Roswell Art

These are paintings and drawings inspired by Roswell and the characters.

Paintings by Softie
(Posted by permission)

These awesome paintings by Softie all feature Liz.
This is what he says about them:

I suppose they could be on Antar apart from the desert one.

I got the mermaid idea from the Incubus band video "Wish you were here". I found out about
Incubus because Shiri likes them and they went to her school in Calabasas too.

24" x 18"

24" x 18"

24" x 18"

2' x 4'

This was made by Scott Marcoux

These were made by TWC

These were made by Cynthia

These were made by Linzi

These are by unknown artists
Please write in if you know who did them!

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