Roswell Fan Sites Info & Archive

There were all kinds of Roswell sites made by fans of Roswell over the years. At one time there were over 10,000! Unfortunately 99% of them are gone.

A lot of them were hosted on free websites like AcmeCity, FreeSpace, CitySlide, Geocities, Homestead, Tripod, etc, etc, and were deleted by server closes and purges. You can find links to some that are still active on my links page

It is so sad because I remember visiting so many of the sites and having so much fun, reading all the content, playing games, looking at pics and art.

So many of the sites had clever names, taken directly from things in Roswell, and I've made a list of as many as I could remember or find below. I've also saved pics and banners of some sites and wanted to share those.

****If anyone has other sites or info I've missed, please let me know.****

I just wanted to make a note about technology -

Not everyone remembers, but when Roswell started, the internet was still pretty new for most people, and at first, websites and graphics were pretty basic. There was limited space offered by providers, graphics were really compressed and suffered in quality, and because connections were slow, things took forever to upload and download so everyone tried to keep file sizes small.

Not many people were familiar with graphics and video editing, and the programs were horribly expensive, so not many people had them. But as time passed, technology improved quickly and programs got cheaper or were offered for free online, schools started teaching website creation and graphics editing, and so web sites and graphics got better. Download speeds got gradually faster, and providers started to offer more space, free accounts, tools to build websites, so more people jumped in to make sites.

Also remember that there was no Facebook, Twitter, etc, and most studios were just barely starting to make websites, so the only way to pass news on a massive scale was on fan websites, fan boards and email lists.

So just remember, even though some of these sites looked very simple, at the time, a lot of Roswell sites were on the cutting edge of technology, and more importantly, they were vital to the Roswell fans!

Types of Roswell Websites

There were a few different types of Roswell websites.

Personal websites - have Roswell info, games, news and/or fanfic. These sites are run by an individual or small group that post all the content - like mine! ;) Some are dedicated to a couple, character, or group like the pod squad or dupes. Others have more general Roswell content.
There is a long list of these below

Some of these websites had practically nothing on them, and other sites were huge with tons of different things.

Here is a list of the most often seen sections on Roswell websites. Some are probably pretty self explanatory, but I included descriptions just in case.
  • Show info
    • overall story - a general description of the show
    • episode reviews - reviews of episodes written by fans
    • episode guide - sometimes it is a list of episodes, sometimes more info is included such as the plot, quotes, favorite moments, etc
    • character guide - sometimes a list of characters, sometimes more info about the character like personality traits, likes, and other personal info
    • show news - any news about plotlines, characters or actors on the show, or other news stories about the show
    • spoilers - any information leaked or released about what is happening in upcoming episodes
    • quotes - quotes by characters in the show
    • bloopers - problems, inconsistancies in the show
  • Fan writing
    • fanfic - fan fiction based on the show or on the characters in the show
    • poetry - poems based on the show or on the characters in the show
    • song parodies - song lyrics rewirtten to make them pertain to situations or characters in the show
  • Graphics/Multimedia
    • fanart - art about the show or characters made by fans using pictures from the show, publicity images, and additional images or text
    • icons/avis - small images usually 100x100 pixels or smaller that are used by fans as identifying avatars. These were made by fans to use by other fans and could consist of images of characters, places, words etc from the show
    • cursers - at the time it was briefly popular to use a curser trailer and many sites offered various ones that were images of aliens, characters or symbols from the show
    • banners - many sites offered banners that other could use to link to their site. Some sites offered to make banners to order for fans
    • wallpaper - it seemed like most sites offered what was refered to as Roswell wallpaper. It was art created by fans that had characters, places, symbols, words, etc from the show that could be used as the background image for your computer
    • postcards/e-cards - some sites offered personalized postcards that you could print and send, or send via the internet. You would choose an image and submit the text you wanted, and the site would email you the postcard, or send it for you
    • animations - many fans made simple animated images into slideshows.
    • fan videos - Later as the technology got better, fans started making full-blown videos using clips from the show with lyrics and music
  • Pictures
    • show publicity images - publicity pictures released by the production company
    • screen shots - screen captures of the episodes
    • fan pictures - pictures of the cast taken during or outside the setting of the show
  • Music/Sounds
    • music lists - lists of music played in the episodes
    • Dido info - info about Dido, the singer who performed the Roswell theme song
    • music downloads - many sites provided the actual songs from the show that you could download. Of course this was before music sharing was regulated
    • sound clips - clips of dialogue from the show
  • Cast/Crew
    • cast bios - personal information and other acting credits for the cast members
    • cast news - news about the cast outside of the show, such as info about charity work or relationships
    • outside Roswell cast images - pictures of the cast taken during or outside the setting of the show, such as pics from movie premeires or about town
    • producer/crew info - news about the crew outside of the show, such as info about other projects they were working on
  • Publicity
    • printed and web articles - reposted articles from the web, and typed or scanned printed articles from magazines or newspapers
    • chat transcripts - at the time it was common for actors to do live internet chats moderated by a publication (like TV Guide), webservice (like AOL), or sometimes through the WB. Fans could ask questions that the cast member would answer online. Some enterprising fans saved the transcripts for the chats and repsoted them on websites for everyone to enjoy
    • video promos - reposted promotional videos from the WB and UPN. Some were advertising for the show and other were behind the scenes, bloopers, etc
  • Activities
    • parties - news of official and fan gatherings
    • charities - charity drives
    • campaigns - news and updates of various campaigns
  • Terms
    • ship lists - lists of the shipper group names
    • fan groups - lists of fan group names
  • Downloads
    • keepers/adoptions/supporters - small banners that you could post that showed your preferences from the show, like 'I support Max & Liz', 'I love Bob the Jeep', 'I am the keeper of Max's chest'
    • Roswell font - a font that closely resembles the font used in the Roswell credits
  • Books
    • summaries - summaries of the books and sometimes comparisons to the show
  • News
    • mailing lists - on some sites fans could sign up for mailing lists to be kept up to date of any news
    • newsletters - some sites offered newsletters with info about the site, the cast and the show
  • Theories/Opinion
    • theories - many sites had pages dedicated to theories about the show, such as 'What was Liz's importance to the aliens?', 'Did Tess mindwarp everyone to see the message at the end of the episode Destiny?', 'What do those wacky alien symbols mean?'
    • opinions - many sites offered articles written by the owners or by fans that expressed why they loved the show, or why they loved or hated a character, couple, situation or episode
  • Awards
    • given - many sites gave awards to other Roswell sites. Some gave an award to anyone who asked for one, other sites you had to be voted for an award
    • recieved - sites that recieved awards had a place to display them
    • vote - many sites tried to get on 'Top Roswell site' lists and asked people to vote for them
  • Video trading
    • have/need episodes - Roswell aired before DVRs and on demand episodes, and everyone was still using video tapes to save shows. So if you missed an episode or a season, the only way to see it was to find someone online who was willing to copy their video tape and send it to you. So as you can imagine, tape trade sites became pretty popular. People who had the episodes, and had a way to make copies of them would post on the site, and people who needed episodes could find them and make a deal for the episodes they wanted. It usually included a small amount of money to pay for the video tapes and postage to mail them to you.
  • Fun
    • games - all kinds of online games, some that applied to Roswell and some that were generic space or alien games
    • quizes - quizes about different Roswell topics, couples, episodes, general knowledge, etc
    • surveys/polls - sites ran polls that fans could vote on, with topics like what do you think of a character, episode, situation, couple, and all kinds of other stuff
  • Store
    • many sites had links to the few retailers who sold Roswell merchandise
  • Ros Links
    • outgoing links - links to other Roswell or actor sites, affiliates, clubs, groups or fanlistings, webrings, brother/sister sites
    • incoming links - graphics to link to the site
  • Interactions
    • sites had various ways to interact with fans - guestbook, forum, message board, chatroom
  • Reality
    • Roswell Crash - some sites provided info about the 'real' Roswel crash


Fanfic websites - are sites that mainly have fanfic. These sites are run by an individual or small group that post all the content. Some only have fanfic written by the site owner and maybe a few friends, and others ask for fanfic submissions from anyone, and host all of the stories.

Such as
Alien Blast
Desert Dwellers
Roswell Desert Skies


Roswell Bulletin Boards - are sites that allow anyone who is a member to post in discussions, games, fanfic, etc. Some boards are dedicated to Roswell, and other boards have all types of content about various actors, movies, television, books, etc but have Roswell sections, like Fanfourm, etc.

In fact, at one time the Roswell fandom was so big that Fanfourm had two boards dedicated to Roswell, and each of the nine main actors had their own board as well. The Roswell One board was all about the show, like ships, characters, theories, episodes, etc. The Roswell Two board was about things not on the show, like gatherings, campaigns, actors stuff, news, etc.

As the number of fans lessened, the two board were combined into one.

These are/were dedicated Roswell boards
Dreaming Among the Stars
The Eraser Room
Land of Dreams
Roswell Fanatics
Roswell Heaven


Roswell Usenet newsgroups - very similar to bulletin boards, they are groups that allow anyone who is a member to post in discussions.

The only one I know about is
It closed in either late 2001 or early 2002

Here is the charter info if anyone is interested.

Comments: Discussed 5/2/00 in alt.config and again from 5/15/00 to 5/22/00 with no objections.

For your newsgroups file: The WB science fiction drama about teen aliens.

To provide a centralized, unmoderated place for discussion about the critically-acclaimed series, "Roswell," which premiered on the WB in October, 1999. Topics may include the premise of the series, plots, characters and the actors who play them, production staff, writing, and the social impact of the show's story lines. Binaries are not permitted, nor are creative posts for the purpose of posting or discussing fan fiction.

A search from 2/16/2000 to 5/15/2000 shows exactly 2388 posts with "roswell" in, and various* groups. A random sampling of 100 such posts indicates that 75% or more are related to discussion of the show and/or its actors. 75% of 2388 is about 1791 posts over a 90-day period, or approximately 19 posts per day. The show has recently been renewed for a second season by the WB with a minimum 13- episode commitment as reported by UltimateTV and various other on-line sources. A separate newsgroup would provide a place for those who watch the show to have a focused forum in which to discuss it. Furthermore, it should consolidate the split in discussion that occurs with use of the two on-topic forums, and It should also reduce the amount of off-topic traffic from "Roswell" postings in the other groups.

(The original control message was sent on 5/12/00 without justification. This is an attempt to propagate the newsgroup by issuing a comprehensive charter and justification in this booster. Thank you for your consideration.)

A booster for the group was sent on 5/23/00 in an attempt to aid propagation and counter an rmgroup which had already been issued.

A control message was sent creating the group on May 12, 2000. Traffic is already averaging about 10-20 posts per day.

Please request the group from your ISP or news server to gain access and promote its propagation.

AOL has picked up the group. So have SuperNews, MindSpring, Earthlink and a variety of other newsfeeds. Users can and should send requests to their news admins if they have yet to add the group.


Roswell Campaign websites - are sites that are set up as headquarters for a campaign of some kind, to try and save Roswell, or to try and get a Roswell movie, or to raise money for a Roswell fan charity, etc. Some are on sites with other content, and others are completely dedicated to the cause or campaign

Such as
CRAVE Campaign


Groups, Cliques, Collectives, Clubs or Fanlisting - are clubs formed by Roswell fans united by a common love, such as an episode, couple, character, item, etc. Most of them are just a page or two dedicated to their chosen subject, and some have a type of bulletin board where any members could post messages for the group. Most have rules or codes that 'fans' are supposted to live up to.
There is a long list of these below.

I also came across one that advertised itself not as a fanlist, but a hatelist for people who didn't want Max with Tess.


Link Archives or Directories - are websites with little or no Roswell content but are dedicated only to listing links to Roswell sites.

Such as
Roswell Search Engine
Roswellian Link Archive
Roswellian Link Directory
Roswellian Link Forum
Silver Search: The Roswell Search Engine
Sliver Skyes


Screen Cap Sites - are either general Roswell sites that have included screencaps, or there are also sites that only have screencaps with virtually no other content.

Screencap is short for screen capture (also known as screengrab or cap). It is a still photo taken from an episode.

Some of the earliest sites that had screencaps didn't have the nice high quality versions you can find today, but at the time it was all we had to work with to examine episodes, make fan art, post pictures from the show, etc. One of the first sites with screencaps was Roswell Screengrab gallery. Momo's and the Crashdown also added caps to their sites.

Other higher quality caps sites came along later
The Granolith (Roswell screencaps only)
Roswell 4 Fans (Roswell screencaps only - it merged with the Crashdown)
Striped Wall (screencap only site with caps from various shows)
Screencap Paradise (screencap only site with caps from various shows)


Roswell Fanart Sites - practically evey Roswell site has some fan art on it, but there are sites that are dedicated to posting Roswell Fanart and don't have much other content. Some of the sites are open for anyone to post fanart, some have contests and encourage entries, and other only have fanart by the owner and select others.


Webrings - are groups of multiple websites all connected with links to each other. At one time it seemed like every Roswell website hosted its own webring as well as being part of 50 other webrings

Such as
Alien Blast Webring
Behring the Web
The Brendan Fehr Webring
City of Roswell WebRing
The Crashdown Cafe Webring
Eternal Soulmates Webring
The Fans of Roswell Webring
The Guys of Roswell
Human after All
Jason Behr Online-Official Webring
M & M Lovers Unite
M&M Shippers
Majandra Delfino Webring
Mulan's Jason Behr Webring
Out of This World
Reflections of Roswell
Ring of WB Shows
Roswell Banner Ring
Roswell Fanfic
Roswell Fanfiction
Roswell Files WebRing
Roswell Site Ring
Roswell: The Symbol
Roswellian Adventure
Roswellian Empire
The Roswell's Secret Webring
The Roswell WebRing
Shiri Appleby's Webring
Take me Home
The WB Family of Fans Webring
WB Family of Sites
WB's Red Roses
Written in the Stars


Banner Exchanges - similar to a web ring, these are usually a group of websites who post each other's banners and links to advertise the sites and hopefully bring more traffic to your site as well.

At one time most Roswell websites had a banner exchange and belonged to multiple banner exchanges.

Such as:
Roswell Banner Exchange


Wikis - a more recent type of site are wikis, which are information sites that are added to by fans. They can include all kinds of different types of info about the show, production, actors, fandom history, etc.

Unfortunately wiki sites really didn't get going until a lot of the rabid fans left the fandom, so most of the Roswell wiki sites don't have very much info and a lot of what is there isn't documented with sources so it is basically considered hearsay. Wikipedia is the most well-known wiki site and it does have a Roswell section, but it isn't very extensive. There are also various smaller Roswell wiki sites as well.


Blogs, Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, etc - there are groups of fans who have migrated to 'newer' technologies, but they are small and not widely supported. The main group of dedicated fans are mostly rooted to various websites and boards

Roswell Cliques, Clubs, Collectives, Groups, Fanlistings

Here are a few icons and group names that I've saved.
***If anyone remembers others, please send them in***

This club was started by the website Up North, which claims to be the first Roswell site
and AAA was the first Roswell club.

Roswell Secrets Fan Club - also had to be one of the first - founded Nov 15, 1999 by Irina
Alien illusions was a clique and fansite collection

Here are a few of the tons of other groups.
There were clubs (many times more than one) dedicated to every episode, item, person, emotion, etc on the show.
I listed the name first and then the focus of the site if known.

Alien Encounter - the Crashdown Cafe
Alien Princess - Isabel
Alien Sex - Rath
Alien Sex Bittersweet
Antar Girls - Lonnie and Ava
Aura - the Roswell High Books
Authentic Alien
Behind the Tree - bob the jeep site
Bittersweet - season 1 of Roswell
Cherish - Max/Liz
Church of Roswell
Defy the Stars
Desert Rain
Destiny - relationships the royal four
Destiny Awaits
Dreams of Destiny - Michael/Isabel and Lonnie/Rath
Epic Rejects - dupes
Eternal Beauty - woman of Roswell
Eternity - Max/Tess
Everything Roswell
Fate vs Destiny - Liz vs Tess
Finding Home
Fire 'n Ice - Maria/Michael
Flashes - Sexual Healing epi
Guerin Party - Viva Las Vegas epi
I Believe in You - ARCC epi
I the Stud - Alex
Ice Queen - Tess
I'm Coming for You
In-human - White Room epi
Journey Begins - 285 S epi
Just Mudd - The Convention epi
Just the Way You Are
King of Four - Max
Leaving Normal
Miles to go - Alex
Monsters River Dog Fan
My Destiny is You
Necklace - alien symbol necklace
Not Quite the Same - dupes
Princess Katie
Roswell Cafe
Roswell Dreamers
Roswell Fan Addicts
Roswell Forever
Roswellian Much?
Rozzie - dedicated to Roswell Site webmasters
Simply Shiri
Skies of Roswell
Somewhere Out There - Queen Ava/King Zan
Sunshine Committee - minor characters
To Be Determined - End of the World epi
Truckstoppers - Zan
Under These stars - Liz

Roswell Site Names
These are sites I liked and visited, or ones I thought had clever or funny names
There were a BILLION other Roswell sites in the day
***If anyone remembers others, please send them in***

285 South
1947: Three Pods from Heaven
Abduct Me
Adopt a Roswell Alien
After the Fall
Ain't that Sweet
The Alien Abyss
Alien Blast
Alien Abduction
ThE aLiEn CaFe
Alien Ecstacy
Alien Hand print
Alien Human Love
Alien Illusions
Alien Inside
Alien Stardust
Aliens Ate my Life
Aliens Crashed into Roswell
Aliens, Love and Handprints
Aliens, Love and Roses
All Roads lead to Roswell...and Jason Behr
Among Us
Another Destiny
Antarian Love
Antarians Crashed into Roswell
Anti-Tess League
At work and can't stay off the boards support group
Blood Brother
Buddha Boy
By Starlight
Cadmium X
Candy Dream Gazers
Cherry Cola Fantasies
Chocolate Cake & Hot Sauce
The City of Roswell
Cosmic Roswell
Crash into Me
Crashdown (several sites had this name)
Crashdown Cookbook
Cutting Room Floor
Czechoslovakians Are Among Us
Czechoslovakians Can't Resist Temptation
Daydreaming of Roswell
Definitive Dreamers Dictionary
Delusions of Destiny
Destination: Roswell
Destiny 4 Cliffies
Destiny 1947
Destiny Awaits You
Down in Flames
Dreams, Destiny and Delusions
Dreanwalking on Stars
End of the World
Eraser Room
Everybody has red sneakers
Final Destiny
Follow Your Heart
Forever Dreaming
Forgotten Princess
Four Square
Frick, Frack and the Supermodel
funki alien
A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Glowing Hickeys
Got Mud
The Granilith
The Granolith Chamber
The Great Beyond
Ground Zero
The Hand Print
Heart of Mine
Heaven in Roswell
Here with Me
High Five Virgins
Human After All
Human Nature
Hybrid Chronicles
Hybrid Connection
I Know an Alien Club
I Shall Believe
I the Stud
Images of Roswell
In the Air
Inside Roswell
It was You
Into the Unknown
Just Another Random Roswell Page
Kyle Valenti Estrogen Brigade
Late for the Sky
Leaving Normal
Let Me in
Liz and Maria's Gossip Homepage
Liz and Max 4ever
Made Me Human
The Maria Filter
The Morning After
Max and Liz: True Destiny
The Max and Liz Project
Misguided Destiny
Momo's Roswell
my so called alien life (mscal)
A Night on the Town
The New York Four
No Ties
Not of this Earth
Our Little Secret
Our True Destiny
Our Own Destiny
Out of this World
Oz Crash Festival
Panty Brigade
Pods from Heaven
Project Czechoslavakia
Reflections of Roswell
Resting here with Me
Road Not Taken
Roswell Addiction
Roswell Cafe
Roswell Center
Roswell Communicators
Roswell Connection
Roswell Daily Record
Roswell Desert Skys
Roswell Destiny
Roswell Destiny Awaits
Roswell Experience
Roswell Files
Roswell Forever
Roswell Galaxy
Roswell Go Beyond
Roswell Fate
Roswell Heatwave
Roswell High
Roswell in the Mist
Roswell Journals
Roswell Keepers Site
Roswell Mania
Roswell Observatory
Roswell ORBS
Roswell Realm
Roswell Revealed
Roswell Road Trip
Roswell Shrine
Roswell Supreme
Roswell Undercover
Roswell Underground
Roswell: Late for the Sky
Roswell: Truth to Every Rumor
Roswell: The Truth is Here
Roswellian Adventure
Roswellian Realm
Roswellian New York
Roswellian Weirdness
Roswellians Anonymous
Roswell's Alienated Terrestial Dwelling Gathering
Roswell's Crashdown Cafe
Roswell's Destiny
Roswell's Passions
Roswell's Podsquad
Roswell's Secret
Royal Four
Rozwell - Austrialian Fansite
Silver Hand Project
Silver Kisses
Silver Palm Archive
Silver Skyes
Slightly Left of Venus
Soap Factory
Something to Hide
Soulmates Forever
Sunshine Committee
Sweet & Spicy? It's a Roswell Thing
Sweet N Spicy
The Symbol
Tabasco Kiss
Tabasco Sauce & Cyprus Oil
Table at the Crashdown
Take Me to your Leader
Tales of Roswell
Teenage Alien Lifeforms
There's Truth to every Rumor
Tom Colins
A Trip to Antar
Truth, Beauty, Venus
Two Bottles of Tabasco Sauce
UFO Crash Site
Ultimate Roswell Quiz
Under the Stars
Universal Roswell League
The Unofficial Fansite of Michael's hair
Up North
We Still Believe
What's so Great about normal
When World's Collide
The World Unknown
Writen in the Stars
Venus in the Desert
Venus in the Morning Sky
Zan's Lair

Roswell Site Banners
Here are some banners from Roswell sites that I've saved.
I've put them in a Coppermine gallery for viewing
Not much here yet - Under Construction


Roswell Site Screenshots
Here are a few screenshots of Roswell sites that I've saved.
I've put them in a Coppermine gallery for viewing
Unfortunately, most of these sites are closed.

There are all kinds of sites that I used to visit that had great content, as well as ones that I
thought had cool layouts - so check out some of Roswell's history.

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