Roswellisms - words or phrases taken from Roswell to explain
everyday things and activities.

These are taken from the now closed site - Roswell the Unknown -Ism.

180 degrees farenheit - death
"The doctor says there's nothing they can do for him - he's close to 180 degrees farenheit."

285 South - road trip
We're going on a long 285 South this weekend.

Alex - Crush.
He's so hott! I have such an Alex for him!

All Tessed out - trying to make someone see something that isn't there but it doesn't work so you just give up
Some people wish Tess would just get all Tessed out.

Amy - the state of high excitability and animation, very dramatic
My mom when all Amy on me when she found out I got a ticket.

The Aquabra technique - A girl trying to whatever to impress some guy. e.g.
*Jane, trying the aquabra technique?*

B-team - A friend or group of friends that you resort to hanging out with when your best friends are busy.
"I had to hang with Jessica and Erica, my B-Team, sense my friends aren't around"

Being a Nasedo - Someone being who they aren't. Changing their personalities. e.g.
*Why are you being such a Nasedo?*

Being Tessed - seeing something that isn't really there
$1,000 more in my bank account? I'm being Tessed, I know I'm being Tessed!

Brody Davis - UFO obbsesee/weirdo
I was watching TV and i swore i saw another Brody Davis in the making!

Budda Boy - A nickname for the guy you like.
Dustin is my budda boy.

Cadmium-X - Somthing That Isnt From Around Here!
That astroid is PURE Cadmium-X!

Cedar Oil - a synonym for anything that is used to calm your emotions and relax you
That music is pure cedar oil!

Courtney - Something/Someone that seems innocent on the outside but is truly evil.
The dog that bit that boy is pure Courtney.

Cracking Rocks - The State Of Being TICKED OFF!
When he Shined the Laser At Me, I was cracking rocks!

DeLuca - a strong mother/daughter relationship in which both individuals are very much like each other in personality especially
Isn't it obvious Mrs. Smith and Jen have Deluca?

Depodding - turning over a new leaf
"Lately, it seems Justin has been depodding"

Deputy Hanson - Someone Who Is Over-Eager To Do Anything!
Alicia was acting so Deputy Hanson over being on the school paper.

Do a Max - to sit and passively watch
My family doesn't understand why I can't just do a Max when a Roswell episode is on

Doing a Tess - making someone see something that isn't there
$1,000 more in my bank account? The bank's doing a Tess on my account again.

Don't go Maria on me! - Going crazy babbling
Calm down. Don't do maria on me!

Doug - A boring dud date-
"Oh my God that guy on Saturday was such a Doug!

Eraser activity - Sexual activity (limited to kissing)
"Do you think Michael and Maria are ever gonna go beyond eraser activity?"

Eraser room - place for making out
Her parents are going to be gone this weekend so her house is gonna be one big eraser room.

FF- When referring to someone who is obsessing or over-analyzing something
"Dad, no need to go FF on me...its just a simple question."

Four Square - A relationship that is soap opra-y
"I love John, but I'm betrothed to Pete, and Cindy loves my brother but he loves Jane, this is so Four square!"

Four Square - Something that makes you want to scream in total horror
" Don't even mention the word cancellation to me or I will do a FourSquare!!!

Getting More Folders - Avoidoing Someone.
Liz was getting more folders all summer in flordia over Max.

Going bowling - to make an excuse
I'll have to go bowling the next time she asks me to babysit

Going Topolsky - to lose your mind
I'm going Topolsky waiting for the new season to begin

Glowing Rock - Telephone
Gotta get the Glowing rock!

Glowing stones - something meant to restore your 'balance'
Okay, I'm going off kilter here, I need some glowing stones!
Green Around The Gills - Being weird/odd.
The new principal seems to be a little green around the gills!

Gunshot - Something that wasn't supposed to happen.
At Melissa's suprise party when Melissa walked in it was a Gunshot!

Hank - Lowlife scum of the earth-
" You are lower than dirt, you're a Hank!"

Heat Wave - A Time when everyone is acting crazy or getting together.
This month has been such a Heat Wave!

Her Thing - Something you dont think is happening but it really is.
She thinks she isn't sleepy but it's Her Thing.

Here With Me - A song that totally decribes your soul.
This song is so Here With Me!

Horse - Something that ruins everything.
The rain was being a horse.

Hubble - Someone who doesn't have their stories strait.
She thinks i said she stuffs! She's being Hubble.

Into the Woods - a search for truth
We're into the woods tomorrow.

Isabel - totally in style.
"Morgan is always so Isabel it makes me sick!"

Jeep - A car that shouldn't be allowed on the road.
That Truck is such a Jeep!

Jetta - Maria's little red unappreciated car. Implies a high state of dislike for the car.
Argh!! My car is SUCH a Jetta!

Journal - Somthing that is important but missing.
My Hairbrush is being a Journal today.

Kyle - A stalker.
I swear Daniel is being a Kyle to Nick Carter.

Leaving Normal -  When you follow your Heart.
When they got married they were Leaving Normal.

Locker Room - Intimate Fantasies
"Oh my God, I had the most intense locker room last night!"

Maria talk - discussion about relationship
Uh-oh, I think my girlfriend wants to have a Maria talk.

Max - dark haired, mystery man from an exotic place
"Justin is such a Max!!"

Max and Kyle moment - bonding with someone you normally wouldn't
Who would have ever thought my nasty boss and I would have a Max and Kyle moment

Max and Liz moment (verb) - two people staring soulfully into each other's eyes
Oh, look, they're having a Max and Liz moment.

MaxandLizing - seemingly endless bout of staring
Okay, stop MaxandLizing me - you're freaking me out

Max-imum potential - a guy who reminds me of Max, worth dating!
"He has such Max-imum potential"

Max/Liz - soulmates
Yes, they're been married for over 20 years ... they must have this Max/Liz thing going on.

Max to the Max - dual personality
I don't know what's up with Daniel today. He's kinda Max to the Max today. One minute he's nice, the next minute he's a jerk.

Michael - unpredictable
Gosh, the weather's so Michael today.

Milton - Someone who obbsesses over somthing.
All Roswellians are such Miltons!

Mindwarp - Something that you do, not to let anyone see what is really there.
The Magician was using a mindwarp on the audence.

Mini-tabascos - Small kids of RosMoms and RosDads who have become inadvertently hooked on the show because of their parents

Mr. Ed - See Horse.

Mudding - making a futile attempt at not thinking about someone you love/desire.
"I'm mudding about Brendan Fehr."

Napkin Holder - the ultimate sweet gesture
"He gave me roses on our anniversary. It was such a nice Napkin holder"

Nasedo - to trick someone by using a disguise
That creep Nasedoed me by acting like a nice guy

Pierce - an unassuming, yet at the same time suspicious individual who is actually a threat to society, pure evil
That politican is so obvious a Pierce.

Pod People - Nerds/Weirdos. (could also be hotties. *wink wink*)
AJ hangs out with the pod people!

The Porno Version of Aladdin - Anything Sleazy
In the eraser room it's such a porno version of Aladdin.

Power Source -- hmmmm let's not go there ;o)

Pull an Alex - to give someone the double thumbs-up gesture
I thought Kristi hurt herself when she fell down but she just pulled an Alex and walked away

Pull a Kyle - to show up strong in the beginning and then fade toward the end
The Lakers were pulling a Kyle again last night

Pull a Maria - babble incessantly
When I met Colin Hanks, I was so nervous I pulled a Maria

Pulled a Nasedo - When someone gives you the creeps
Yesterday she was acting so weird. She pulled a nasedo.

Rain - when the person you love finally turns to you for shelter
"Last week there seemed to be a heatwave around school, but then Joe made the greatest napkin holder to Jane, and later, she rained him!"

Restroom Talk - A talk (with friends) about your current relationships.
The girls wanna have a Restroom Talk at the Sleepover!

River Dog - A font of information. Someone who always has the answers in a particular subject.
"He knows everything. He's such a Riverdog for answers!"

Saturn rings - an inferior substitution
"No, I don't want no darn saturn rings, I want a diamond ring! "

Shampooish - a funny, sometimes inappropriate, it-was-the-thought-that-counts type of gift
No, we're not getting him a pair of slippers that says "old fart" written on them -- that's so shampooish!

Silver Handprint - Hickey
Max gave Liz a silver handprint the size of a baseball!

Skin And Bones - A Time When You Know Somthing Bad Is Gonna Happen.
Before I Broke My Ankle, I was feeling all Skin and Bones.

Soap Factory - An abandoned place that houses parties.
That old house is a Soap Factory every Friday Night.

Strawberries - foreplay
I need strawberries!

Sweet And Spicy - Your favorite food.
Pizza is SO Sweet and Spicy!

Tabascoed - just converted to Roswell
Tabasco brother/sister - what fellow Roswell fans call each other

Tabasco in the making - a Roswell fan in the making
"A-ha, another tabasco in the making!"

Tabasco-free - not a Roswell fan (yikes)
Unlike you and me, my mother is Tabasco-free.

Tabasco-ite - another name for Roswellian fan
"This webpage is made by a Tobasco-Ite"

Tabasco squad - Roswell fans that frequent bbs

Tess - A girl who is just a born troublemaker, a tramp who has no qualms about pursuing other chick's boyfriends.
"She tried to steal Ben from Alicia. She's such a tess!"

Tabasco virgin - novice Roswell fan
"Kevin and Jason have only seen the Pilot. They are tabasco virgins"

Tic Tacs - Something (preferably Food or Drink) that you can't live without.
Pepsi is so Tic Tacs to me!

Toplosky - Someone who really isn't what they say they are.
He says he's Jason Behr but he's pulling a Toplosky!

Toy house - peace offering
We've been arguing a lot lately. I think it's time I gave her a toy house.

Vibrators - People who give you weird feelings
That new girl is such a vibrator. who is she?

White Room - place of pure horror!
"My sister says the dentist is a white room"

White Room - traumatizing event/memory
"Fionna's fear of clowns stems from a white room in her childhood that just won't go away"

The Whits - carefree musicians who like to be who they are and wear what they want
"Him and his friends are the Whits, man!"

Combining Roswell-isms ... My tabasco-free friend went Michael on me during our 285 South last weekend. I don't know why he did a Max to the Max but I think he wanted to have a Maria talk. (Translated: My 'non-Roswell fan' friend was so unpredictable during our road trip. I don't know why he was alternately nice and nasty but I think he was to have a serious talk about our relationship.)

These are taken from the defunct site 'Cave off 286 S"

Mudding: To blank out. From an episode of Roswell where Michael thinks of Mud so he doesn't have to think of Maria.
Ex: Are you mudding on me?

Roswellian: Expressian used by Maria as a substitution for Weird
Ex: That is so Roswellian! I can't believe it.

Dust Monster: A really dusty dirty car that looks like it is going to fall apart like Max's car.
Ex: Who let that Dust Monster on the Road?

Compost Sticks: Incense
Ex: What are you burning? Is it one of those compost sticks?

Epic- A stand in for the word great.
Ex: that's epic dad. Spoken by NY aliens.

Christmas Nazi: Overzealous holiday person
Ex: Yikes your mom is a Christmas nazi. She made you make popcorn strings?!

Alien Sex: The best you can get of something.
Ex: It was just like Alien Sex.

A Summit: An agreement
Ex: We had a summit on my curfew and I was triumphant.

Sweden: A metaphor for leaving, parting
Ex: I'm jetting to Sweden, see ya around.

Northern Lights: Something magical, beautiful
Ex: She's so pretty she's like the Northern lights

Space Boy: Hot rebellious type
Ex: yum Will is such a space Boy.

Guerin Party: group of mismatched people
Ex: Wow are they a Guerin party or what? Wouldn't usually see them together.

Swanky: Neato
Ex: I like your swanky outfit.

Armpit farts and playstation: Lowly guy stuff.
Ex: He looks like he does armpit farts and playstation.

Saving the planet: Missing school. (or something)
Ex: well uh I was saving the world so I couldn't come.

Mindwarp: a lie
Ex: She mindwarped me into thinking she wasn't stealing my boyfriend by sayign she had one.

Give you my ring: give you my virginity
Ex: I was saving my ring for you.

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