast Club - Michael/Maria/Liz
Brooder - Max/Valenti
Buddies - Alex/Liz
Buddha Healer - Kyle/Zan (majikhands)
Butterfly - Maria/Lonnie


Candy - Michael/Maria
Candy Dreams - Liz/Max/Maria/Michael (RO)
Candy Souls - Maria/Michael/Zan
Candytrimmers - Maria/Michael/Tess/Kyle
Castaway - fans that don't fit into any categories (MiSToCLes)
Catfighter - Liz/Tess
Cat's Eye - Ava/Tess
Cheerleader - fan of Kyle
Cheesehead - fan of Lil Maria. (Emily & Kara)
Chemists - Max/Liz
Chemists - Jason/Shiri
Cherishers - Max/Liz
Circle of Jerks - Max/Michael/Nasedo
Conradical - fan of David Conrad and his character, Agent Pierce (MiSToCLes)
Cowgirl - another name for Kyle fans.
Captives - Brody/Isabel (Elisa)
Castaways - Sean/Ava
Cliffhanger - Michael/Isabel (aka called Cliffies and Cliffs)
Combustible - Maria/Sean
Confidants - Liz/Isabel/Kyle
Conspirators - Rath/Lonnie
Conventioneers - Max/Milton
Cool Kids - Kyle/Maria
CopyCatfighters - Liz/Tess/Ava
CopyCats - Liz/Ava
Cornballers - Max/Ava
Corn-Fed Lady - Hal/Betty (from 'Summer Of '47')
Cremegirl or Cremers - Kyle/Isabel
Crispy M&M - Max & Rath (Winter Ashby)
Cruel Desire - Liz/Nicholas
Cruel Dreams - Max/Liz/Pierce
Cruel Intentions - Liz/Pierce
Cuffs 'n Palm Prints - Valenti/Max/Pierce


Daddy's girl - Nasedo/Tess
Daddy Issues - Tess/Sheriff Valenti (RO)
Dangerous Intentions - Max/Lonnie
Death Trapper - Fans of Max's Jeep, Bob. Also Jeep/Jetta shippers (hey, it's all in good fun!)
Deceiver - fan of David Conrad and his character, Agent Pierce (MiSToCLes)
Deep Enders - Tess/Michael/Isabel
Delinquents - fans of Sean DeLuca
Deputies - Tess/Kyle/Maria
Desert Dwellers - Maria/Michael/Isabel
Deviant - Isabel/Sean
Deviant Destiny - Rath/Isabel (RO)
Diablo - Tess/Maxedo/Isabel
Diddler - Pierce/Whitaker
Diddler - Nasedo/Whitaker
Diddler - Nasedo/Pierce/Whitaker
Diddler - Piersedo/Whitaker
Different Destiny - Max/Serena
The Dog Pound - fans of River Dog
DoK Orgy - Alex/Liz/Riverdog
Donor - fan of Alex
Double Dippers - Liz/Max/Zan
Dorkbutt - fan of Lil Michael. (Emily & Kara)
Dreamcatchers - Tess/Max/Michael
Dream Geeks - Max/Liz/Alex
Dreamjumpers - Liz/Rath/Zan
Dreamlanes - Liz/Max/Sean
DreamPole Nuts - Liz/Max/Michael
Dreamy Waitresses - Maria/Max/Liz
Drebel - Max/Liz and Max/Tess (also called Dynamic Drebels)
Dreamer - Max/Liz
Dreamers on the boards also divided themselves into several groups, most of which don't exist anymore.
  • Amour Dreamers - are the Dreamers that believe in a passionate love between Max and Liz. As in, not necessarily chaste, but not quite as close to cementing as the Blush Dreamers.
  • Blush Dreamers - want passionate kissing and almost cementing but no cementing for awhile yet!!
  • Brat Dreamers - Thats what members of some other shipper groups call dreamers who they feel do nothing but complain, over anything mostly spoilers. But which has been taken as badge of honer by Dreamers.
  • Cementing Dreamers aka Sexual Dreamer - fans who like Liz/Max in adult fics
  • Cherishing Dreamers aka Romantic Dreamer aka Snow Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Die Hard Dreamers - fans who believe in Max and Liz' love no matter what happens between them
  • Displaced Dreamers - They're "Dreamers in the classic sense" but they explore other options when Max starts pissing them off. They bow to a Royal Court that consists of Liz as King, Kyle as Queen, and S2 Max as a royal toilet scrubber among other things...
  • Guttercouchers - Not only do they want cement between Max and Liz, but they turn every comment into a cement-related idea. In other words, their minds are ALWAYS in the gutter.
  • Kamakaze Dreamer aka Maso Dreamer aka Spoiled Dreamers - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, "There's rock bottom fifty feet of crap, then us "
  • Maso (masochistic?) Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer (Sublime Muffin)
  • Pollyanna Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, Optimistic only seeing the good in spoilers.
  • Reject Dreamers - the slightly more laid-back Dreamers of the Jason Behr boards
  • Romantic Dreamer aka Cherishing Dreamers aka Snow Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Scarlett O'Hara Dreamers - Fully Spoiled Dreamers whose attitude towards bad spoilers is a wait and see approach, "For tomorrow is another day..."
    Note: These Dreamers due to the horror the spoilers were in fact true died early.
  • Sexual Dreamer aka Cementing Dreamers - fans who like Liz/Max in adult fics
  • Snow Dreamers aka Romantic Dreamer aka Cherishing Dreamers - fans who love the relationship and romance between Max/Liz and stay away from the sexual side
  • Soprano Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, (1) Has no problem with retribution, (2) Will dispence punishment when the time comes, (3) ATTITUDE "MOTTO: Don't Worry About It, You Got TO Do What You Got To Do..."
  • Spoiled Dreamers aka Kamakaze Dreamer aka Maso Dreamer - Deamers who couldn't wait for Max and Liz to get back together so they read all of the spoilers
  • Sybil Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, who bounces from Pollyanna to Weeza sometimes in 2 sec's flat :) From the Movie The Sybil.
  • TNT Dreamers - stands for Top-Notch Tolerance Dreamers, they make a point of not bashing Tess or other characters
  • Weeza Dreamer - Is a fully spoiled Dreamer, Pessimistic only seeing the worst in spoilers. From the Movie Steel Magnolia's
Drifter - Dean/Liz (2x4's hubby)
Drunk Drivers - Kyle/Max
Drunk Romeos - Kyle/Max
Dusters - Max/Tess/Zan


Elles - fan of Max's car 3rd season
Ewoks - Liz/Maria/Kyle
Explosive Souls - Michael/Zan
Extra Sugar - Isabel/Tess


Family Ties - Max/Isabel
Family Ties - Isabel/Max/Michael
Fantastic - Liz/Maxedo or Liz/Ed Harding or Liz/Nasedo
Fantastics - Liz/Eddie
Fehrian - fan of Brendan Fehr (see also "BAK")
Fifth Wheeler - Alex/Tess
Finger Licking Good - fan of Nasedo as Ed Harding
Four Square - Max/Michael/Isabel/Tess (as family)
Four Wheel Drive - Tess/Alex/Isabel
Friendshipper - Alex/Liz/Maria
Fryer - Liz/Sean
Fricker - Eddie/Max
Frickin Trespassers - Eddie/Liz/Max
Fryers - Liz/Sean
Frypans - Liz/Sean
Fugitive - Alex/Laurie Dupree
Future Dream Dippers - Max/Liz/Zan/Future Max (RO)
Future Dreamers - Liz/Future Max (lizzybug)


Galaxy Gazers - Alex/Isabel/Kyle/Tess (Lunakid & Ash)
Gazer - Alex/Isabel
Girlfriends - Max/Maria
Golden - Isabel/Michael (as friends/siblings) (Lunakind)
Glaciers - Isabel/Rath
Good-looking Smartass - Isabel/Dave (the guy in Vegas) (RO)
Green Bean Delight - Michael/Diane Evans (MsBigBadCandyLover)
Ground Control - Maria/Max/Zan
Ground Zero (or GZ) - Max/Maria
Ground Zero Dreamers - Liz/Maria/Max
Grounded Dreamer - Liz/Maria/Zan
Grounded Soul - Maria/Zan
Groupie - Maria/Alex
Guide - Liz/Topolsky
GZ Dreamer - Maria/Liz/Max


Hal's Angels - Dixie/Rosemary (RO)
Hal's Hussy - Hal/Dixie (RO)
Handcuffer - fan of Deputy Hanson
Hankies or Hanker or Hankie-Pankies - fan of Colin Hanks
Hankians - fans of Hank
Healer - fan of Max
Hell Raiser or Hellraisers - Kyle/Tess
Home Fries - Nasedo/Tess/human (any human)
Home Team - Isabel/Kyle/Max
Hot Wheels - Maria/Alex/Tess
Hotwarper - Tess/Zan
Hussy - fan of Tess
Hussylover - Tess/Courtney
Hustler - Tess/Rath


Ice Cube - Courtney/Isabel
Icestorm - Lonnie/Tess
In Crowd - Kyle/Isabel (Amber)
Indecisive Individual - Kyle/Courtney
In-Laws - Jesse/Liz
Insider - Zan/Isabel
Intellectuals - Sam/Liz (Kiara Klay)
Intern - Liz/Congresswoman Whitaker
Introspectionists - Tess/Ava
Intuders - Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel
Isabel's Skanky Older Guys - Isabel/Grant/Dave (the guy from Vegas) (RO)


Jailbait - Alex/Topolsky
Jailer - Michael/Valenti
Journal Keeper - fan of Liz
Juliet - fan of Lonnie (Isabel's dupe)
Jumper - Liz/Rath
Jumpin' Trucks - Liz/Rath/Zan


Killer B's - Maria/Kyle/Alex
Killer B's - Max/Kyle/Alex
King's Hussy - Larek/Tess (RO)
King's Righthand - Zan/Max/Michael
Knockout - Alex/Michael


LPGA - the Liz Parker Guardian Angels
Lamplighters - Kyle/Tess
Lamptrimmer - Kyle/Tess
Lawbreakers - Tess/Dean (Antar Grrl?)
Layovers - Kyle/Isabel/Jesse (Lunakind)
Leader Lover - Khivar/Max
L.E.B.s (Liz's Ex-Boyfriends) - Kyle/Max
Lifesavers - Tess/Maria
Lizzex Boys - Kyle/Max
Lane Dancer - Sean/Liz
Lanerunners - Sean/Liz
Lanewalker - Sean/Liz
Lifesaver - Maria/Tess
Lifesaving Rebels - Maria/Max/Tess
Lipstick Abduction - Isabel/Serena (femmenerd)
Liz Whore - someone who ships Liz with pretty much anyone except Max, in male/female, female slash, threesomes or more.
Lizizard - Liz/Isabel
Lolita - Liz/Jim Valenti
Lollisuckers - Michael/Liz/Zan
Lolly or Lollies - fan of Michael (but not Brendan)
Loner - fans that don't fit into any categories
Loner - fan of Michael
Loner - people who like to discuss 'minor' characters like RiverDog, Deputy Hansen and Courtney.
Loners - Michael/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Loyalist - Liz/Kyle


MAK - Majandra Ass Kisser (defenders of Majandra Delfino when others criticize/bash her)
Mark of the Behr - fans of Jason Behr who have gotten a silver handprint tattoo
Marmalades - Liz/Maria/Max
Mashers - fan of Nasedo as Ed Harding
Men in Black - Pierce/Michael
Mental Blasters - Ava/Tess
Mental Blaster - Michael/Ava (bluediamond421)
Mental Vibrator - Tess/Michael
Mescaleros - fan of Deputy Owen Blackwood
Mikey's Angels - Courtney/Maria
Mind Shifter - Tess/Nasedo
Mind Warper - Isabel/Tess
Mirror - implies a Dupe ship, when used in front of any ship name
Misfit - Sean/Tess
Mohawk - fan of Rath (Michael's dupe) (Amy)
Music Makers - Billy/Maria
Musketeers - Alex/Liz/Maria


Nasty Blondies - Sean/Michael (Shiesty)
Neckbreaker - Max/Merris (you know, Morgan Fairchild)
Nickologist Project - Nick Wechsler fans


Outcast - Alex/Ava
Outcasts - Kyle/Tess
Out of Towners - Maria/Max/Isabel
Outsider - Max/Isabel
Outsider Garden - Max/Isabel
Outwheelers - Alex/Ava/Tess (MagnusXXN)
Opies - Alex/Isabel/Lonnie


Panty Brigade - Max/Kyle (malisita)
Past Indiscretion - Nicholas/Isabel or Nicholas/Lonnie
Patriot - Tess/Kivar
Peanut M&Ms - Max/Michael
Peanut Brittle - Maria/Rath/Zan
Peanut Butter M&Ms - Max/Maria/Michael
PepperJacker - Maria/Brody
Pie Taster - Sheriff Valenti/Amy
Pillow Fighter - Liz/Sean
Pimpette - another name for Rath fans
Pink Lady - Maria/Ava
Pixie Chicks - fans of Majandra Delfino (see also "MAK")
Plasmatic - Alex/Max
Podfather - Sheriff Valenti fan
Podsters - Max/Michael/Isabel/Tess (as family)
Polar - Michael/Liz (aka Polarist)
Polar Cliffs - Liz/Isabel/Michael
Polar Soulmates - Liz/Rath/Michael
Polar Truckers - Michael/Liz/Zan
PoleCats - Liz/Tess/Michael
Pole Jumers - Liz/Michael/Rath
Promoters - Milton/Amy (RO)
Protectors - Michael/Liz
Pulsers - Brody/Isabel
Punkrocker - Zan/Ava
Pure Deception - Alex/Izedo (even though she never existed)
Purely Platonic Polarists - aka PPP - Michael/Liz
Pusher - Rath/Lonnie



Raised by Evil - Tess/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Ravisher - fan of Emilie de Ravin
Realists - Jason/Katie
Rebounder - Kyle/Tess
Realists - Max/Isabel - Jason/Katie
Rebel - Max/Tess (as a group The Rebel Alliance)
Rebel Wild Child - Tess/Zan/Ava
Rebeling Candy - Maria/Michael/Max/Tess
Rebound Team - Kyle/Maria
Rebounding Loyalist Catfighters - Liz/Kyle/Tess
Rebounding Vibrators - Kyle/Michael/Tess
Reflectionist - Isabel/Lonnie
Rejects - Maria/Kyle/Max
Remedialist - Kyle/Maria
Reverse Destiny - Rath/Ava
Riotgrrls - Maria/Tess/Liz
Roasted Peanut M&M - Max/Rath
Rock n Jocks - Michael/Max/Kyle
Rock n Jocks - Michael/Maria/Kyle
Rodeo Clowns - Alex/Max/Michael
Rough and Tumble - Alex/Michael
Roswellian - a Roswell fan (Marilyn) Royal Comrades - Antar Rath/Antar Zan (ros39)
Ruthless Duo - Lonnie/Khivar (Pinky Banana)


Sandwich Club - Alex/Kyle/Maria
Scientific Mythology - Liz/Angel (Kiara Klay)
Scientist - fan of Liz
Second Generation - Kyle/Maria
Secret Agent - Pierce/Maria
Secret Lovers - Antar Vilondra/Nicholas (Shiesty/RO)
Self-Gratification - Zan/Max (Lunakind)
Shade - fan of Nicholas or Miko Hughes
Shared Gomez - Liz/Kyle/Max
Shock Jock - Pierce/Kyle
Sibling Rivalry - Liz/Isabel/Max
Shipwrecker - Max/Tess
Simple Pleasure - Hal/Rosemary (RO)
Siren - Jim Valenti/Isabel
Sleeper - Max/Michael (Steph)
Snake Charmer - fan of Courtney
Snap Dragons - Maria/Isabel/Liz
Snickers - Max/Michael/Maria
Soulmate - Rath/Michael
Sovereigns - Antar Zan/Khivar (Dreaming In Purple)
Space Cowgirls - Kyle/Tess
Spacewheels - Alex/Kyle/Tess (Lunakid)
Spuds - Michael/Kyle (romantic or platonic)
Spuds - Max/Michael
Spuds - Max/Michael/Kyle
Spur - Michael/Kyle
Stalker - fan of Kyle, back in Season One
Stalker - Kyle/Tess
Star Sightings - Maria/Isabel/Alex
Stargazer (often shortened to Gazer) - Alex/Isabel
Strategic Maneuvers - Michael/Liz/Rath
Strawberries - Max/Liz
Sterling Scientist - Isabel/Grant (RO)
Stimulator - Michael/Courtney
Strawberries - Max/Maria
StreetLifer - Rath/Tess/Maria
Streetwalker - Maria/Rath
Streetwalking Soulmates - Maria/Michael/Rath
Studs - Max/Michael
Sugar Cube - Isabel/Tess
Sugar Daddy - River Dog/Liz
Sugar Fried Dumplins - Kyle/Max/Pierce
Sugar Shakers - Kyle/Tess
Suncatchers - Isabel/Alex/Kyle
Supporters of Alien Orgy - someone who ships any and all pairings.
Swedes - Alex/Leanna
Swedish Sweethearts - Alex/Leanna
Sweet Destiny - Max/Ava
Sweet Torturer - Agent Pierce/Max (MiSToCLes)
Swirl - Jessie/Liz (Lunakid)


TOOB - The Order Of Bob - fans of Max's Jeep
TPA - Tess Protection Agents
Tabasco Buddhas - Ava/Kyle/Maria (sologirl)
Taky - Kyle/Tess
Techies - Alex/Serena (Shiesty)
Technophiles - Brody/Liz (Winter Ashby)
Teflon Babe - fan of Maria
Three Musketeers - Alex/Liz/Maria
Thong - Alex/Courtney
The Thong Brigade - Courtney/Maria
Three Muskateers - Max/Isabel/Michael
Three Muskateers - Maria/Isabel/Michael
Thug - Rath/Zan
Trading Dreams - Khivar/Liz/Max
Traitor - Khivar/Liz
Tresspasser - Eddie/Liz
Trimming Brigade - Max/Kyle/Tess
Truckstopper - Zan/Liz
Truckstopperz or Truckstopper - fan of Zan (Max's dupe)
True Bluer - Alex/Liz
Twisted Cliffs - Lonnie/Michael (RO)
Twisted Desire - Maria/Pierce/Sheriff Valenti
Twisted Destiny - Liz/Tess/Max
Twisted Obsession - Rath/Courtney (RO)


UFO Convention - Max/Brody/Milton (RO)
UFO Nuts - Milton/Hubble (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
UFOlogist - Max/Milton (RO)
Universal Friendship League - people who like all friendships (RO)
Untuckables - Sheriff Valenti/Amy Deluca (starstalker, mala, alcott)
Urban Cowboys - Alex/Kyle/Michael
Usurper - Khivar/Antar Zan (shadowlynxbehr)
Usurpers - Tess/Lex (Antar Grrl?)


Valentine - fan of Sheriff Valenti and William Sadler
Valentines - fans of the Valenti boys, Jim and Kyle
Valentines - Kyle/Jim
Valentis - Kyle/Jim
Viper - Isabel/Kivar
Viper - Vilondra/Kivar
Vision Quest - Isabel/Laurie


Waitresses - Maria/Liz (romantic or platonic)
Wallpaper - Alex/Lonnie (MagnusXXN)
Warped Four - Isabel/Lonnie/Tess/Ava
Warped Lizizards - Liz/Isabel/Tess
Were the Socks His? - Hal/Deputy Jim Valenti Sr/Rosemary (RO)
Whirlwind Romantics - Isabel/Jesse
Wild Child - Tess/Zan
Wild Ones - fans of Katherine Heigl and Isabel
Wildcat - Ava/Isabel
Wipeouts - Liz/Maria/Kyle
Wisecrackers - Kyle/Alec (Ex Astris Ad Astra)
Wolfe Packer - fan of that American Badass, Maxedo
Wrestler - Amy/Michael
WWF Crashdown - Amy/Sheriff/Michael


X-tremers - Liz/Alec



Zagnuts - Hal/Richie
Zanatic - Zan fanatic
Zanslut - huge fan of Zan (Ellie)
ZanZealots - People who's love for Zan almost approaches religious proportions. (ros39)

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