Non-Roswell Site Polls

While Roswell was on the air, many entertainment sites ran polls or gave awards for things like best couple or best TV show where the fans could vote for their favorites. Whenever Roswell fans discovered these polls they would announce it to everyone so we could try to get Roswell to the top.

Here are a few I saved.

Dish This Looks For TV Fav Couples
TV Gal
August 29, 2000

What are some of your favorite television couples? Write me at and let me know. I�ll print some of your answers in my column next week.

Screen melting
Which TV couple is your favorite?
Pacey and Joey on "Dawson's Creek"
Monica and Chandler on "Friends"
Ben and Felicity on "Felicity"
Max and Liz on "Roswell"
D... other... none of the above... etc!

Go to Global 100 today to vote for Roswell!

Current Global 100 results - April 9, 2001

Roswell is #2 on the TV Chart.
Dido's - Here With Me is #3 on the Singles Chart for week of April 9th.
Dido's - No Angel is #1 on the Album main chart for April 9th.
Jason Behr is #2 on the main Male Star Chart.
Brendan Fehr is #6 on the main Male Star Chart.
Colin Hanks is #22 on the main Male Star Chart.
Nick Wechsler is #34 on the main Male Star Chart.
Shiri Appleby is #1 on the main Female Star Chart.
Katherine Heigl is #3 on the main Female Star Chart.
Emilee de Ravin is #19 on the main Female Star Chart.
Majandra Delfino is #54 on the main Female Star Chart.

Watch with Wanda
grill, gossip and gripe
June 1 2001

Results Are In! You Picked What Ranked and Tanked This Season

Best Kiss
31% Spike and Buffy (pretending to be BuffyBot)
23% Jennifer Aniston and Winona Ryder on Friends
18% Roswell's Liz and Max on finale
16% Dawson and Joey
12% Dawson's Jack and Toby

Most Missed Cast Member
44% David Duchovny, The X-Files
19% Colin Hanks, Roswell
14% Meredith Monroe, Dawson's Creek
13% Amy Jo Johnson, Felicity
10% Marc Blucas, Buffy

Biggest Improvement
27% Ally McBeal
22% Angel
21% Felicity
18% Roswell
12% The Sopranos

Best Chemistry
29% Buffy and Spike on Buffy
21% Liz and Max on Roswell
18% Josh and Donna on The West Wing
17% Ed and Carol on Ed
15% Lily and Rick on Once and Again

Best Show
24% Buffy the Vampire Slayer
13% The West Wing
12% Roswell
11% The Sopranos
10% Will & Grace
8% Survivor
7% Gilmore Girls
5% Ed
5% Felicity
5% Once and Again

From The TV Toilet Tube, the TV you Shouldn�t Flush

The First Annual TURD Awards have been a success. Over five hundred people voted in twelve different categories in an attempt to let people know what TV we should and shouldn't flush. Enjoy the winners.
--The Tube

Best New Show, And the Nominees Are:
� Roswell
� Angel
� The West Wing
� Once and Again
� Survivor

A close race that kept me guessing until the end. Although a late August rally brought Survivor a number of votes, it came in third place behind what some consider the best series of the year, The West Wing. However, the Turd for Best Show goes to Roswell and all of its Tobasco Sauce friends.

Most-slappable and most-hatable man, And the Nominees Are:
� Dawson Leery for presenting Joey with the "me or Pacey" ultimatum on Dawson's Creek
� Ross Geller for dating a college student and then dumping her for being too young on Friends
� Max Evans for leading Liz Parker on even though he is betrothed to Tess on Roswell
� Dylan McKay for breaking up Kelly and Matt's engagement when he realized he couldn't see Kelly with another man on Beverly Hills 90210
� John Carter for treating Lucy like sh*t and then feeling guilty about her death on ER

Although Carter acted like a pretty big jerk this past season, most people say shame on Dawson for presenting Joey with an ultimatum. I suppose he received a metaphorical slap in the face when Joey chose Pacey and sailed off with him.

Most unexpected couple, as a matter of fact, why are they even together? And the Nominees Are:
� Isabel and Alex on Roswell
� Rachel and Bruce Willis on Friends
� Cleo and Peter on ER
� Jen and Henry on Dawson's Creek
� Karen and Leo on Once & Again

Age is the great divider at the TURD Awards, and chemistry never made as little sense as it did when Rachel and Bruce Willis hooked up on Friends

Best Dramatic Quotation, And the Nominees Are:
� Why do we become so afraid of who we are? --Karen on Once & Again
� I think they should invent a new word [for] the moment before you kiss someone. --Grace on Once & Again
� There's nothing more oppressive than a well-meaning sympathizer on the loose. --Wayne Mayfield on The Practice
� Where do we say death is so close it is OK to kill? --Helen, arguing against euthanasia, on The Practice
� The bigger the world gets, the bigger your problems get, too. And now in this big world, even the biggest problems are solved. --Liz on Roswell
� If you're good enough to be in second place, you're good enough to know you're disappointed. --Dan Sports Night
� Nobody ever looks like Joe McCarthy. That's how they get their foot in the door. --Toby on The West Wing

Here comes the big finale. I tried to have some fun and philosophy in this final category. 29% of you decided to find yourselves in this big world and vote for Liz who vowed to solve her problems with the help of an alien. Coming in second place with a more political message was Helen who captured 20% of the vote, and not far behind was Toby who took 17% of the vote.


The TV Toilet Tube, the TV you Shouldn�t Flush
Weekly poll results RESULTS FROM APRIL 9, 2000
43 of you participated in last week's poll and decided that Roswell more than any other show deserves to be saved. Here's the official numbers:

Roswell: 23
Get Real: 12
Sports Night: 6
Wonderland: 2

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