Zan & Liz Awakened Dreamer Info

What is an Awakened Dreamer?

Awakened Dreamer is the name that the fans gave to the relationship or ship between Zan & Liz.

The name is very rarely shortened to AD, but the vast majority use Awakened Dreamer - I am an Awakened Dreamer.

The Awakened Dreamer ship quickly became one of the two most popular unconventional ships, and they still have a large and loyal fanbase.

Awakened Dreamers Name Origin

Awakened dreamers comes mostly from late season 2 and season 3 - a lot of dreamers HATED Max for how he treated Liz, and then for sleeping with Tess, and then he didn't get any better in season 3. The Max we had fallen in love with was gone, and many dreamers said he didn't deserve Liz.

So a lot of dreamers started to want to give Liz a man who did deserve her - and the natural choice was Zan. He was so mysterious that you could make him anything you wanted.

In ITL&ITB Max said to Tess he felt like he was dreaming and was ready to wake up. Many dreamers saw that as a personal message from TPTB, they were killing the dream.

Well the dreamers thought they deserved to wake up from the nightmare Max had become too - hence Awakened Dreamers - awakened from the past, awakened from what the TPTB had ruined, and awakened to other possibilities for Liz.

They used to be dreamers - but now the dream was gone and they were awake.

Here are a few Awakened Dreamer things I saved.

Zan & Liz Quotes

Although Zan and Liz never met in the show, most awakened dreamers claim a quote that Ava made about Zan.

LIZ: You must have liked him a lot.
AVA: Yeah. I'm not sure he ever really loved me back, though.
LIZ: Why?
AVA: Just a feeling. I always felt like he was waiting for someone else to walk into his life.

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